Sunday, October 4, 2015

How Many Companies Does Tim Carroll Own Again?

Less than a year ago, on 13 November 2014, Tim Carroll revealed on the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook page that:
CCC, is made up of four separate companies, one of them being my manufacturing of custom auto parts. Northstar Head Studs is one of several parts that we manufacture.
Then despite all this transparency I see him write about lately, doesn't name the other three.

From the way he wrote it, it reads to me that the Head Stud Business is part of Custom Auto Parts Manufacturing Business.

Right now on his website, Carroll says that CCC was going to separate into two parts:
a "Restoration" and "the modern Northstar business."

I can't help but wonder that if Carroll is so transparent then why won't he post some sort of flow chart to show how all these companies are connected. He claims to be an engineer so he should be able to draw diagrams, right?  Who owns shares or manager/members. You know how he's always seemingly randomly referring to people, for instance Jeff Kappel as being his partner.  Why suppress that information? Why the secrecy?

That's another thing, is Carroll Custom Cadillac even incorporated? Who's the registered agent?  Brick and mortar businesses have to post their business and occupational licenses for all to see. Isn't it reasonable that an online business do the same?
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All I'm saying is to do your due diligence and maybe you won't wind up like me. And others...

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