Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tim Carroll Mocks A Former "Client" On Facebook

In a 10 January 2017 Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook post, Tim Carroll makes reference to "a Ben" as if he doesn't know who this person is. Carroll knows exactly who this person is -- it's Benjamin Vining from Austin, Texas.
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In 2016 Ben sent his Cadillac Eldorado to Carroll to have head studs installed and the block resealed. According to Ben, Carroll had his car for "about 5 and a half months."

Shortly after Ben finally got his car back it developed oil and coolant leaks. Ben took it to another mechanic who discovered that it had, amongst other problems, a cracked block.

All Ben wanted was a receipt, to which he was entitled, to show what Carroll allegedly did to his car. Carroll refused to give him a receipt or any type of accounting and blew him off. Sound familiar?

There is a whole thread about it on caddyinfo.com. Below is an excerpt:

Around the same time as this Facebook post, Ben left a comment under "Visitor Posts":

If you look at the CCC Facebook page, you'll notice that Carroll has since removed the "Visitor Posts" and "Reviews." I can't help but wonder if he did this because his "clients" had begun to leave comments and reviews that were showing how he truly operates.

Don't get Tim Carroll'd.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Texas Grifter Tim Carroll To Sue Me?

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This is rich. Carroll steals over $7,000 from me, won't account for any of it, won't account for my car, the last I heard he was turning it over to the county yet I've not received any information about that. I get online to start warning folks about my experience with him and start getting contacted by people all over the country who allege they've been done wrong by Carroll as well.  You think none of them won't submit affidavits if I ask?

I've told Carroll over and over again to have his attorney contact me as soon as possible. Yet none have.

I look forward to it. I'll be filing a La. CCP Article 971 SLAPP Motion as well as countersuing Tim Carroll and his Office Manager wife Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll. Plus I'll get to take their (and others) depositions where we'll get to the bottom of all this.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tim Carroll; Carroll Custom Cadillac Suspicious 'Refund Policies'

Today we'll take a look at Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac's "Disclaimer and refund policies!" page.

This page has not always been on the CCC website. It appeared there sometime in early 2016, apparently as some sort of CYA move by Carroll.

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Source: Carroll Custom Cadillac website, 22 January 2017

In my opinion, the very first line should send up a huge red flag: "Carroll Custom Cadillac is a private entity and is in no way public or a commercial company..." To me what Carroll is saying here is that he isn't a real company or business. Therefore, the inference must be that since CCC isn't a real company or business, it isn't bound by business law or consumer law.

This probably explains why Carroll is constantly writing about his "personal private custom shops," and how this is a "hobby" to him and he is doing people favors by "repairing" their Caddys.

"However, when the owner deliberately stops the project or or does not reply to our request, it becomes the sole discretion of CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac to stop, explain, give the owner the opportunity to comply. If the owner does not comply or reply to our request all money is forfeited and the project will end."

What does any of this even mean? Nothing is defined. For instance if he emails you and you don't reply fast enough to suit him, does that mean he can take all your money and tow your car to the curb? What if he sends you a request that's impossible for you to comply with, what then?

"We reserve the rights to refuse service and or keep any and all deposits if the owner or purchaser goes against our company policies."

That's the kicker right there. What are the company policies? They're not written down or posted anywhere.

In my opinion, all this ridiculous "Disclaimer and refund policies!" means is that once Carroll gets your money, he can terminate the job and forfeit your money to him for any reason he sees fit. Thank about that.

Don't get Tim Carroll'd 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll To "Walk Away From This Northstar Stuff"?

Earlier this evening Tim Carroll through his John Carroll Facebook sockpuppet account in what could possibly be described as his typical addle-brained raving wrote, " I will walk away from this Northstar stuff..."

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In my opinion, "stuff" is about is all he knows about the Northstar System. Deceptively stuff something here and stuff something there and stuff something back there in hope that all this stuff stays in place until his customer/victim can get his Caddy back home before it all falls apart. Then when the customer/victim tries to contact him he won't answer the phone or email until he can invent some excuse to not honor his sham of a "warranty."

Don't get Tim Carroll'd.

Hope These Dear Ladies Aren't Being Tim Carroll'd

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I may be wrong but it's' not looking good.

Texas Northstar Cadillac Grifter Tim Carroll Has Another Facebook Brain Fart

Hello again and Happy New Year. I've noticed that Tim Carroll has again taken to one of his Facebook accounts to post his special blend of nuttery.

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Lordy, where to begin. Carroll writes that over the "next couple weeks we are to fully exploit," me. What a fascinating choice of a word, exploit. According to dictionary.com, one definition of exploit is, "to use selfishly for one's own ends."

Carroll has stolen over $7,000 of my money, refuses to account for it and for all intent and purposes has stolen my Caddy as well. I don't know how he could exploit me any more than what he has already done.

Put another way, even if I am the worst person in the world, which I'm not, nor do I claim to be the best person in the world, that still does not give Tim Carroll the right to steal from me! "Simple as that, over and out," as Denny Crane might say.

Next, Carroll writes that, "We will exploit all who have been involved in the Defamation of Character against me." In my opinion, what Carroll is doing here is sending a message to anyone else he's done wrong, who might be thinking of speaking out, that he will do to you what he's done and doing to me. For instance, doxing and writing online all manner of lies about you. Speaking as someone who is currently going through this with Carroll, I can fully understand your concern.

By the way, I, in the strongest possible terms, fully dispute and deny that I've committed any defamation of character against Tim Carroll or Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll. Carroll however, has defamed me with actual malice because he knows what he is writing, when he writes it, is a lie. Friendly advice to all you Facebook people who are liking and commenting on his posts about me should think twice about what you're doing. Federal and state law enforcement have been visiting this blog. Don't be surprised if the FBI, Homeland Security or Treasury/IRS Agents show up at your door.

Then Carroll works in something I can't make any sense out of, about Jake Wiebe and Northstar Performance. Let me be very clear, I am not promoting NSP products, including their patented head stud kit. I have no financial interest in NSP nor have I ever received any compensation or been promised anything from them now or in the future. I realize that there is no way that I can prove this here, so use your best judgment.

Carroll then goes into his 'signature' poor, poor pitiful me routine. I've addressed this on here before. He again mentions the two mysterious men who helped him through his woe is me time. Notice how he never gives their names. He mentions again the two books written about him but never gives the names of the books. Don't you find that odd? In my opinion, what Carroll is doing is preying on the emotions of the reader.

He drones on about how he's given his 'testimony' at seminars before thousands of people. What seminars? When were the dates? Where did they take place? 

I've never been contacted by one single person who has anything good to say about Tim Carroll or their experience with him. I have been contacted by many more people who allege that they've been defrauded by him that I haven't even posted about because it became overwhelming.

I am here to tell you, my experience with Tim Carroll has shown him to be a seriously depraved, immoral, wicked, sinful individual. The more that Carroll writes and posts on his many Facebook accounts and website all this becomes clearer to the reasonable minded.