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There is a world of information out there about this subject. I'm sure if you look into it you'll see some similar patterns.


Tim Carroll claims to be Irish. He's even made the claim that he is related to a Rebel of 1776. One who signed the Declaration of Independence. One conveniently named Carroll. Charles Carroll of Maryland, it seems.

I can't help but wonder if anyone who's ever dealt with him thought for one minute that he conducts himself like one that comes from the seed of a Rebel of 1776?

Consider what "John Williamson" the Princeton, Texas, topix commenter said,
Why would you move to so many places so abruptly without notice and he takes your vehicles with him.
This guy is an absolute smooth scam artist and apparently the jig is just about up for him.
All the pictures of Cadillac's he post if you notice, are car show pictures not anything he has done.
A serious back ground check tells a lot and all the places he has lived and moved, at times great distances to avoid the authorities, lawyers, and personal vendettas for aggravated customers.
Pack up and move without notice. He has apparently done this a long time and has the financial ability to up and relocate very quickly and setup shop again. Emphasis Added

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