Saturday, October 31, 2015

Musical Interlude Stormy Weather

The weather here today is terrible. Heavy rains and lightning and thunderstorms. Tornado warnings. The electricity has already been down and could go again at any moment. Long story short VTC&CCC will be back soon. Meanwhile, enjoy: Happy, Happy, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Happy, Happy, Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Northstarstuds Acquired

Back in July 2015 Tim Carroll suddenly and inexplicably removed the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook. It was down for maybe a week that time. Over the course that it was removed from public view and of course no word from Tim what was going on or reply to my inquiries, I began to google around to try and find out if anyone online knew anything.

There wasn't really any thing out there online until I stumbled across one website was a fascinating site to find because it took shots at both Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac and Northstar Performance (NSP). They said that "We beat out the quality AND price of both Northstar Performance, and Carroll Cadillac."

 click picture to enlarge as it appeared on 28 July 2015 as it appears today, 30 October 2015

The writer complained that NSP never returned their emails but on the Stud Kits page of their website, (page 3 of the below .pdf) wrote that NSP's machined in place dowel pins, "complicate installation."  So eventually NSP returned their emails or they acquired an NSP set [SureGrip Stud Kits, U.S. Patent # 8,740,532] somewhere else.

About Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac they wrote that:
"It took 3 weeks for Carroll Custom Cadillac to get me my studs. And when we finally got them, 3 of them snapped and all of them were bent." 
On the Stud Kits page they wrote:
"...[O]ur studs are designed to use the full depth of the head bolt holes, which is VERY important. Tim Carroll claims this; but he offers a universal stud which is improperly engineered."
They also said that Carroll's dowel pins "were hacked up pieces of fuel supply pipe." lol that's easy to believe. 

Good thing back then that I printed out a copy of the website. Click here to download 12 page .pdf [2.81MB] Note: To properly view the .pdf you might have to click "Save a Copy," open your Saved Copy, click "View" then "Rotate View" and click "Counterclockwise," once.

I emailed Carroll about it and pointed out that this sites' criticizing the both of them could give them the opportunity to put their differences aside.

That email is below:

He didn't respond (to this one or several other emails that I sent over the summer) but I knew that he had received it because shortly thereafter, referring to me as "Someone" the following post appeared on his Facebook: (Link dead) 

  • Carroll Custom Cadillac
    July 28 at 12:13pm
    Someone has brought to my attention a small mom and pop shop reproducing Jake's studs and they are Canadian, Go Figure?
    I expect Jake will explode over this?
    Not only are they producing the outdated old Dual Diameter Head Studs, but they have copied them to Jake's exact product, something we did not do!

    From reading their website, they must not be aware we no longer sell this inferior product and use logical engineering to explain why. In the description of these Studs is a photo of a studded block! They did follow my engineering and pretend they did it? However, we designed this stud for this depth and after they ordered from me, they copied it to the exact dimensions, good for them!!!! I have tried to get anyone who wish's to, to do so and not believe the deception of Jake and the fake patent!

    The lady in this small venture explains how they have the only correctly engineered product, LOL
    Of course they do! It is my personal engineering!!!

    It amazes me how this ridiculous simple auto part has become Canada's greatest debacle! It almost makes a man never acknowledge a Northstar again! From the GM giant shafting anyone they can, to ridiculous false claims in after market products.

    I am going to attach a link to this off the wall tiny shop and allow the reader to see the false statements made by the lady who is half owner and in the link you will see both false statements and a new competition to the Jake!

    Unaware we are no longer a competition of this out of date old product, she is quick to discredit my company as well, using untruth and a lie! Sound a little familiar, is all Canadians like this?

    I just sent her an email asking her to retract or remove us from her dishonest website.

    Will it ever stop? LOL well, besides her dishonest discrediting of me and my company, I could care less about their new found competition with Jake.
    For all of those who cannot figure out the problem with these two bad producing companies? Good Luck!

    Enjoy Jake! See if you can fool these people into your false patent? LOL


  • Carroll Custom Cadillac
    July 28 at 7:58pm
    Someone has brought to my attention a small mom and pop shop reproducing Jake's studs and they are Canadian, Go Figure?
    I expect Jake will explode over this?

    From reading their website, they must not be aware we no longer sell this inferior product and use logical engineering to explain why. In the description of these Studs is a photo of a studded block! They did follow my engineering and pretend they did it? However, we designed this stud for this depth and after they ordered from me, they copied it to the exact dimensions, good for them!!!! I have tried to get anyone who wish's to, to do so and not believe the deception of Jake and the fake patent!

    The lady in this small venture explains how they have the only correctly engineered product, LOL
    Of course they do! It is my personal engineering!!!

    It amazes me how this ridiculous simple auto part has become Canada's greatest debacle! It almost makes a man never acknowledge a Northstar again! From the GM giant shafting anyone they can, to ridiculous false claims in after market products.

    I am going to attach a link to this off the wall tiny shop and allow the reader to see the false statements made by the lady who is half owner and in the link you will see both false statements and a new competition to the Jake!

    Unaware we are no longer a competition of this out of date old product, she is quick to discredit my company as well, using untruth and a lie! Sound a little familiar, is all Canadians like this?

    I just sent her an email asking her to retract or remove us from her dishonest website.

    Will it ever stop? LOL well, besides her dishonest discrediting of me and my company, I could care less about their new found competition with Jake.
    For all of those who cannot figure out the problem with these two bad producing companies? Good Luck!

    Enjoy Jake! See if you can fool these people into your false patent? LOL
I didn't think much more about it until an 06 October 2015, post on Northstar Performances' Facebook surprised me by announcing that they'd acquired the very same

I think what struck me the most when I first read that NSP had acquired NSS was that NSP and its principal Jake Wiebe bought out the competition rather than go on a tear and try to run them out of business. That was cool.

That's the small role that I played in the saga.

Internet Blog Comment Snafu Reveals Tim Carrolls' Attempt to Entice an "Innocent Bystander" into Conspiring to Falsify Evidence to Advance Civil Claim

The Internet never ceases to amaze me. I know that I've made myself chagrined from forwarding and replying to emails.  The send and enter buttons can be a challenge to me too.

That must be how ol' Tim Carroll must feel about now that he's realized that in his attempt to leave a comment on VTC&CCC he's actually sent vital evidence to expose his true character.

I don't know if what Tim Carroll is attempting to do here is illegal. I do know that I can speak with a high confidence level that in this country, to knowingly and willingly conspire to falsify evidence even in a civil case it's against every local and state court rule. As well as the Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct.

Tim Carroll has stated that he is going to sue me and I've told him twice to have his lawyer contact me at once. For instance nearly a month ago here and just today here.

At this stage I haven't been served with anything but when I am, I'll be moving to rule Carroll into court and demand that he show cause why he shouldn't be sanctioned.

click picture to enlarge
 The money shot:
How much more evidence does any reasonable minded person out there need to fully understand that there is no level that Tim Carroll won't stoop to advance his deception?

So screen shot this

Why is Tim Carroll Concealing the True Condition of My Caddy?

In a Carroll Custom Cadillac, Facebook post dated Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 1:09 pm and titled "Note from the owner, Tim Carroll has posted an undated and unverifiable photograph seemingly of the rear end of a Cadillac Eldorado.

The car looks to me like it's parked in a junkyard. Someone asked me if that off colored area shown on the fender was evidence of body damage. So I enlarged it, lightened it and posted it below to share in case anyone else wonders the same.

Cant be sure but it doesn't look to show any body damage. It appears to be the reflection of the car parked beside it. In the reflection of the car beside it -- the side of the reflected car looks to be all torn out. Doors and Pillar missing, interior exposed to weather. Due to the nature of the photograph it could just be a mirage.

 click picture to enlarge
On the other side some lumbar is laying on the ground. Miscellaneous junk is scattered around.

So while I couldn't swear that this is indeed my Caddy or when or where or by whom this mysterious photograph was taken, for the purposes of this post, I'll play along with Tim Carroll and his fantasy world and pretend that it's mine.

The first thing that I noticed is the trunk lid is ajar and there is what looks like a bungee cord or strap holding it down.

Now when Carroll took possession and control of my Caddy back on 01 March 2014, the trunk lid was fine everything lined up and it closed and latched like it's supposed to.

So I'm wondering what other kind of damage he has done to the car in the photograph. Another possible reason the trunk lid won't go down all the way is because Carroll has crammed too much of something into it to allow it to shut properly.

The next thing that caught my eye is the bungee cord.  I was a deck seaman and Boatswainmate in the U.S. Navy. I was trained and trained on how to properly secure and stow equipment. The use of canvas, chaffing gear, rat stoppers, tying knots, splicing line and wire rope, painting, 'the whole nine yards.'  So when I see this bungee cord without any chaffing gear between it and the paint that's really all I or anyone should need to see to know that Tim Carroll is incompetent and cruel.

The trunk is not even sealed from the weather. How much water is in the trunk? As far as what Carroll has hidden away in the trunk might not even belong to that car.

This is not even meeting the minimum standards of care practiced by reputable members of the Automotive Repair Industry.

So I challenge anyone out there to defend that. Remember that Carroll brags about how he treats your Caddy just like it was his. hmmm.

Next the fact that Carroll would only post one picture is, in my opinion suspicious. The car in the photograph, if mine, looks to be in my opinion much worse condition than it was in when Carroll got it.

Where's all this "transparency" he's always bragging about?

Let's see very recent, verifiable pictures of the engine and engine bay, the interior, the trunk, its contents and condition. I paid you over $7,000.00 and this is all you got to show? Wheres the accounting? I mean c'mon.

Tim Carroll you're a turd.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

BREAKING: Tim Carroll Posts 1 Lousy Undated Photo Allegedly of My Caddy

Source: Facebook (Last accessed 29 October 2015, 1535 CDT)

In a recent Facebook post, Tim Carroll or someone working on his behalf, posted one lousy, undated photo of a Cadillac that he is representing to belong to me.

I've since tweeted a series of questions about it to Tim Carroll:

UPDATE: Tim Carroll "responds" via Facebook Carroll still fails to provide any proof or evidence to support his story. In my opinion, Tim Carroll is a master of emotional manipulation. In other words, he likes to play to your emotions without ever giving you any concrete evidence of anything.
Nice photo of Tim Carroll associate, Vincent Magallon. Source: Twitter @vincentmagallon


Why Does Tim Carroll Promote Twitter So Much?

I couldn't help but notice that on his most recent Carroll Custom Cadillac, (or is it PureCadillacService or PCS or what? ... Facebook post, Tim Carroll mentions Twitter.

This isn't the first time that he's ignored what would be an obvious blog reference on his part rather than one he'd discovered coming from @twitter. In his 1,500 plus word 'Perseverance' essay he makes reference to this Princeton, Texas, Topix thread. Only though after he thought he'd had it deleted from the web. 

I have to wonder if he's not doing this on purpose? Perhaps because he knows that it's much harder to find any information about him on Twitter? Maybe he has a deal with them where they keep him out of the twitter search results? Is that even possible?

click picture to enlarge

Source: Facebook (Last accessed: 29 October 2015, 1335 CDT)

Clearly, in my opinion, the existence of VTC&CCC is not in Carroll's best interest. Neither is it in his interest to promote it. Yet, he seemingly has to answer it, without giving out too much information to his concerned viewers and "clients" as to what the whole story is. Or even a link so they can see for themselves exactly to what he's referring. (He doesn't provide any links to so called tweets either).

When you think about it, this technique is part-n-parcel with his method of operation.

Tim Carroll Trips the Light Fantastic! in Comments

Last night "Tim Carroll" appeared on VTC&CCC to leave a comment in the post: 13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter. Yes, I know there's no such thing as an honest grifter. Apologies to my High School English teachers.

First, Tim Carroll insists that the "information" on that post "is both false and criminal." by 'information' I can only assume that he means the Emails.

For the record: the 13 Emails are neither false or criminal. [.pdf].

They are what was written that day by and between Tim Carroll and myself. Can I prove it to the casual visitor of this blog? No, not really, unless you come to my house and watch me sign in to my email account and I let you look in it. Which I'd be happy to do or come to your location and sign in.

Law enforcement agents on the other hand, have the ability to look at both our email accounts from the comfort of their office. Let me just add that if you're in law enforcement you don't need a subpoena to look into or access my email account. Just do it.

Additionally, to make it easier for you, the emails in question are in a folder, properly named and located on the left hand side column. Knock yourself out.

Tim Carroll says that I have "issues." Well, he defrauded me out of over $7,000.00 and my Cadillac Eldorado. I think that any reasonable person would agree that it's quite normal to have an issue over something of that magnitude and seriousness. No?

Carroll says that my car is still parked in his yard. Yet he has refused to officially notify me of its location. A comment that he could later deny as being his, is just not good enough. Put it in writing.

Carroll, Send me photos and an official statement, from your email address or better yet, mail it to me.

Again, the 27 August 2015, Emails clearly show that Carroll said he was having the car towed right then and he ordered me not to contact him again. There has been no contact between us since that email exchange.

The rest of his comment appears to me to digress into his usual broken-record mantra, "servicing the entire globe, many years, thousands of satisfied clients, all friends," yadda, yadda, yadda.

So what happened last night to get Tim Carroll so "shaken but not stirred" enough that he'd leave a comment?

It might have something to do with the comment I left yesterday over on Bruce Nunnallys' caddyinfo Forum.

You can see in the below screen shot on the right hand side, under Recent Topics, I titled it: "Warning & Withdrawl of Support: Carroll Custom Cadillac/PureCadillacService.":

click picture to enlarge
It was at this link:

In it I wrote how after learning that Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac was a hoax and Internet scam, I'd withdrawn my support. Links to the evidence were provided.

Specifically, 13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter ... Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Tried to Sell My Caddy ... Why Doesn't Tim Carroll Post a Photo of My Caddy? [missing_eldo Label].

I believe that I have a right as well as responsibility to comment, especially since Carroll & caddyinfo are using my Eldo for promotional purposes.

Tim Carroll hadn't signed into his Carroll Cadillac caddyinfo forum account since 09 September 2014.

Suddenly, last night he signed in without so much as a hi to anyone to apparently delete my comment.

Which brings us back to Bruce Nunnally and the caddyinfo forum. I haven't seen anything over the past year and a half that leads me to have the opinion other than Mr. Nunnally has been duped by Tim Carroll much like the rest of us.

However, these allegations are out there and Carroll is a vendor on his forum. At some point Carroll is going to have to explain all these name changes, the alleged sale to the mysterious Dave or David Manning, his defrauding me and others, and all his other weird and suspect behavior.

I like caddyinfo forum and Texas Jim and Cadillac Jim and everyone else who participates. That's why I'd hate for Mr. Nunnally's promotion of this hoax and scam to harm its credibility or reputation.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

April 2014 Was Believed Last Time Missing Eldorado Seen In Public

As far as I know my Caddy was only shown by Carroll to the public on these two videos added to YouTube on 11 and 12 April 2014.

Tim Carroll had written the Ed's Eldorado page on the website within a few days of 01 March 2014. That was the date that it was entrusted it to him.

As you can see, in both of these videos Carroll used it as a prop.

In Marco's STS from Canada and in Custom Cadillac Part Painting.

I can't be sure due to the videos low quality but it could be in this Carroll Custom Cadillac video added to YouTube on 09 April 2014.

That might be it parked out front from around 2:00.

In Carroll's so called "archive" I call it his ever dwindling archive, there might have been a post about it on the CCC Facebook page. Even so it's long been deleted or placed on private view.

The fate of this car is still unknown. On 27 August 2015, Tim Carroll advised my by email that he was having the car towed from his property. He refused to give me the name of the towing service or who had possession and control of my Caddy.

Tim Carroll ordered me not to contact him again. I later learned from his former landlord that Carroll had attempted to sell my Caddy to him sometime in May 2015.

Carroll refuses to account for the over $7,000.00 dollars that I paid him or account for the Caddy. Yet writes in his 1,500 word essay 'Perseverance' that I'm a crook and should apologize to him so the he can forgive me my wrong doing.

I dispute being crooked or engaging in any wrong doing to Tim Carroll. I paid him all the money that he wanted and entrusted my car to him. Nothing in my dealings with Tim Carroll equate to any crookedness or wrongdoing on my part. Tim Carroll is simply a liar.

Tim Carroll Edits "Repair Cost" Page on / PureCadillacService Website

I noticed something that I thought I'd share with you and give my opinion on what it means...

click picture to enlarge
(Last accessed: 1446 CDT, 27 October 2015)

Sometime in the not too distant past Tim Carroll or someone working on his behalf, edited the Repair Cost page to add the following:
In the above core waiver; we explain the core must usable, do your do diligence and check your engine for Hydro Locking, rusting block? If you bring us your car for an engine rebuild and the core is not suitable for rebuild, as with all engine sales, there will be an additional 500. engine core replacement charge, no exceptions!
Failure to comply with this standard core charge will end the repair in question, there is NO refund of down payments made toward these repairs and will cover all labor cost up to this decision. (Emphasis added)
Why would Carroll write a disclaimer to go along with his "Complete Engine Rebuild or Engine Replacement with your usable core," published rate of $4,950.00?

Well as we all know Carroll requires an Up Front Deposit of 50%. So you send, bring or he comes and gets your Cadillac and you're, not counting shipping costs, $2,475.00 poorer.

He takes your money and possession of your car. It sits on residential not commercial property, and he lets it sit. Time goes on, he'll have one excuse after another. One excuse he likes to use (on me) and on several of his former clients that I've talked to, is he'll claim to have discovered an electrical system (usually PCM) problem and so on and so forth.

Then he'll just totally ignore your emails and phone calls until you make a firm demand, which is your right, to know what's going on. Which Carroll will then seize upon as an opportunity to end the business relationship by claiming that you've somehow impinged his honor and he's having your car towed.

You'll want to know about a refund of your money to which Carroll will point you to the above disclaimer and say everything he's done has been all labor.

Now Carroll might not have turned one nut or bolt on your Caddy but how are you going to prove it? You'll have to get your car and take it to a shop and pay a fee to have a qualified Northstar System Specialist, of which good luck finding one, to go through it and inspect it and hopefully find out what Carroll and his "goon squad" have done or not done to your Caddy.

That's if you want to take Carroll to court. Then you'll have attorney fees, filing fees for your petition as well a fee to have it served and all the other costs that go with litigation. To name a few, witnesses, subpoenas, depositions, interrogatories, affidavits, a Trial.

Soon you have more money invested than the car is worth. Carroll knows all this and that the odds of your 'just letting it go,' writing it off as a lesson learned are heavily in his favor.

Carroll will just change the name again, in my opinion, in an effort to confuse the search engines.  

So after reading the above disclaimer on the website, it's my opinon and mine alone -- based upon my personal first hand knowledge of dealing with Tim Carroll, in which and how he defrauded me out of over $7,000.00 and my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado that the disclaimer is Carroll's attempt of covering his ass in such a way that he is going to get at minimum, your deposit regardless of what happens.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Debunking Another Tim Carroll Tall Tale

Hello there. Your friendly blogger here again1. I was just reading Tim Carroll's 'Perseverance' essay over on or Pure Cadillac Service, LLC or PCs,LLC, or whatever name its going under right now. Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's?

Perseverance. Now That's an interesting word that Carroll chose. In my opinion he should have used the word Chutzpah, because if Tim Carroll has anything, it's chutzpah. Some of the tall tales that Carroll has come up with surely would make even Bibi Netanyahu, if he could, blush. "Oy Vey, Carroll." I bet he'd say.
click picture to enlarge
Source: 'Perseverance'
(Last accessed 0621 CDT, 21 October 2015)

Here we see Carroll telling a lie. He knew it was a lie when he typed it out in the early morning hours of Saturday, 03 October 2015:
We gave our Landlord 6 weeks! Advanced noticed (Two more then required!) and left on awesome terms, as always protecting our investments and family, we fully documented our departure from Pilot Point with pictures and videos! Both for memories and legal protection.
Because the owner was so kind and helped in our endeavor to move to Texas, I gave him the deposit as a gift for the friendship he had shown us.
I know from my own correspondence late last month, with Jeff Kappel, who was Tim Carroll's, 11430 Hames Road, Pilot Point, Tx., landlord, Mr. Kappel responding to an email inquiry from me replied to say:
I haven't talked to Tim since he moved out unexpectedly, other than the one conversation when he offered me your Caddy.  (emphasis added)
Anyone may view the email at this 29 September 2015 post. Anyone may also contact Jeff Kappel to independently verify its authenticity.

Tim Carroll visited VTC&CCC for the first time late in the evening of Friday, 02 October 2015. This can be verified by this comment that he left at this post.

Although Carroll wouldn't dare leave a comment on the "Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Tried to Sell My Caddy," I can prove by server logs2 that the IP address that left the above comment did in fact read that 29 September post, that night of 02 October 2015.

Sometime between the time of that comment of 2250 CDT, 02 October 2015 and mid morning of Saturday, 03 October 2015, was when Tim Carroll sat down and cranked out his 1,500 word plus 'Perseverance' essay.

So in other words, he was conscious of the fact when he wrote that above including the "left on awesome terms" bit that it was all a lie. That his former landlord was telling folks that Carroll "moved out unexpectedly."

Do I really have to get into the definition of "unexpectedly" and "6 weeks! Advanced (sic) noticed (sic) "? I mean c'mon.

In my opinion, Tim Carroll will lie in the bat of an eye and you can't believe not one word that he says and he's constantly changing names in an effort to conceal himself and confuse everyone because he doesn't think anyone is smart enough to figure his game out.

1 I began drafting this post on 21 October 2015

2 Server Logs provided by

Musical Interlude Boston More Than A Feeling Drums Cover Sina

This lass is pretty good. No? Check out her YouTube Channel: sina-drums

RIP Brad Delp

Boston - Rock And Roll Band - 6/17/1979 - Giants Stadium
He smoked a big cigar; drove a Cadillac car and said 'Boys, I think this bands outta-sight' 

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Has Tim Carroll Lost the Plot?

In continuation of the previous post, I couldn't help but notice that Tim Carroll has suddenly reedited the About Us page on the website to read:

click picture to enlarge
Right away I can spot a typo? "Disgruntle" (sic) or "Defrauded"?

First off there is no slander or untruth or attacks here at VTC&CCC. I dispute that out of hand.

Having said that, This guy Tim Carroll has chutzpah that would make Bi Bi Netanyahu blush. Or jealous. The Brits call it gobsmacked. He actually has the temerity to sit there and write that I owe him an apology.

After having strung me along for a year and a half with one excuse and sob story after another (he must forget that I have a set of our emails too) and after finally having had enough of his not replying to my email inquiries, and ignoring my phone calls, confronted him on 27 August 2015, learned the truth: That, Tim Carroll stole my money and my Caddy. I don't know what else anyone would call what he did to me anything but thievery. Still yet, he will not account for either one. In May, this year Carroll tried to sell my car to his landlord, Jeff Kappel. Anyone can verify that and more. Don't take my word for it.

He told me that he was having my car towed from his property, wouldn't tell my by who or give me their name, address or phone number.  In fact when you read the 27 August 2015 emails you'll read where he ordered me not to contact him again!

Despite having the ability to do so he will not post a verifiable current picture of my car. I believe that he's either sold it or vandalized it like he did to Dallas' H. Aurora.

I don't owe you a god damned thing Tim Carroll. You owe me $10,000. And, I'd add, you owe others too.

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Tim Carroll Edits / Pure Cadillac Service PCS Website Again


If edits to the domain shortly before 11 a.m. CDT this morning are any indication, it appears that Tim Carroll plans to plow on ahead with his PureCadillacService, LLC or PCS or PCS, LLC  deception.

As of June 2015, Collin County Records show that both, Carroll Custom Cadillac and Carroll Diesel Pros & 4x4's are both registered assumed names (the Texas equivalent of DBA) to Timothy John Carroll.

Carroll, or someone working on his behalf also removed from the Sites' Main to the About Us page, his (at last count) 1,500+ word, self-styled essay he titled 'Perseverance.'

Still prominently displayed on the main page is the photograph that Carroll represents to be of himself posing with an as yet unidentified white male that he claims to be called "Jeremiah" Last name not given, allegedly his son.

It's believed that this display is contrived by Carroll in part of his grand plan to gain sympathy for him to use to deflect honest and fair criticism and review of his goings on.
 click picture to enlarge
 What does this mean? (Last accessed 26 October 2015)
Click here to download 2 page .pdf (150 kb)

Despite claiming to have started a new business, Carroll is still marketing himself using the "dissolved" Carroll Custom Facebook and website.
Facebook Last accessed 1604 CDT 26 October 2015 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Yokohama ADVAN S.4 Ultra High Performance All-Season

Back on 02 September 2015, I'd originally offered these tires for sale on my local craigslist. I didn't think about posting them here until a couple of days ago when I had to renew the ad.

The ad pretty much speaks for itself. They're offered for local sale but if you're interested contact me through this blog or the craigslist reply. I will ship them to you (shipping included in price) after your check clears. Send me a U.S. Postal System Money Order and I'll ship them same day.

click picture to enlarge
Source: craigslist

You can read more about these tires as well as read over 300 Consumer Reviews on this tire at

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Hope This Guy Isn't Being Tim Carroll'd

click picture to enlarge
Source: Facebook

Tut, tut...

In my opinion, based on my own personal first hand knowledge of how Tim Carroll operates, after he gets your car and your money, First he will give you one excuse after another of why it's taking him so long. Then, in my opinion, he will totally ignore you in hopes that you give up and go away.

After you get tired of his B.S. and excuses (that you've finally accepted just don't add up) and ultimately call him on it and demand that he answer you and give account, he will use your firmly, pithy or even tersely worded email as an excuse or a pretext to act insulted in order to dissolve your business arraignment; Tell you something along the lines of, like he told me, To forget about your money and your car because he's having it towed right then and not to contact him anymore.

If you arrived here searching: tim carroll cadillac, carroll cadillac facebook, pure cadillac service llc, pcs llc, carroll diesel pros & 4x4's, northstar head gaskets or something similar, you really owe it to yourself before you spend any money or ship your Caddy off, to read the information presented by VTC&CCC.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Want Some Spam With That?

So far, Gmail has done a great job of keeping spam out of my Inbox. Not a single one has made it through.

VTC&CCC went live around 21 September 2015, and as far as I'm aware the only place online that its email address has been displayed is in the masthead and recently on the Contact page.

I didn't discover the Spam folder until about a week ago because when I created the account it was hidden by default.

When I did I was shocked to find many hundreds of spam emails. This is over a period of just a few weeks.

Since then I delete them every chance that I get. As you can see below, VTC&CCC received 161 more between last night and the time this was posted.

 click picture to enlarge is a public email address. I'm not complaining about receiving so many spams. What I would like to point out, is that this underscores the importance of keeping your private email address and information, just that, private.

1 The screen shot shows 15 spam emails. Since taking that screen shot and starting this post VTC&CCC has received one more.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Wit & Wisdom of Jim Rockford

click picture to enlarge
"Well, you waste a lot of time on people if you don't have the right props."

"The whole secret of a good confidence game is having the right props." 

"The Rockford Files" 
Season 1, Episode 6
Original Air Date: 11 October 1974

Friday, October 9, 2015

UPDATED: Tim Carroll Claims to have "Dissolved" Carroll Custom Cadillac in Favor of Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's

Sometime today, within the past few hours of post time, yet another "Special announcement!" has appeared upon the website.
click picture to enlarge
Source: (Last accessed 1706 CDT, 09 October 2015)

Special announcement!
During the process of changing ownership, we have officially dissolved Carroll Custom Cadillac After regaining control of our equipment and ending the sale of our company we have opened up a brand new company separate of the old one.

The new company is now owned by several family members with an all new approach to our custom service.
This new business is under the ownership of Carroll Diesel Pro's & 4x4's.
In my opinion, what could be happening here is that Tim Carroll realizes that the he has destroyed the Carroll Custom Cadillac name and that his Cadillac "Repair" bidness is over. Including "Head Studs."

Now he has to make a fresh start and find some other suckers to rip off.

If Carroll sticks to the Carroll Custom Cadillac business model, I'd expect him to flood the various Diesel truck and 4X4 Forums with amazing tales of his exploits. Reel em in boys.

Carroll's announcement claims that that "the new company is now owned by several family members." Just who are these mysterious, unnamed "family members"?

I wonder if that means that he is going to be using someone else's name out front of his new scheme? Will that name even belong to a real live flesh and blood human being? Shades of "David Manning"?

Deeper down the rabbit hole we go, where we stop, no one knows...

UPDATE: Within moments of this post Tim Carroll has edited the website yet again. It's latest iteration:

click picture to enlarge
Is PCS LLC or Pure Cadillac Service, LLC., even a real corporation? How can one find out?

UPDATE 2: Carroll Custom Cadillac changed website header to:

 PCS Pure Cadillac Service. At least he got the dreaded Carroll name out of it, eh?

Can you really believe anything this guys says or writes? Can you afford to? Do your due diligence. Does anything add up with this guy?

Source: (Last accessed: 0820 CDT, 10 October 2015)

Here we have the website edited yet again, this time apparently to remove the previous "explanation." It's been replaced with the simple "CCC is now PureCadillacService LLC."


Source: (Last accessed: 0848 CDT, 10 October 2015)
Minutes later another explanation. Carroll seems to have removed any mention, for now, of the Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's.


Sometime between about 0800 - 0830 CDT, 12 October 2015, Tim Carroll got around to editing the "blue" colored text on the website announcement. As you can see, he has removed his Carroll surname. Wonder why?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stats: VTC&CCC Thanks You For Your Support and Interest

click picture to enlarge
All Stats from 22 September - Just Now.

See also: Subscribe to VTC&CCC RSS Feed

Why Doesn't Tim Carroll Post a Photo of My Caddy?

I couldn't help but notice on Saturday morning, 03 October 2015, how Tim Carroll took to the website in what looked to me in my opinion a feverish and harried response to VTC&CCC.

You can tell from the below screen capture that Carroll had the presence of mind, on Saturday morning mind you, to post what he must be representing for all the world to see, up to date pictures of his alleged 3355 Rooster Lane, property:

click picture to enlarge

(Last accessed: 1510 CDT 07 October 2015)

Doesn't it make sense that one of the first, if not the first picture you'd want to post, after learning of this blog is of the unaccounted for Cadillac? The over $7,000.00 that I paid him is unaccounted for as well.

Wouldn't the urgency to do so, seem even more extreme to you since I had already posted on here evidence that Carroll was attempting to sell my Caddy as far back as May 2015?

Either way, I've caught Carroll in a lie. In his 27 August 2015, emails Tim Carroll, right before ordering me not to contact him anymore, stated that he was having my Eldorado towed out right then. By ordering me not to contact him anymore he was also refusing to tell me who had custody and control of my car.

If it was me, I would have put up pictures, videos, went and bought the days newspaper and somehow stuck it up by the VIN plate in the style of the old time kidnappers.

In my opinion, very little to nothing adds up with this guy.

I spoke by phone with someone last Friday, 02 October 2015, who had visited Carroll's alleged 3355 Rooster Lane property earlier that day. We spoke while he was on his way and I asked him to look for a black Eldorado.

After his visit, we spoke by phone again, this person told me, saw seven Cadillacs there, including his, but didn't see an Eldorado. Now it could be that this person isn't familiar with how an Eldorado looks as his Caddy was a different model. I don't know.

All I know is that I'm out over $7,000.00 and my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe. With no accounting by Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac for either.

Shout Out to USS Virginia CGN-38 Shipmates Reunion Clearwater Beach, Florida

United States Naval Warship VIRGINIA CGN-38
"Sic Semper Tyrannis"

I had learned of our planned reunion earlier this year. It's getting underway today.  I wrote Carroll about it on 26 July 2015, an email to which he never replied. See below. This is just one example of several emails I sent Carroll over the summer to which he never replied.

Nevertheless they served to give him notice that I wanted a resolution to my car as soon as possible.

Despite the, in my opinion, addle-brained jibberish Tim Carroll writes about me on his website, he knows full well that I wanted a resolution to my car as soon as possible.

click picture to enlarge

So, shipmates, we'll look at it like the old days, I'm stuck here with 'The Duty;' 'Setting Zebra' on this Texas-sized Turd Head Tim Carroll, while you guys are having a good time out on the beach.

I plan to make next years reunion in Colorado. Until then, Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Part 2 
PS: Oh yeah, I had to throw this in:
"Sweepers Sweepers Man Your Brooms; Give the Ship a Clean Sweepdown Fore & Aft, Sweepdown all Ladder Backs, Passageways, and Weather Decks, Dump All Trash and Garbage Clear the Stern."

Here's another:  "Now Man Your Naval Gunfire Support Stations. Now Man Mount 51 and Mount 52. Now Station the Deep Mag Crews."

"Secure The Special Sea & Anchor Detail. Now Set the Underway Watch. On Deck Section One."

"Admiral Is On The Bridge!" In Memory ADM J M Boorda COMCRUDESGRU8

"Never Say 'At This Time.' Always Say 'Right Now.'" T R Sheridan Capt, CO (RIP)

"Key Stations, Key Stations"

"Now Lay Before the Mast all Eight O'Clock Reports. The Captain (if inport Command Duty Officer) Will Take Eight O'Clock Reports in the Wardroom."

"Quarters Quarters All Hands to Quarters. Quarters Will be Held at Fair Weather Parade."

"The Officer of the Deck Has Shifted His Watch From the Aft Port Quarterdeck to the Pilothouse."

"Cast Off All Mooring Lines Fore and Aft...HEAVE" 

"Underway! Shift Colors." Over Channel 16 From the Bridge: "Security Call Security Call Security Call VIRGINIA Backing Pier 4 Berth 3 Naval Station Norfolk."

"Bridge, Forward Look Out. I Have a Surface Contact, off the Port Bow, Bearing About 3-4-Zero, Range 30,000 yards"  "Forward Look Out, Bridge, Combat (Combat Information Center) Yeah, That's a Merchant Ship, Should Be Making a Turn Soon and Disappear. Keep an Eye Out  and Let Me Know" "Combat, Forward Look Out, Aye." 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Is Tim Carroll a COC Violator?

The domain is hosted by the Microsoft Corporation.  Carroll also uses Microsoft products, such as Office 365, to build and maintain the CCC website.

Users of Microsoft resources agree to be legally bound by certain things, one thing being the Microsoft Services Agreement. (Last accessed: 04 October 2015).

Contained within the Microsoft Services Agreement at 3. is the 3.Code of Conduct, or CoC for short.
 click picture to enlarge
Besides the obvious, "Don't do anything illegal,"
ix. states, "Don’t engage in activity that violates the privacy of others."
To be clear, I am a private person. Tim Carroll, however, is a public figure and Carroll Custom Cadillac seeks out the public with which to do business. See: New York Times Company v. Sullivan. Carroll has represented himself to the public over and over again, for instance, via the world wide web, to be at or near the top of the worlds greatest Northstar mechanics and engineers as well as overall Cadillac, Restorer, painter, mechanic and much, much more.

Because millions of people still own Northstar System Caddy's, there is an immense public interest in their maintenance and care. Misprison of Felony is a crime1.

in 1995, The United States Supreme Court ruled in McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission that under the 1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution, I'm allowed to blog anonymously and especially if it concerns matters of great public interest and concern. There's plenty of case law both federal and state before and since then that supports the SupCt.

I could go on about Defamation law but I don't feel that I have to. I've already caught Carroll in enough lies just since the text he's thrown up since Saturday. Because;

In Louisiana a public person, petitioner has to maintain five prongs to prove Defamation. All the defendant has to do is disprove one and the other four must fall as well. Louisiana has some of the best Defamation law in the country and our Civil Code Article 971, Special motion to strike, in similar cases, has never been denied. To be honest, I can't find any case where its being denied wasn't overturned on appeal.

What the present or potential Carroll Custom Cadillac customer must weigh, is what if you have a falling out with him -- will he put all your personal information out on the Internet? Can you afford to take that risk? Is Carroll using me as an example to keep others silent? Just questions.

1 18 U.S.C. Sec. 4 In my opinion one of those murky laws the feds can apply as they like