Monday, October 31, 2016

UPDATED Warnings about Texas Grifter Tim Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac Appearing on

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Warnings about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac from those whom he has victimized and defrauded continue to appear around the Internet.

One of the very latest appeared last night on Mr. Bruce Nunnallys' Forum.

First off, let me say that I do not believe that Mr. Nunnally is intentionally aiding and abetting Tim Carroll. Rather, I believe that Carroll tricked Mr. Nunnally in to promoting him, in much the same fashion that Carroll tricked all of us into sending him our cars and our cash.

However, all these people coming forward with their tales of being ripped off by Carroll can no longer be ignored by a reasonable minded person.

Tim Carroll claims to have "thousands and thousands of fans and satisfied customers the world over," -- yet-- in all the time this blog has been up, I have not heard from one single person who claims to be a satisfied client of Carrolls'. Pretty odd don't you think? I really have to wonder if any exist. 

Therefore, I am publicly calling on Mr. Nunnally and his management team to publicly disavow Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

You can laugh this off at your own peril. The longer that caddyinfo promotes Carroll, the more its reputation along with Bruce Nunnally's is becoming sullied and soiled.

UPDATE: Moves to Distance itself from Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac
The Carroll Custom Cadillac posts have been moved to a sub forum under the 19th hole and Bruce Nunnally, site owner, put a disclaimer on his business distancing caddyinfo from CCC.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Unable to Keep His Lies Straight

Tim Carroll three days ago in reply to one of his victims who had written a derogatory comment about him on one of his YouTube videos wrote that he:
was a Union member the whole time I lived there and made excellent money and constant work! Before being self employed
However, in a "Response from the owner," he wrote only 10 months ago to a derogatory Google Reviewer, he said that:
I fell into a tail spin and drank nearly a 5th of Vodka a day, unable to keep a job and hell to anyone who dare to meet me. I begged God for help but none came, I could not keep a job, I had extreme skills and yet let them go without the desire to do anything but want to die. I destroyed my wife's life and I felt responsible for everything, if I could have been a better father? How bad did my baby boy feel that would make him take his life. Nothing I could do could ever change the set in stone disaster, I spent time in and out of jail, I tried to take my own life several times. Through this living hell, I did many things, ruthless, I cared for no one but those I hurt and all I could do was keep hurting them
It's truly amazing the amount and scale of lies that Carroll writes almost on a daily basis, when anyone with an Internet connection can go back and catch him.

Carroll also constantly claims to be an engineer yet he never tells what college or university he obtained his degree from or what professional engineering societies he is a member of.

It would also be a good idea to ask to see his liability insurance policy and then verify with the insurance provider that it's actually in force, as well as ask to see any business or occupational licenses that the State of Texas and Collin County might require and ask for his Federal Tax ID Number. There are likely more but this is off the top of my head.

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Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Has Another Faulty Mental Construct

I was perusing Tim Carroll's, Carroll Custom Cadillac website just now and couldn't help but notice that Carroll has a page dedicated to my "demise."

After reading Carroll's, whatever that is that he's attempting to pass off as the English language, I must say, So what?

None of this is germane when the fact is that Tim Carroll has stolen nearly $8,000 dollars from me as well as my Caddy.

Further, this has been going on since 01 March 2014.

I'm writing this to anyone who has arrived here who might have a Northstar System Cadillac needing repairs and who is doing their due diligence in finding a mechanic.

The point that I want to impress upon your mind, is what if you do engage CCC and wind up having a complaint or falling out, will Carroll do you the same way he's done me?

In my opinion, Carroll's writing all this is one way to show others what will happen to them if they do complain. It serves to frighten and intimidate off anyone who does contemplate complaining. Remember, Carroll will have your private information and he obviously doesn't mind broadcasting it to the world.

And what about a falling out or complaint? Let me tell you that there are many folks from around the country who have been defrauded by Carroll and they want to talk to you.

Just a friendly warning. Contact me any time.