Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Email from Carolyn Carroll

Maybe someone should warn Tim Carroll's new wife, Christina Carroll?
From: Carolyn Carroll [REDACTED]@msn.com
Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 11:11 AM
To: victimsoftimcarroll@gmail.com

Tim needs to be in jail for all the wrong he did he racked up my credit cards for over 35,000.00 dollars and left me to take the fall for all he did to his customers. I was never part of his scams or business but I was pulled into it. We have been divorced since 2009 he begged me to give him another chance like a fool I did. I'm not responsible for his doings

Tim Carroll $103K IRS Tax Lien

By the time the Internal Revenue Service filed this lien in August 2017, Tim Carroll had already fled the Hames Road, Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas address to the Rooster Lane, Princeton address in neighboring Collin County, Texas.

It's worth noting that according to this document, Carroll has an Unpaid Balance Assessment of $63,571.18 on his Form 1040 for Tax Period Ending: 12/31/14;

2014 is the year that Carroll defrauded myself and so many others.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tim Carroll VoiceMail: "I'm Doing Cocaine; Smoking Weed & Fucking" Down in Mexico

I can't help but wonder if the Mexican authorities would be interested in investigating this American Gringo criminal living in and making a fool of their country?

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The Google Transcript isn't very accurate in parts. Here is a better transcript:
Hey little man. So how did that fake cactus shit go over with you? Some funny shit.
How you doing up there in the United States? Fucking idiot.
Put this voicemail on your goddamn blog. (laugh) Like it matters.
Nothing you say; nothing you do; nothing you write -- You lose. You lose everything and one day I think I'll pay you a visit.
Until that day, you have a great life. You little fucking, faggot bitch. You fucking retarded son of a bitch.
You lost seven grand ($7,000.00USD) and left your car over there. That's some funny ass shit.
You don't have nothing and I don't give a flying fuck about youAmerica;  or your goddamn car.
You stupid ass. You don't even realize that you're the way I fucking got out of that shit you dumbass.
So in saying all that, I can also say thank you retard. Fucking weirdo.
Whatever you fucking fifty-something year old man living in your mother's basement jacking off to fucking porn, child porn. You're a fucking faggot bitch.
Anyhow, I didn't want to say thank you because it was the only way that I could get away from the bitch that lived in my house. And in that mother fucking shit.
I hate Cadillacs, I hate faggots that drive them, like yourself. I hated your car, I hated you.
Dude, you have no idea how close you came to getting beat to fucking death, you fucking faggot bitch.
But when I come back up there in States if I ever go back to Texas which I fucking hate, you dumbass. You really believe that cactus shit? You fucking idiot.
I wondered...we were pulling a fucking game on your stupid ass. We wanted to see what you were going to write next, but we don't give a fuck cuz we're partying and you know what we're doing homes?
We're fucking doing cocainesmoking weed;  drinking beer; fucking. 
You got me?
We're living the life on the Sea of Cortez, homes. You pinche puto, bitch.
I fucking hate your little fucking little ass. Not that you didn't help me cuz you helped me a great fucking deal.
I never would have got out of that shit, if it hadn't been your stupid ass numb-from-the-neck-up head.
So I just want to say thank you and fuck you in the same sentence -- bitch.
Look forward to seeing you one day if I ever come back up there (laughter).
You lose you little fucking white man from hell. Transparent mother..///end///
Then after leaving the above voice mail, Tim Carroll follows it up with the below text messages: