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Have you been victimized by Tim Carroll? We want to hear from you! This blog was set up as a place where people who Carroll has ripped off can get together, network, share stories and compare notes. You might feel like I did, that you're the only one. You're not.

One thing that Con artists and scammers are counting on is that their victims being too embarrassed to say anything. I can understand that because Carroll stole over $7,000 and my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado, VIN: 1G6ET1294XU607880. So yeah it's embarrassing.

The police can ignore one complaint but they can't ignore multiple complaints from folks around the country and perhaps even the world.

Dallas H. Story Part 1
[Added 28 September 2015]

Kevon DTS
[Added 05 November 2015]

Dallas H. Story Part 2
[Added 09 November 2015]

Facebook Commenter Accuses Tim Carroll of Botching Caddy & Stealing Over $5,000 
[Added 17 December 2015] 

Larri From Phoenix: Tim Carroll; Carroll Custom Cadillac Botched My Caddy & Vandalized It
[Added 17 December 2015]

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  1. As much as others have been ripped off by timothy carroll; I have been ripped off the largest sum of money ever possible. Carroll publically defamed my company (Northstar Performance) to the point where I lost almost all credibility. I lost most of the business I had built up. The only thing I had left going for me was my work ethic and customers who could see through carroll's bullshit and lies. I am a legitimate business owner with a valid USA patent on the SureGrip head stud system that tim carroll outright copied; reproduced and sold on the open market. I was advised that it would be pointless to sue the bastard because of his history of running. I hired a private investigator to do a background check on carroll and he apparently (I can't guarantee this) has many social security numbers. He has lived in many U.S. states. At one point his wife had threatened to kill me on her facebook page.

    I honestly hope this page will finally; once and for all; prove to the public what sort of low-life scum carroll really is.

    As a Christian (and not the so-called Christian that carroll claims to be) I pray for Tim Carroll. I pray for justice; and for him to repent of his sins and come clean with the public. I also forgive him for what he has done to me; because I won't let a scum-bag like him rob me of inner peace.

    My business is doing well again; but it would be better today if I had never have had to deal with this jackass. The monetary sum I have lost due to him is well in excess of $100,000 + about another $10k in legal fees. I'm sure if he reads this; he'll smile and be proud. Well Tim, judgement day comes for us all. I won't be exempt and neither will you. At least I'm trying very hard to do right by people and keep a clear conscience.

    1. I just sent you a couple emails concerning this?
      Please respond.

    2. You mean the email wherein you attempt to entice someone into joining your conspiracy to falsify evidence in a civil matter? Yeah got it.

  2. Interesting...only 4 disgruntled clients in over a decade of doing business. I wonder if any car dealership could boast of only 4 unhappy customers.

    This website may have unintended results. A Cadillac rebuilder only needs 25 clients/year to survive and 50/years to flourish.

    Trump showed in the last election that negative publicity by others works better than someone promoting himself.

    Cadillac rebuilders are few in number. a person with blown head gaskets have three options: the Cadillac dealer, an independent Cadillac dealer, or the junkyard.

    Many people when reading a negative post/blog think of the number of times others have defamed them.

    Mr Hopper you may be driving a small number of people to Mr Carrol with your negative embellishment of his work.

    Remember all a Cadillac rebuilder needs is 25 customers/year to survive.

    Bill Brown

  3. It's a lot more than 4. Please scroll down the posts to get a better idea.

    Your comment, the tone and content of, seems to be reasonable and intelligent --but-- based upon your opinion rather than any personal first-hand knowledge.

    If at some point in the future, you send your Cadillac or money to Carroll, I would be pleased to post your story - provided that you can provide some evidence that I can independently verify.

    If you find any positive reviews for Carroll out there, please post the links here in comments for all to see and investigate.

    Thank you for including your website url. I haven't viewed it yet but I will before long.

    For all I know, you're an honest mechanic who thinks you've stumbled across a site that's treating another honest mechanic unfairly. I get that.

    All I can do is say, "Hey, this happened to me, here's the proof and here's what these other folks say happened to them. If after you've seen all this and thought it over and you still decide to go with Carroll and something bad happens, then it's on your head."

  4. With new information that has come to light about timothy carroll's "new" business, maybe Texas state will take tim more seriously when the DEA gets involved.

  5. He's planning to make weekly runs to Arizona to deliver "product". I just wonder why the government hasn't investigated him more.

  6. Tim Carroll stole $5000.00 from me with the pretense of sending me a rebuilt motor. Vengeance is mine, thus saith the Lord. I now have a beautiful 99 Eldorado I can't sell and don't have the money for another motor as I am on fixed income.

  7. Where are you located? Maybe an affordable engine will pop-up. You may email me your general location and I will keep it handy in case anyone replies here or contacts me, I can let you know.