Monday, February 13, 2017

Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll's Latest Facebook Brain Fart

Just for the record, I'am not homosexual, (or to be clear bisexual) but even if I was, which I'm not, that still does not give Tim and Carolyn Carroll the right to steal my money and car.

Even if I were homosexual, and I'm not, it didn't make any difference to Carroll when he was getting my money now did it?

Down at the bottom of this Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook post, The Carroll's "partner in crime," Ivan Robles, chimes in with some sort of comment in support. If you peruse down Ivan Robles Facebook you can't help but notice that he posts a lot about what must be his love and glorification of narcotics, guns the 'thug life,' and his support of illegal immigration.

Why won't he bother to post where he gets his qualification to be a so called 'Master Cadillac Tech' rather than his glorification of violating U.S. and Texas Law as well as his active encouragement of others to do so as well?

I also dispute Tim Carroll's allegation that I am "stalking" him. Carroll is a public figure and I along with many others are speaking out on an issue of immense public concern.

At first I thought that Ivan Robles was probably a decent fellow who like so many of us had fallen prey to Carroll's lies. Now I've seen enough to form the opinion that Robles is a willing participant in The Carroll's many misdeeds.

Of course anyone with two working brain cells can see all this but I thought I would point it out anyway.

Are these really the sort of people you want to get your money or their hands on your Cadillac?

Look what they're doing to me -- it could very easily be you.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Carroll Custom Cadillac's "Master Cadillac Tech" Ivan Robles Posts Vulgar Anti Donald J Trump & American Facebook Rant

White American Man are you still dumb enough to send your money or Caddy to this place?

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Ivan Robles
2 hrs ·Friday, February 10, 2017 at 12:43pm

Fuck each and everyone of ya Trump loving pussys. Just like you stand up for what u believe in, so Do I. I could give a fuck what you think or say, if ya don't like it ya have a fair chance to delete me. Fuck all ya racist cry baby ass pussies, all ya do is cry over how ur government fucks you, but yet blame it on the people that can work you under the table and make you look like shit no matter what job it is. You try to blame the wrong people for what your government does to you. Most of ya wouldn't even last an hour doing what my raza does for this country. But yet ya are the first ones to talk shit and say to round them up ,when it's really about fear to reality and most ya know it. Want say you got fucked by the immigrant that literally wipe your ass. Ready for all the wrong changes you joke about on the down low. Claim your so good and pure but I know for sure ya down low looking for one of my Mexicans to hook you up with something when them beers hits ,Hypocrites!!!! All ya ain't bout shit and just looking for a excuse to get paid for what you know damn well ya ain't capable of doing .It is what it is and I might not make any since to most of ya ignorant fucks, but deep inside like that government dick that fucks you everyday ya feel me. Fuck all ya especially those that grew up around my jente and now feel ballsy Build that wall and deport and destroy all the families for your fear and laziness. When it's all set and done build your own America #FreeMymothafuckingbroNacho #fuckimmigration #fuckallyaracistfucks #deportingtheinnocent #mirazastandup

Word of the raids quickly circulated among immigrants, activists and on social media, creating such widespread panic in immigrant communities that a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said the department had decided to take the unprecedented step of confirming some details of the raids while the raids were ongoing. 
But immigration activists said Friday that they had documented ICE raids of unusual intensity in the last 48 hours in Vista, Pomona and Compton, Calif.; Austin, Dallas, and Pflugerville, Texas; Alexandria and Annandale, Va.; Charlotte and Burlington, N.C.; Plant City, Fla.; the Hudson Valley region of New York; and Wichita, Kan.
There were also reports of ICE checkpoints, targeting immigrants for random ID checks, in North Carolina and in Austin. Click here to read more

UPDATE: Welcome Ivan Robles Facebook Friends 

UPDATE-2 2155 CST 11 February 2017
Tim Carroll, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest liars, swindlers, fraudsters and cheats most folks have ever come across, calls me a racist. Excuse me while I LMAO.

Okay finished. Here's your answer: So What.

Below is a screen grab of the current Facebook profile picture of Carroll's wife and erstwhile Carroll Custom Cadillac "office manager," Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll aka Carrie Ann Carroll. This picture is of their property there in Princeton, Texas, where the CCC shop is also located:

Wait. What is that I see displayed prominently in the Carroll's front yard? Why that's a huge Rebel Flag. Many say that this flag is a hate symbol. What is going on here? Is this more evidence of Carroll talking out of both sides of his mouth?
Thank's for helping spread the word about Tim Carroll. YUUUGE Traffic day. 432 views for this post alone and rapidly climbing.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tim Carroll's Phony Facebook Praise

If you've noticed Tim Carrol's, Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook goes up and down like a see-saw.

Today after it came back online Carroll has posted what he must represent to be a positive email from a "Steven Fipps":
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The first thing you should wonder is if "Steven Fipps" is a real person?

Next, notice how he writes that he has "complete faith in your abilities and fortitude." then goes on to write that Carroll is "a man of [his] word" and is looking forward to the completion of whatever Carroll says he's doing to his 2002 STS.

Only a fool would listen to someone who hasn't went through the whole process with Carroll.

"Mr. Fipps," if he's even real, probably doesn't have a clue when he's going to get his Caddy back. He definitely doesn't know what shape it will be in when and if he does.

In my opinion, the "selfish, naive, ignorant, individuals" here is "Steven Fipps" and Tim Carroll. "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" ~ Prophet Isaiah.

Next a fellow, Scott T. McCarthy, from Wakefield, Massachusetts chimes in with what's in my opinion a very asinine comment,
"See Tim there are alot of good people who know who you REALLY ARE! Keep the faith!" 

Mr. McCarthy isn't qualified to make such a statement either. He's had no dealing with Carroll.  Indeed, just recently he was attempting to sell his Eldorado on Ebay and in its description clearly states that,
"The reason I am selling is it has 2 Blown Headgaskets, I was going to replace the engine and have some other custom work done by a company in Texas that specializes in Cadillacs! Unfortunately for me I would not be able to do this for a couple of years!"  
Then incredibly, goes on to recommend to whomever purchases it to use Carroll Custom Cadillac!

So be a smart fish. Do your research before you take the bait. Don't fall for Tim Carroll Tall Tales and the words of a few of his useful idiots.

All Tim Carroll is selling is a dream that quickly turns into a nightmare.

UPDATE 10 May 2017: Carroll has deleted this Facebook post! This is just another example of his deceptiveness.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tim Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac Reviews - Ben

Publisher's Note: Ben is the person I posted about Carroll mocking him on Facebook.

My block was cracked after having it for 3 weeks. I was constantly strung along for 5 months . I was manipulated and my car came back with the front headlight hanging out when I got home. I paid to have it resealed and have the block studded and there was oil leaking and dexcool leaking out of it within weeks I spent over 4000$ dollars and that is what I got . I constantly asked for the receipt which was never given . I would not have sent my car had I known it was gonna take almost 6 months and return damaged . My money was essentially taken from me .

Some Related Posts

Tim Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook Reviews - Kerry

Tim is a great "promiser"...until he has your money. And, he's no "expert". Once I finally got my motor back, I had to spend another thousand dollars just to run down and fix his screw ups. One thing was that there is a metal rod that fits into the camshaft gear and excites the sensor for the camshaft positioning. We had to tear down the engine to find out that he had installed this sensor gear on the intake rather than the exhaust side...which is where it needs to be to function. Until that signal is given to the computer, the engine will not run at optimum. Such a rookie mistake. Then, when I approached him to participate in the cost to correct it, Tim The Coward wouldn't even respond. As they say in Texas, he's all hat and no cattle. Don't believe his line of crap to get you to send money..."I'm a Christian"..." my word is good"..."I am THE Northstar expert". I now have over $7 Grand invested in a motor that I have no confidence in. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that he just cleans up junkyard engines and ships them. 

You have been warned. Tim is not a man you want to do business with. His work, his word, and his business practices are all suspect. No, suspect is not the right word. I don't just "suspect"...I know from experience. This guy is a piece of work...and feel free to substitute the word "work" for any other 4 letter word which comes to mind

Billy McNeill Thanks for posting this, this type of mistake should not be possible if the engine is tested on an engine stand after it is built. I saw on the CCC site that this engine came from the scrap yard, and it is rebuilt and not run to check for knocks, oil pressure, and to see it run? I guess this shop doesnt have an engine test stand, not a good practice, so as a result the owner needs to debug it.
John Carroll So you tell me just one engine company on earth that had not made a mistake and then took care of it! The only issue that caused Kerry to get angry was a lapse in communication, a few days past and he felt he was being ignored and was apologized too! In the work that I do my guy's can and will occasionally make mistake's. This is no different then this? Should he be fired? What kind of people do these things? I know that the bill has been sent to CCC for full coverage so stop! CCC is always been a place to trust, unless you slander CCC as you did here, but CCC will stand behind and take care of the issue or problem or cost of repair!. Let CCC and Kerry take care of his Cadillac I don't think you are the one who warranties CCC's engines and yes they are supreme engines, this is apparently a first in this company to have this happen, and it was not intentional OR because the guy who made the mistake is an idiot, he is actually very good and has never made a mistake like this EVER! He is very sorry, but CCC will cover the cost, whether Kerry takes this down or not! It will be shown on here as soon as the repair payment is sent out!

Billy McNeill The engine was not assembled correctly and did not run correctly that is fact and it cost Kerry money to resolve. There is no more to say.

Another Carroll Custom Cadillac, Tim Carroll Facebook Review - Donna


Mr. Carroll how dare you behave as if you are a Christian!! I've met some pretty shady people in my life but never have I been treated like you treated my husband and I. Carrolls custom Cadillacs my ass!!!

More like Carrolls Cadillac Cemetery- where good cars go to die!! When my car was sent to you the ONLY problem was a knocking in the engine from driving through a puddle. Now all of the sudden after 4 MONTHS OF NOTHING!!! The transmission is cracked, which is hilarious since I drove it to where the tow truck got it to bring to you and it had ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NEIN PROBLEMS shifting the whole 5 MILES!!!

You cussed out my insurance company for calling you after 4 MONTHS OF NOTHING to see when you'd be done working on my car. Blamed them for payment not being received when it took you 3 TRIES TO GET THEM THE RIGHT TAX ID NUMBER!!! Who doesn't know the right tax id number?! I'm sure that's a pretty important piece of info.

Then you email my husband and tell him we messed up calling my insurance to get an update? Talked about all about the "extra" you did on the car. It's funny how those "extras" you claimed came out of your pocket were actually covered under the initial claim.

Did you think that we would be intimidated by that one lame attempt to bully us? NO SIR!!!!

After extensive research into you and not your company I uncovered quite a few horrible things. I will leave most of them out since they are more personal and not business related, but I will mention the business parts.

I will do my best to keep anyone else from suffering under your childish bullying and slander of people and companies. Please feel free to put my personal info out there. I welcome the chance to show your "supporters" the extensive emails and texts we have from you proving everything I will say. It's not slander if it's true sir.
On a side note- how many times are you going to talk crap about the guy with eldo? From my research it seems you've had that car about 2 years. You've painted it so many times it's probably bullet proof.

I wish I could give no stars to this shop!!!

Just an update to my previous post: after Tim read my review he began to harass my husband and threaten him. When he did not back down he began to threaten him with "real estate" fraud, I'm sure he meant insurance. I find that funny since he said he beefed up the estimate to "help" us.


He then stated on here that my husband was using my name when he wasn't. Both of us responded to that and the responses have since been deleted.

Thank god we screen shot those things. If I could include a picture here I would.

This man has absolutely no morals or ethics. He has blocked us from being able to respond to his accusations and give us the right to defend ourselves.

For someone who slanders others under the guise of personal defense I would think he would welcome the chance to prove us wrong. To vindicate himself in the public eye.

I'm sure he will write a web page, give out our personal information, and slander us some more. That's ok. We have nothing to hide, we will not be bullied, and we will defend ourselves just as he will.

However we have proof to back us up as well as a long line of other people he has done wrong. He may be able to delete comments but this review will be here for all to see and to help in saving some people some money and aggravation.

He talks about others wanting to add strife and drama into their lives but if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have that. We would have our car that was sent to him and it would have been done properly and in a timely manner.

We have not attacked him personally just his business practices and his claim to being a good Christian. He has attacked us and others personally and bullied us for expressing our distaste in his business which is our God given legal right!!

Please don't be fooled by his excuses and sob stories. I too have been through many of the same things and they are not excuses for bad behavior or being a shady thief. They are moments to grow and become a better version of yourself, not a schister.

Tim Carroll Cusses Facebook Reviewer - Jerry

Publisher's Note: Never pay Tim Carroll or one of his phony companies, by cash or money order or check or bank wire. If you've noticed as of this date he no longer has any credit card processing company. This is not because of anything that I've done. It must be because the banks are now familiar with how he operates. Once Carroll gets your money he will tell you to sue him which explains why he always mentions 'legal recourse' like below, when you finally demand to know what's going on.
Jerry Devins reviewed Carroll Custom Cadillac1 star
June 25, 2016 ·Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 6:48pm
I purchased his studs in the pass several different times with no problems. In the year 2015 I attempted to purchase more head studs but was unsuccessful in doing so for reasons unknown. It's possible that he went out of business, I have no idea but his website is still up. In the month of June year 2016 I was finally able to get in contact will Carroll about the head studs. I made the purchase , $335 dollars through Pay Pal which he suggested instead of using my debit or credit card as I did in the past with no problems. The very next day after the purchase he sent me a long email saying that he had fired PayPal because of a problem that he had with a former client who paid through PayPal. Was told to call PayPal and ask for my money back which I did. Was told by Carol that the method of payment that he wanted me to do was purchase by, number 1 cashier's check, 2 a MoneyGram 3 he left me his accounting and routing number to a business of his which he wanted me to send the money to.. All these methods all unsecured methods I'm making a payment. There's no way you can recover your money if he doesn't deliver the product. This is nothing but a scam and he's probably no longer in business. So if anyone out there I.s looking to do business with him make sure you do your research.

Carroll Custom Cadillac What in the hell is wrong with you asshole! Just because I fired PayPal for forcing my clients to become account holders is my business not yours asshole! Don't come into our world of Cadillacs and say BS to our fans! I have no reason to sell studs to any man dick head! I do it for the love of the car and to help assholes such as yourself! you will no longer be able to purchase our products so have fun with Jake or better yet go back to serts! How dare you get on our site and speak ill of what I offered you! Only an idiot would think such Bull shit! How damn stupid does a man have to be to think for one moment you are not getting invoices for security on your part! Or too damn stupid to know in American we have legal recourse which you cannot get in Canada! But the hell with you! You are permanently cut off from ever receiving studs from us, now or in the future.

Billy McNeill This is the way you treat customers?
John Carroll NO Sarc! This is retribution for knowingly slander us! It is well know I quit to end the feud between Jake an I! However, Jake's recent attack ended it and our studs are back and will remain!

Billy McNeill So you call former customers assholes, dick heads and call their concerns bullshit, got it......and so should future customers. As usual, you twist the story, PayPal dropped you, you didnt drop PayPal, call it what you want if it makes you feel better. I can get the details if you would like. Jerry, did not like paying you cash, who could blame him, without having recourse and you rip into him..... oh that is good business practice. Nothing more to say here. I guess the customer isn't always right at the world famous CCC.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nice Email VTC&CCC Recently Received

date: Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 6:43 PM
subject:Carroll Custom Cadillac Concerns
Hello. I recently Googled "Carroll Custom Cadillac" and found your site. I dug around on both your site, and the CCC website and found that he has your address, phone number, and email publicly posted. I just figured I'd write you to let you know this. I'm sorry he ripped you off, but you've also successfully lost him a customer. Good luck with your fight. I hope his business collapses.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Ripoff Report Tim Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac Oct 2016

Here's a Ripoff Report filed by more folks who have been done wrong by Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac. While at one point the complainant mentions my experience with Carroll, I did not have a hand in its filing.

UPDATE: May 2017 Ripoff Report

Tim Carroll Has A Super Bowl Sunday Facebook Freakout

Are you smart enough to figure out the deception?

What Carroll has done is posted a series of undated, uncredited, and out of context photographs supposedly to somehow prove that he's an "engineer" but they do not prove anything.

For example, Carroll writes in a Facebook post here, that "You see, I have more then one degree!" OK, where did you get these degrees from? Why not post a scan of your diploma's? As usual what Carroll writes just doesn't add up.

In the same post he writes how this mysterious "we," built "53000 Government Metal stud green government houses for President Fox who was a very good friend of our company and my person!" OK, where in Mexico exactly is this housing development? What is it's name? What were the dates it was built?

Also, Carroll is a 'very good friend' of former Mexican president Vicente Fox? A man who hates America and American's, does not want the Mexican invasion of our country to end and who recently used Twitter, multiple times to cuss out our American president Donald J. Trump. Very telling.

In his next post he mentions "Haydon International." However, there's no such thing as Haydon International. There's Haydon Building Systems, out of Tucson, Arizona but it's been out of business for years.

In another post, he posts some grainy photo's of a building supposedly in Laughlin, Nevada,that Carroll calls his "prize creation," yet doesn't give the name of the building or it's address or the dates it was built.

I could go on and on but what's the point? Carroll is merely preying on your emotions. You're smart enough to see that right? In my opinion from my personal first hand experience with him, the only thing that Carroll truly excels at is the con.

The simple fact is that Carroll ripped me off and has ripped off many other folks as well. All the zany Facebook posts and cheesy photographs of Carroll's will not change that.