Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Email from Carolyn Carroll

Maybe someone should warn Tim Carroll's new wife, Christina Carroll?
From: Carolyn Carroll [REDACTED]@msn.com
Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 11:11 AM
To: victimsoftimcarroll@gmail.com

Tim needs to be in jail for all the wrong he did he racked up my credit cards for over 35,000.00 dollars and left me to take the fall for all he did to his customers. I was never part of his scams or business but I was pulled into it. We have been divorced since 2009 he begged me to give him another chance like a fool I did. I'm not responsible for his doings

Tim Carroll $103K IRS Tax Lien

By the time the Internal Revenue Service filed this lien in August 2017, Tim Carroll had already fled the Hames Road, Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas address to the Rooster Lane, Princeton address in neighboring Collin County, Texas.

It's worth noting that according to this document, Carroll has an Unpaid Balance Assessment of $63,571.18 on his Form 1040 for Tax Period Ending: 12/31/14;

2014 is the year that Carroll defrauded myself and so many others.

click image to enlarge
click here to download two page .pdf document (77kb)

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tim Carroll VoiceMail: "I'm Doing Cocaine; Smoking Weed & Fucking" Down in Mexico

I can't help but wonder if the Mexican authorities would be interested in investigating this American Gringo criminal living in and making a fool of their country?

click image to enlarge
click here to link to voicemail sound file

The Google Transcript isn't very accurate in parts. Here is a better transcript:
Hey little man. So how did that fake cactus shit go over with you? Some funny shit.
How you doing up there in the United States? Fucking idiot.
Put this voicemail on your goddamn blog. (laugh) Like it matters.
Nothing you say; nothing you do; nothing you write -- You lose. You lose everything and one day I think I'll pay you a visit.
Until that day, you have a great life. You little fucking, faggot bitch. You fucking retarded son of a bitch.
You lost seven grand ($7,000.00USD) and left your car over there. That's some funny ass shit.
You don't have nothing and I don't give a flying fuck about youAmerica;  or your goddamn car.
You stupid ass. You don't even realize that you're the way I fucking got out of that shit you dumbass.
So in saying all that, I can also say thank you retard. Fucking weirdo.
Whatever you fucking fifty-something year old man living in your mother's basement jacking off to fucking porn, child porn. You're a fucking faggot bitch.
Anyhow, I didn't want to say thank you because it was the only way that I could get away from the bitch that lived in my house. And in that mother fucking shit.
I hate Cadillacs, I hate faggots that drive them, like yourself. I hated your car, I hated you.
Dude, you have no idea how close you came to getting beat to fucking death, you fucking faggot bitch.
But when I come back up there in States if I ever go back to Texas which I fucking hate, you dumbass. You really believe that cactus shit? You fucking idiot.
I wondered...we were pulling a fucking game on your stupid ass. We wanted to see what you were going to write next, but we don't give a fuck cuz we're partying and you know what we're doing homes?
We're fucking doing cocainesmoking weed;  drinking beer; fucking. 
You got me?
We're living the life on the Sea of Cortez, homes. You pinche puto, bitch.
I fucking hate your little fucking little ass. Not that you didn't help me cuz you helped me a great fucking deal.
I never would have got out of that shit, if it hadn't been your stupid ass numb-from-the-neck-up head.
So I just want to say thank you and fuck you in the same sentence -- bitch.
Look forward to seeing you one day if I ever come back up there (laughter).
You lose you little fucking white man from hell. Transparent mother..///end///
Then after leaving the above voice mail, Tim Carroll follows it up with the below text messages:

Monday, July 29, 2019

A Word About Comments and Spam

After all these years of spam free comments, I've noticed that they are beginning to appear here.
click picture to enlarge

So far, they've all been from Bangladesh. I will delete them every chance I get but in case I miss one, please do not click on any link in a comment unless you're sure that it is legitimate.

Spam is pretty easy to recognize once you know what one is:

 Blogger Email Comment Notification:
This should give you an idea of what to be suspicious of, here and elsewhere.

If you have any questions comments or concerns please do not hesitate to email or leave a voice mail.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tim Carroll Resurfaces as a Cactus Farmer/Salesman "Texas Exotic Cacti"

Tim Carroll recently sent VTC&CCC the following text:
Hey little buddy, tell me little man, how does it feel to lose?
Your a fool, I used the fuck out of you and you never even knew it lol.
Hey knuckle fuck! Anyone care whether you live or die? Jajajaja, I have met some freaky people in my life but you? Holy shit freaky and stupid as Hell!
I do want to thank the fuck up for helping me finally get rid of the baggage.
Hey anus, your car still sits on my property, I thought by now you would have taken the ugly fucking thingYes I still own it all.
Life has been so grand to me and my new wife, and Mexico is my home, every time I go out on the Sea in our cabin cruiser, I think of the asshole who made it all possible, ol Edward Finikin man, Ja!
Good damn I took you for one hell of a ride and being numb from the neck up you played the role perfectly!! Whoop, Whoop!
I hated Cadillacs and I hated my pretend wife you were exploiting, jajajaja!
My wife is the most beautiful Hispanic lady I could ever desire, so thank you from my heart for freeing me from the shackles of your girl.Carolyn and the cars I hated so much
Sorry you lost, the next time you set out to destroy a man, make sure he is not Cartel
I will grant you life due to helping me end the life I hated and for making possible the life I love today
Say hi to Mom for me and live the life I am letting you live
For now, later dude, I am about to take my real wife out on a cruise
PS Keep the blog up G it is entertaining. Jaja!
Thanks again chief.
You friend Tim
The interesting part is that the text came from telephone number 323-251-5764.
A google search of that number 323-251-5764, leads us to a website, "Texas Exotic Cacti" which is currently using that number.

Internet Archive link:

A whois lookup to learn to whom the website is registered is shows that the registrant info is hidden.

The only information that the website contains is that it is a "Plant Nursery in the Hudspeth County Region, located on our beautiful West Texas Ranch. Servicing Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Open 24 hours."

Elsewhere it states that it is "Family owned an [sic] operated since 1964."

Why would a legitimate company that claims to be 'family owned' for some 55 years not list the name of the family? Why no physical or mailing address? Why no way to order plants from the website -- just a generic cell phone number, area code 323 is Los Angeles, California by the way, as the only point of contact? 

I guess that we'll learn the answers to those questions and more when folks who've attempted to do business with Carroll start arriving here and leaving comments, emails, voice mails, texts and the like.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Collin County, Texas Sheriff Office Contact Info

VTC&CCC was recently forwarded an email between a Victim and an Investigator from the Collin County, Texas Sheriff's Office: Criminal Investigation Division, concerning Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac. The Victim is someone unknown to this blog -- in other words, the Victim never contacted us -- which is fine -- I'm just trying to provide some context.

The email is reproduced below. Note VTC&CCC did not receive the photographs mentioned:
Tim has essentially gone out of business. He is being evicted from his rental property, and as far as I can tell, he hasn’t really done any work on cars for the past several weeks. I have absolutely no idea what condition your vehicle is in. For all I know, the engine is completely out.  I did take a couple of photos when I was out there (attached).

Another car owner has inquired about criminal charges against Tim. Texas law is pretty clear, when you have a verbal or written contract with someone to do work and they at least begin the work, then it is a civil matter. So, Tim can be sued in civil court if you’re interested in trying recover anything you’ve lost.

In the meantime, I thought you may want to come recover your vehicle. You will have to make arrangements to do that, as the SO cannot get involved in civil matters. However, if you’ll let me know when you’ll be in town, I can go out there with you to make certain everything remains calm. I also have Tim’s wife’s number, as she has been very helpful in allowing us onto the property.

Let me know. My contact info appears below.

Inv. Steve Goodman, CFE
Criminal Investigation Division
Collin County Sheriff’s Office
4300 Community Ave.
McKinney, TX 75071
972.547.5100 Main
972.547.5113 Direct
Obviously, the good news is that the local cops are aware of what The Carroll's have been up to.

My complaint is that Texas law considers this type of activity a "civil matter." What kind of society do we live in, which encourages cops and district attorneys and the court system to go after YOU with every resource available to them for driving 5,10,15 or miles over the speed limit when you haven't injured anyone or for not wearing a seat belt or any other number of victimless crimes (a victimless "crime" is a crime where there is no injured party. A crime requires a corpus delicti), yet allows someone to set up shop and rip off many people from all over the country to the tune of thousands of dollars to respond, 'it's a civil matter.'

Who writes these laws? Why are they encouraging this type activity? What's to discourage anyone with a criminal intent from setting up shop and ripping off people from all over the country (actual injured party and a corpus delicti) -- when they know there's no risk of criminal liability and not much risk of being sued by someone who lives thousands of miles away?

I'm not picking on just Texas as I've stumbled across this "it's a civil matter" nonsense right here in Louisiana. All states are probably pretty much the same. 

We deserve higher quality people serving in state legislatures.

OK that's my rant. If you're a Victim please contact the cop listed above. Although it likely won't result in any criminal charges at least they will begin to understand the scale of this scam. Who knows, they may know a Fed or someone who might be interested in following up.  

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tweet from @fbi

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac - Funky Fingers Production?

Source: YouTube
See if you can count how many times the chain collides with this Cadillac.

"I just want my car." "BAM"

Reminder Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac Civil Fraud Trial on 14 August 2017

Tim Carroll's civil fraud trial is scheduled to be held at 9 a.m. on Monday, 14 August 2017, before Collin County Justice of the Peace-Judge, Jerry Shaffer.

All Victims and other interested parties are encouraged to attend.
City Courthouse
Suite A
406 Raymond Street
Farmersville, Texas

It'd also be helpful if you'd contact Princeton and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas media and ask them to look into this matter.

A few suggestions are:

VTC&CCC will attempt to follow this story and update with any new developments.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

UPDATED Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac Having a "Going Out of Business Sale"

Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac, currently, 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas, previously, Ridgefield, Washington, recently added two videos to his Tim Carroll/CCC YouTube channel.

The first video, which has a run time of two minutes, three seconds, is titled "2007 Customized Yamaha V STAR 650."
Click picture to enlarge

Check out the number of Carroll's subscribers -666- think someone is trying to tell you something?

According to the video narration, its meant to be an "up close and personal" video of the motorcycle before Carroll starts it up and drives it. Looks like the license plate tag expired in February, 2017.

The second video, has a run time of six minutes, thirteen seconds, is titled "MVI 0041."

In this video Tim Carroll starts off stating that "Its been sitting here for a couple of hours, but it's a nice warm day today, so it should start right up. I just tried it a minute ago and it fired right up." Are you smart enough to figure out what Carroll, probably inadvertently, did right there?

Tim Carroll's video's speak for themselves and you're of course encouraged to view them all.

One thought that occurred to me, is why is Tim Carroll spending all this money on this motorcycle including the customization, such as the custom foot pegs and ordering special leather saddle bags and a leather tank cover from "London, England" when he knows he owes so many people so much money? Where is our money?

After seeing those videos it wasn't that hard to find Carroll's craiglist.org advertisement and that's where things get interesting...

Carroll announces from his craigslist ad [archive.is link] that "We are having a moving sale." Further down Carroll writes, "We are running out of time to sell off many things!" He ends with, "We are leaving soon so I don't have time to wait. Must sale (sic) quick!"

Is this is a legitimate move or Tim Carroll apparently pulling a fast one...again? Why didn't he announce his move way in advance, for instance, from his Facebook or CCC website?

Indeed, on 20 June 2017 at 3:08 pm Carroll posted to the CCC Facebook that "[A]ll is good and we are moving forward!!" This was nearly 26 hours after he had posted the craigslist.org advert!

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UPDATE: Monday, 03 July 2017 1255 CDT
Click picture to enlarge
Source: craigslist.org Mechanic Shop going out of business sale! Too much to list! archive.is link: http://archive.is/b9Fj5
Ad copy:
I am asking 50k for everything including parts! I will consider all offers!!!
I am leaving and to down size asap! So check it out and make an offer.

I am the owner of a Cadillac only private shop and company!
Life is changing and I am going to sell off everything!

I have tech tools for computer diagnostics' car lift to parts washer!
Everything is going! If your interested in what I am selling call me!

The shop I have now I just built, it is an all metal building and I am selling it too!
I also have a 45 foot container parts house!

I am asking serious buyers to stop by and examine the things we have and make offers.
This is the real deal, a greater starter package for those who are going into the business and need to start up.

My name is Tim, my number is 940-395-9839

Monday, June 19, 2017

UPDATED Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll Caught Lying About 1966 Cadillac Coupe Photo

Recently, Tim Carroll/Carroll Custom Cadillac, 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas, "updated their cover photo," on Facebook, to a photo of a 1966 Cadillac Coupe.

Click photo to enlarge

In a comment dated 24 September 2012, Carroll writes: "Yes, this same Cadillac is in my back yard! How beautiful is that?" In another comment dated 04 February 2013, Carroll writes that it's a "'1965 Coupe Deville with a 429." I guess Carroll didn't read the Barrett-Jackson description because they note that it's 1966 Coupe DeVille with a 425.

However, a simple Google Image Search of the photo in question reveals that it was likely first posted to the Internet back in 2009 on the Barrett-Jackson website where it was being auctioned off in Palm Beach, Florida.

This same photo has also been uploaded to various Pinterest accounts, under various descriptions.

Of course this Cadillac was never in Tim Carroll's "back yard." If it was then why didn't he take his own photographs? Why download a photograph from off the Internet and attempt to pass it off as your own? This is just another example of how you can't believe or trust anything Tim Carroll says.

UPDATED 30 June 2017 1621 CDT
Today, Tim Carroll apparently found this post for the first time or finally chose to respond to it.

First, Carroll left one of his classic addle-brained comments which he promptly deleted.

Fortunately, VTC&CCC receives an email of each comment as they are posted. His comment is copied and pasted in the comments section below.

Screen shot of the comment email. Click picture to enlarge:

Next, Carroll took to the CCC Facebook where he posted another bunch of nonsense.

From what I can gather from this, Carroll's latest wackiness, is another failed attempt of his to manufacture an excuse, this time from the definition of the word "same."

While it's true that "same" can mean "alike" or "duplicate" it can also mean "exactly like" or "one and the same." One must look at the context it was used in order to form an opinion as to what exactly the writer meant by its use.

In Carroll's comment of 24 September 2012 at 4:45 pm, he wrote: "Yes, this same Cadillac is in my back yard! How beautiful is that?" Emphasis added.

It must be noted that Carroll wrote this comment to no one in particular.

The point is, how could any reasonable minded person read the comment and not interpret it that Carroll meant that "this same Cadillac [that's in the picture here] is in my back yard!"?

Carroll could have just as easily wrote that "This picture I found on the Barrett-Jackson website is of another Cadillac that I want mine to be like." Carroll, however, didn't do that. In my opinion, based upon personal first hand knowledge he didn't because everything that Tim Carroll does is based upon deception and to deceive.

Turning now to Carroll's Facebook post:
Click picture to enlarge
The text of Carroll's post isn't really worth addressing any further than what I already have in this update.

I will comment on the series of six photographs that Carroll placed in the post. The photo's are of some old camper with a car hauler attached with an old Cadillac sitting on the car hauler. 

Clearly, Carroll's posting of these photographs prove nothing. This could be anyone's car he was hauling around. They do not prove that this Caddy ever belonged to Tim Carroll.

You really need to do your due diligence before you get involved with this person. Ask to see his business license. Ask to see his insurance and phone the insurer to make sure it is valid and in force. Ask for his business Tax ID Number. Ask for (more than one) references and call them. If you have Facebook message people who've left comments that seem to have been customers of his and ask them what happened.

Explore every page of the CarrollCustomCadillac.com website and you'll find lots of instances of content and claims that just don't add up.

Ask yourself, is this how a normal person would do business? Is this how you would do business?

Don't get Tim Carroll'd. It's not a fun place to be.

New Ripoff Report Tim Carroll Carroll Custom Cadillac

Tim Carroll a human pothole on your highway of life...read more

Check out this other Ripoff Report about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac

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Tim Carroll To Deliver My Eldo at "Front Door" Part 2

Hello again; Your friendly blogger here. You might want to read Part 1. Out of the blue, on Tuesday afternoon, 30 May 2017, I received the following two emails from Tim Carroll, front man of the Carroll Carroll Custom Cadillac scheme. I wasn't inside at the time that Carroll sent them or I would have replied quicker.
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac carrollnorthstar@live.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 17:03
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: ASS!

I have been planning my closing since 2015 and you did nothing to interfere with it except keeping me telling the truth?

Now your alone! You have nothing left to chase to make a name for your sickness!~ I am exiting all this, but I plan to see you soon !

I am arranging all cars to be taken out of here, but yours I plan to deliver in person! You will stand before me and explain yourself in detail before I render a verdict for you? NO man has the right to do what you have done an not given the chance to explain, I will give you that.

I am pulling your car out tonight to bring to you!

I am not sure when I am heading to you, but it will be made live.
For some reason or other, Carroll has always had my surname mispelt in his emails. My initial thoughts were Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard this before.

Then I thought, get a load of this guy saying that he's coming to my house and that I will stand before him and explain myself in detail before Carroll renders a verdict for me.

A verdict? Really? I suppose Carroll's intent was to terrify me?

I didn't reply to this email because there was a second newer email:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac carrollnorthstar@live.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 17:25
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: On my way!

Loading up your car now!

This one I did reply to:
From: chevail at msn.com . chevail@msn.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 18:50
To: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Subject: Re: On my way!

it better be running and in the condition that I paid you for. I have camera's too.

Here it is going on 20 days later and Tim Carroll still hasn't shown up at my house.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, at 1649 CDT, shortly before Carroll sent the two emails he made the following post to the CCC Facebook:

Click picture to enlarge

Notice how Carroll allowed the location of Princeton, TX, to be included with this post, when normally he doesn't include location information.

Carroll published his Facebook post at 1649, and fifteen minutes later sent me the first email.

I guess when I didn't reply quick enough, he sent the "On my way!" email 24 minutes later.

I can't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't see this Facebook post until the next day. I am sure that when I did see the post, I thought that it was after the fact (after 30 May), due to Carroll's statement that he's going to turn my Caddy over to the Collin County Sheriff's Office.

Of course it's yet another Carroll lie that my Eldorado is ready for me to retrieve because Carroll has never completed the repairs and modifications for which he was paid in full.

Carroll is lying about turning it over to the Sheriff too, because he can't. Like I said, he's been paid in full for a job that he refuses to complete.

What's more, Carroll refuses to give me an accounting for the money that I've paid him and an accounting of the condition of my Cadillac.

So what's Carroll going to tell the Sheriff? If Carroll tells the Sheriff the truth and we all know Tim Carroll avoids the truth like a vampire avoids sunlight, they should instantly arrest him.

If Carroll tells them anything else it would be a lie and in my opinion the equivalent of making a false police report. Who knows, there could also be some other criminal liability in there too such as, filing a false public record/injuring a public record.

I know that the Collin County Sheriff has been contacted by at least three Victims regarding Carroll's suspicious activity.

It follows that they should be, must be, aware that something's not right at 3355 Rooster Lane and if the Sheriff's Office hauls my Caddy off without doing their due diligence, I'd seriously consider suing them. At least it'd get the Sheriff's and his lawyers attention.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ernie From Lubbock

Had a chat with Ernie the other day. Finally, about a month or so ago and after many months he got his Cadillac back from Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Ernie told me that:
Everything worked fine before I sent my Cadillac to Carroll, except for the blown head gasket. After I got my car back from Carroll it appeared to have been underwater at some point as anything that required an electrical current didn't work. There was water standing in the spare tire area with rust forming on the spare. Radio would cut on and off. Oil light flickering on and off. Windows not working etc.
Anyone who follows the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook will know who I talked to. The outrageous part is that Ernie publically defended Carroll with many comments on the CCC Facebook, once even referring to me as Carroll's "nemesis," and this is the way Tim Carroll paid him back.

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Texas Cadillac Northstar Fraudster Tim Carroll back on his "Homosexual" Kick Again

On Sunday, 28 May 2017, Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac after leaving a bizarre comment here, went on about an hour later at 1807 CDT, to write and publish the below post to the CCC Facebook account:
 Click picture to enlarge

Tim Carroll has pulled this stunt before, back in February 2017, which I addressed here.

Is Tim Carroll or anyone else reading and following all this, really dumb enough to mistake what started out as my blogging about the way Tim Carroll defrauded me and then when others started contacting me with similar reports, many of which are posted here on VTC&CCC -- as some sort of romantic come-on? I mean, Really?

Carroll says that I'm a homosexual "who has been stalking [him] for several years," yet when Carroll phoned me back on 05 November 2016, he didn't mention any of this. Why?

In my opinion, what Tim Carroll is really up to, is he's trying, by attempting to make an example out of me, to send a message to anyone else out there that he's defrauded into remaining silent by intimidation. 

For example, if you read the texts that he sent to the guy who is currently suing Carroll in the Collin County, Texas, Justice of the Peace Court, he texted "this would make a good story" and how Carroll would "write it up."

Another example, is the lengthy voice mail he left a "client" that he'd had a disagreement with. He promised that person that:
I'll definitely make it to where everybody will know who you are and why you did it and how, you know, ungrateful you are [...] everybody will know your name. Every other mechanic out there is gonna know who you are and be careful to deal with you. I'll write a full-blown page on it..."
You can believe whatever you want but if you're considering using Carroll Custom Cadillac, you should ask yourself what if you have a disagreement with Carroll -- is this really what you want? Besides being out of thousands or dollars and possibly your Cadillac, to also be doxed and lied about online?
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