Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recent Chatter About Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac on an XLR Forum

The OP, "Big Duck," a Junior Member from Granbury, Texas, wrote on 08 June 2016, in the thread he titled "Rebuild an 2008 XLR-V," how he had recently purchased a 2008 Cadillac XLR-V with less than 10,000 miles which developed a knock. Upon closer examination he says that he found 'sparkles' in his oil and 'play' in Nos. 1 & 2 rod bearings.

The result was that he removed that engine and replaced it with a 'crate engine with supercharger.' Now, he wants to get the original motor rebuilt, for which he is asking if anyone knows of a reputable shop.

He also reports a problem and requests assistance with the car wanting to downshift in 4th gear when he 'stabs' it.

Around an hour later the Forum Member, "Fireduck69," from Northeast Pennsylvania, replied to 'highly recommend' Tim Carroll and left the url to the Carroll Custom Cadillac website:

Sixteen days later on 24 June 2016, Mad_Trbo, a Forum Junior Member from Dallas says that he had 'reached out' to Carroll but 'never heard anything back.'

"Big Duck" replied that day and said that he hadn't been able to contact Carroll either and renewed his request for help in finding a reputable 're-engine rebuilder.'

A little over two months later on 02 September 2016, "Big Duck" updates his thread to let everyone know that he'd 'been trying to establish phone communication with Tim Carroll since June with no luck.' He said he'd received some texts from Carroll in which Carroll wrote that 'he would love to work on the engine and would get in touch shortly' but never did.

He mentioned that Carroll had texted him that he was going to be on T.V. in an upcoming episode of "CarFix" about his head studs was the last thing "Big Duck" wrote.

Other than a rather cryptic comment by "GizmoQ" a Forum Supporting Member from St. Louis, Metro Area, Missouri, about 'Carroll Customs is my namesake, I don't consider him the best.' 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Interesting Thread About Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac on Caddyinfo Forum

I guess it was one night last week or the week before I was on caddyinfo and stumbled across a post titled, "Ac noise hot air." The OP, Ben ATX, has a 2000 Cadillac Eldorado ESC and started the thread wanting advice on an air conditioning problem.

He opens his post stating that he recently had his Caddy "repaired because of over heating." Then goes on to write rather ambiguously that "Yes it was the head gaskets." As you can see for yourself, he doesn't indicate if he had head studs, time serts, Norms inserts or gave any indication of who did the repair.

As caddyinfo members where trying to diagnose his ac probs, and the thread is unfolding, it begins to read like his engine is beginning to fall apart.

Over a period of time it comes out that none other than Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac or Pure Cadillac Service or Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's or whatever he's currently going by did the "repair."

Incredibly, around page 4., another CCC customer, CTS V, chimes in about his very recent and perhaps ongoing experience with Tim Carroll.

Where will it all end?   

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tim Carroll Double Crosser

Hello again, your friendly blogger here;  Back on 21 December 2015, I was contacted by email by Tim Carroll who apologized to me for his behavior and promised to repair my Caddy and return it to me in a reasonable time. Here is is 11 September 2016 making 21 December, 265 days ago and still no car and I haven't heard from Carroll since early July.

Despite the passage of eight months and three weeks, for me, an agreement we made on 21 December was that I would take down this blog and he would remove clearly false and defamatory Facebook postings he had made about me.

I've shown to be false in earlier posts here at VTC&CCC.

Earlier today I am scrolling down the Carroll Custom Cadillac, Facebook to back this time last year to discover the posts in question have been restored.

It seems that Carroll must have been laughing at me so naive to believe him, again, remove the truth about him while he is still publicizing falsehoods about me.

Are you starting to get it? Are you starting to see the kind of person you're dealing with here?

He's left me no alternative but to set this blog to public in order to defend myself from his boorish and false claims which I in no uncertain terms dispute.