Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tim Carroll: 'Wind Come; Go Boom, UGH!"

Earlier this morning, Tim Carroll, in a Facebook post apparently in response to VTC&CCC's "Cody From Massachusetts," post, Carroll actually reveals that he stored "thousands of antique Cadillac parts" underneath a "temporary shop," which in my opinion, looks like one of those temporary party covers that I see my neighbors construct for their children's birthday parties.

Of course, in my opinion, you can't believe anything the man says or posts but we'll play along and say that you really have to question the judgment of a man who'd store all these, I guess, extremely valuable and probably irreplaceable parts in such a manner.

Of course Carroll now has the advantage of stringing that poor antique Cadillac owner along for months or years with his endless excuses and poor mouthing.  


Weather for 12 December 2015, Collin County, Princeton, Texas
Weather for 13 December 2015, Collin County, Princeton, Texas

Cody From Massachusetts: Tim Carroll/Carroll Custom Cadillac Sent Wrong Engine & Engine Sent Was Botched

I received a voice mail from Cody this afternoon. I phoned him back, he was at work so we didn't get to talk for long. Cody is "lucky" if you can call it that though. He only ordered a so called "rebuilt" engine from Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac or Pure Cadillac Service, LLC, or PCS or Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's or whatever "alias" Carroll is lately running under.

In other words his potential loss was $4,000 rather than $8,000 - $10,000 plus a botched Caddy.

The website page on "rebuilt" Northstar engines:

 click picture to enlarge
The Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook page displaying a photograph of Cody's alleged "rebuilt" engine:

Cody told me that "I was one of the people who tried to buy a motor from that guy." He went on to say that "he sent it to me and it was the wrong motor for my car."

"As soon as I got it I checked all the numbers on it and I looked at the number on the block, it didn't match up with the year of my car," he said.

"So you know it took me months to get that guy (Tim Carroll) on the phone and the only time I got him on the phone was when I told him I had an issue with the motor he sent me and he finally called me back."

Typical excuses begin   

"Carroll was like 'oh we crossed shipped the motor, you got the wrong one when you send that one on to the guy who needs it I'll get you yours' and there was no motor. Carroll never had another motor built."

Cody went on to say "So he was all nice and had an excuse 'Oh the storm wiped me out' and this and that and finally I said you know 'just refund me my money and I'll figure something else out'"

Cody said Carroll said that he couldn't give him his money all at once. "You'll have to take it in payments" Cody recalled Carroll remarking. Cody said that he responded to that "Well you got paid twice for the same motor you should got my money to refund." 

So, Cody told me, "I sent Carroll another email that said, 'Look if you can't refund my money, I'll just do a charge back on my card.' And as soon as I sent him that email Carroll got so ugly."

Cody said that he wouldn't "bite" at Carroll's ugliness and turned it over to his wife who did some research and turned it over to Paypal. "And she told Paypal what was going on, and she said 'it sounded like Carroll was trying to drag it out till it was too late for us to do anything about it.'

Cody said that Paypal "immediately turned it into a claim and they gave Carroll ten days to refund out money and they shut his Paypal account down. They locked it right up. And right after that happened that's when Carroll's Facebook page disappeared."

Cody continued that after all this happened Carroll sent him an email that said, 'You know I've got this motor sitting here but I'm not going to send it to you, you don't deserve it.'

Cody believes that this is Carroll's way of getting him to release the claim with Paypal because, according to Cody (I've never used Paypal) after you release a claim you can't reinstate it. "You can only put one claim in and if you let that claim go, you're screwed," Cody explained.

In an email Cody received from Carroll just this Wednesday, 16 December 2015, Carroll was using the excuse that a 'storm had taken out his entire shop.' Cody said that "was the last straw for me. I said (to Carroll) refund me my money and I'll go figure something else out."

Cody said that Carroll replied that he would "have to do it (refund the money) in payments." To which Cody replied "either refund me all my money or I will do a charge back and as soon as I said that he got so mad."

Cody said that "Carroll writes these emails trying to make you feel like you're a bad person and Carroll is very arrogant."

Cody said that Carroll told him that "maybe if you apologize to me, I'll build your motor." Cody mused that he had paid him all this money he didn't owe him any apology. "Just give me my motor or my money."

Cody pointed out to me the same thing that Larri From Phoenix did, that Carroll uses the Internet to solicit people from far away. In other words the great distance means that you'd have to spend as much or more money that you're out, so folks just throw up their hands and give up.

Substandard Motor
Cody said that the motor that Carroll did send to him that he "inspected that motor pretty thoroughly -- I looked down inside the cylinders with a bore scope, and Carroll didn't replace any of the pistons, half of the pistons had big scorch marks in the top of them where they were overheated. It had the (head) studs in it, but that was the only thing. All the cams were all worn, he didn't regrind any of the cams. It was just like he took the motor apart, cleaned it,  put the studs in it and put it back together."

Cody said, "If I wouldn't have checked the numbers on that motor, I would have put it in my car and it wouldn't have run right -- if it ran at all -- it wouldn't have run properly, because it's not designed for a '96 car."

Cody said that he still had his original motor and planned to have someone local rebuild it.

Since we didn't get to talk but for a few minutes, I will probably be updating this post before long.

See also the share_your_story label in the footer of this post.

UPDATE: Tim Carroll: 'Wind Come; Go Boom, UGH!"

Saturday, December 19, 2015

FLASH: After Tweet From VTC&CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook Mysteriously Reappears

A tweet at 7:02 pm resulted in the CCC Facebook at around 10 pm CST, mysteriously reappearing? Can't wait to see what kinda Tim Carroll Tall Tales he's about to post....

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Fascinating Google Review Carroll Custom Cadillac

I noticed that VTC&CCC had a visitor arrive here today by googling "carroll custom cadillac." I decided to click on that referral link in order to get some sense into what this visitor was seeing. Below is one webpage that appears there:

click picture to enlarge

The Vincent Magallon reviewer, Tim Carroll has mentioned in the past as being one of his business "partners." Which leads me to wonder if Magallon doesn't have some sort of financial incentive for giving CCC such a glowing review. Just asking.

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Sound Familiar?

Baker, La., police say an unlicensed contractor was targeting older homeowners and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars of their money. He was arrested today on fraud charges.

Elizabeth Vowell is in the newsroom with more on this, Liz. Hey Donna, Tanweer Bhatti, he is the owner of Southern Siding, it's a construction company and now he is accused of swindling hundreds of thousands of dollars from elderly citizens in Baker.

Now all of his victims were over 60. They actually got to witness police escorting Bhatti to jail, just a few hours ago.

Police say Bhatti would promise construction work on homes, demand money upfront and then never finish the job he started in many cases. Victims told police their houses were left in shambles but the damage to the homes is actually just the start of what Beatty is accused of.

I'll tell you why many of these victims are now facing a money crisis all due to this scenario, on 9 News at 10. Elizabeth Vowell, WAFB, 9 News.   Source (Emphasis added)
However, the case doesn’t end there. Several victims claim Bhatti used their personal information to take out loans. The Louisiana Attorney General's office has an ongoing investigating into Bhatti for alleged mortgage fraud. more here

Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook Mysteriously Disappears

click picture to enlarge

Last night (18 December 2015), around 10:00 p.m., CST, the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook was down. As of the date and time of this post it's still down.

This has happened before. In July 2015, it went down for about a week before it was restored for a few days, then it was taken down again. This time it was down for several months.

Its restoration was around the same time that Carroll announced that he had sold the company to the mysterious "David Manning." In my opinion this person doesn't exist and was more deception on Tim Carroll's part.

Another thought that recently occurred to me is that Carroll has written many times how he has received all these "thousands and thousands" of emails and calls supporting him;

Yet -- VTC&CCC hasn't received not one email, or comment or call from anyone claiming to be supportive of Carroll. Think about it, isn't that odd? I realize that there is no way that I can prove this, so take it for what it's worth. However, someone could have emailed me and put Carroll's email address in the carbon copy (CC) line. Or left a comment, took a screen shot and sent it to Carroll. (For the record, I haven't deleted any comments).

One thing that I've learned in all this, is that most folks absolutely adore their Northstar System Cadillacs and those that have the means to, will spend huge (to me) sums of money to have them restored to A-1 condition. Of course Carroll knows this and has exploited it. 

Nevertheless, I have to wonder if there is anyone out there that Carroll has properly repaired their Cadillac. If so VTC&CCC wants to hear from you.

UPDATE: FLASH: After Tweet From VTC&CCC Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook Mysteriously Reappears   

Thursday, December 17, 2015

UPDATED Larri From Phoenix: Tim Carroll; Carroll Custom Cadillac Botched My Caddy & Vandalized It

Saturday, 12 December 2015, VTC&CCC received a voice mail from a gentleman in Phoenix, Arizona who wished to recount his horrible experience with Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Larri B.
Phoenix, Arizona
2001 Cadillac  STS

"I was reading your blog and everything you put in there -- Exactly what happened to me. Word for word."

"I shipped it down to him, the car was running. [Tim Carroll] was able to drive it off the trailer, but after six months, he actually had to push it on the trailer to send it back up up here because he couldn't get it to start."

"I'm really sorry that someone else got taken like I did."

"I sent it in the beginning of February (2015)  and went through the whole rigamarole of texting him, calling him, not there, no response and at the end [Tim Carroll] said that I was putting to much pressure on him and I needed to make arraignments to get my car back."

"When I got my car back, my tail lights were all cracked, the Northstar cover for the top of the engine -- not there."

Larri told me that Carroll had had his Caddy from 16 February - June 2015.

Since getting his Caddy back, Larri told me that he has had it two different "mechanic's places to see if anybody could figure it out." Meaning figure out just what Carroll did to his Caddy and believes that he will wind up having to have the engine completely torn down.

Larri told me that the car "turns over, gets fuel, won't start."

Tow to Texas and tow back to Phoenix, $1,600. Paid Carroll $5,500 in cash. and loss of car (value unknown) but out $7,100 minimum plus loss of car (had to buy another car) and more mechanic work. Maybe out $10,000 an counting. "It's just so frustrating." Larri told me.

"I saw your blog and it was like oh my God. It was like talking to somebody in the mirror."

Larri said that the head gasket in his Caddy was blown was the reason he sent it to Carroll but it was running. Got the Caddy back and not only was it not running but it appeared that Carroll had apparently vandalized it too. 

Larri told me that he had noticed that Carroll's Youtube videos and Facebook posts weren't consistent. In other words he would say one thing one time and the opposite thing the next.

Larri told me that he asked Carroll for pictures of his car as the work progressed but he never would send any. "Show me pictures of my car there with the engine out of it, instead of showing me pictures of an engine on an engine stand and a mangled up y-pipe that Carroll probably did himself."

Larri told me that he has saved and printed out all the text messages he had with Carroll and looking back it was just "story (excuse) after story."

As expected, Carroll uses wiring issue excuse. Everyone I've talked to has mentioned this

Larri said that Carroll's last text message to him "I'm thinking we got to get the computer in and if you could just send me a check..." Larry said "I called him back and said, I want to meet you and we solve this between us. I'll go pick up the new computer, whatever. The cash thing I don't want to do anymore unless it's something from my hand to your hand." In other words, in person.

Larri said that by this time "supposedly Carroll had replaced the computer twice, still wouldn't start, and then supposedly after that he had a buddy in the 'Cadillac Garage' there in town (Princeton, Texas) who was a tech expert, supposed to be the 'wizard of Northstar and Carroll took it there to the 'Cadillac Garage' and it ended up sitting there for a week, he couldn't figure it out either."

Larri told me he suspects that Tim Carroll has been able to get away with this for so long is because he takes in cars from out of state and its too much a hassle for the owners to do anything.

Larri said that we need to stick together and see if we can't figure something out to put a stop to this.

UPDATE: 08 September 2016. Spoke by phone on Tuesday, 06 September 2016 with Larri from Phoenix. As reported above, when he received his Cadillac it would not start. He took it to two mechanics and had to pay them to diagnose it, the diagnosis of which was that they didn't know what was wrong. Larri found a third mechanic, experienced with the Northstar System who discovered that Carroll had installed the wrong cam shaft.

Larri said that it cost him an additional $4,000 to repair the damage done by Carroll. Including having to replace the rear brake lights which were cracked from Carroll pushing against them with something like the front bumper of his truck and he had to replace the Northstar Engine Cover which Carroll kept and never returned.

Larri told me that after he got his car running again he phoned Carroll one day. No one answered the phone. Larri said he left a voice message for Carroll telling him he put the wrong cam shaft in his car and what all he was out and that he wanted to settle it. Carroll never returned his call. 

Larri's experience does end on a good note and in my opinion, a testament to the Northstar Engine. Late June, early July, 2016, he took his Caddy on a 6,000 mile road trip. From Phoenix, to Baltimore, Maryland, down through Virginia to South Carolina and back across the country to Phoenix. The alternator went out on the trip but he didn't attribute this to Carroll.
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Facebook Commenter Accuses Tim Carroll of Botching Caddy & Stealing Over $5,000

click picture to enlarge

Slowly but surely the truth about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac is coming out. Only question is what the hell does it take to get Texas and Federal law enforcement involved?

 Comment text:
Ruby Olson I thought I was having a professional work on my Caddy, it runs worse once you worked on it. Can't please everyone, but when we paid you over $5,000 one expects the job to done properly. Sounds like I'm not the only customer you that is not satisfied with your work. Glad I could help build your new home and stealing my money!
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Yep, Tim Carroll is a COC Violator

Hi again, your friendly blogger here. Regular readers of VTC&CCC are aware that sometime around 30 October 2015, Tim Carroll created or caused to be created a Twitter account in my name which he in turn was using to abuse and terrify me.

click picture to enlarge
I had to send a scan of my ID Card to Twitter which then launched an investigation1.

I received the results of that investigation this evening and now possess an official 3rd party opinion that Tim Carroll does in fact participate in abusive behavior.

1 Case# 24046435: Impersonation

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tim Carroll to Complete 1999 Eldo?


In a Facebook post this afternoon, Tim Carroll vows to complete the 1999 Eldorado. When? Who knows. Quite frankly I am very insulted by Carroll's statement that he has "good and decent" clients more deserving who come before me -- When I paid him in full in March 2014! So no this is unacceptable. We're now 624 days into this and no end in sight. Put my Caddy First, Tim Carroll ahead of everyone else.

That Saturday when Carroll met me in Tyler, Texas to look over a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, he spent over an hour inspecting it. Or pretending to. He started it. He drove it down the street from where it was parked at its owner's apartment complex to next door into the parking lot of a shopping mall where he had parked his truck and trailer.

Everyone had arrived by 11:15. Carroll saw us standing by the car and parked next door and walked back up. He looked over the car even looking for signs of painted over wreckage. Checked the alignment of the trunk lid. Talked to the owner about the history of the car and the owner's agent/friend who had worked on it.

click picture to enlarge

He had told me earlier in the week when we spoke by phone to set everything up that he'd charge me $200.00 to trailer it from Tyler to Pilot Point. I told him that would be fine and if he discovered that he couldn't fix it or it wasn't worth the agreed upon price or just not worth it, I'd still pay him the $200.00 for his time as a prepurchase inspection and I'd keep looking for an Eldo for him to do. He agreed.

Around 1:00 pm he told me that he could fix it and he'd take care of a few other things too such as the power antenna motor was tired and maybe a window motor. So the owner and his friend and I left to find a Notary. On the Bill of Sale the Notary wrote the time and it was around 1:20 pm.

We returned and loaded up, I paid him in cash and The Carrolls and I were leaving the parking lot by 2:00.

The point being that all Carroll's talk about this being a crap cadillac is a lie. He looked it over. Or pretended to. The only other explanation is that Carroll knew it was a crap cadillac that day in Tyler and let me purchase it anyway because he knew he could rip me off.

Anyway, he's never sent me any evidence of any of this being true. 

Later, when Carroll first contacted me to let me know what he claimed to have discovered a rotten PCM Wiring Harness, he asked me to have patience with him and he'd find one at the pick n pull. He implied that he went there a lot to buy motors and replacement parts.

He has had my Caddy since 01 March 2014. In August 2014, Carroll emailed me and said that it would be ready very soon. Then nothing.

I should have already printed out all of our emails but from memory it seems like it was around the first of this year (2015) that he started talking about a replacement car.

I told him, aww I wish you wouldn't do that and maybe a wiring harness would pop up any time.

Tim Carroll is telling an outright lie when he states that I insisted that any replacement car must be just like the one in question. I told him that if he wanted to do this then I would accept whatever substitute car he could find. I did ask that it not be pink or girly colored and be a Touring Coupe.

All the while I was telling him that I really didn't want him to purchase another car for me and that hopefully a replacement harness would turn up before long.

At some point he wrote that he could fix my Caddy after all. Then later he went back to his going to buy me one.

Time went on and no word. Carroll wouldn't respond to my emails requesting status updates. He wouldn't answer his phone when I would call during routine business hours.

Tim Carroll can continue to poor mouth himself all he wants. In my opinion most if not all of what he writes is untrue and absurd.

Carroll's Carrot & Stick Approach?

In this afternoon's Facebook post we once again see Carroll's promise to merely do what he was paid to do and said he could do and what he said he was doing all along.

I've addressed this before. All I want is what I paid Tim Carroll over $7,000.00 for: A Complete Overhaul; Carroll's Array of Mods, including, Honed YPipe, Unrestricted Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips, Cold-Air-Intake, the Volo Hi-Performance "Super' Chip, The Spark Plugs he recommended and charged me $90.00 for, The Dent on the RH Front Fender Removed and Fender Repainted, Paint Touch-ups on Back Bumper. And an accounting of the money and the Caddy.

If Carroll can do all that and deliver it to me by the 1st of the year, I will document the Cadillac's arrival with pictures and video as well as the test drive and post them here for all to see. I'd even start one of these blog things about this Eldo to let everyone know how it's performing.

I do not owe Tim Carroll any apology, nuts to that. I will give him credit when and if it's ever due.

Can or will Carroll deliver the promised overhauled and modified Eldorado by the first of the year (2016)? Stay Tuned.

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Should you warm up your engine before you drive?

With winter approaching1 I thought that I'd share a post that I sent around to family and friends several years ago about warming up your car engine before you drive.

John Elder Robison owner of J.E.Robison Service, Co in Springfield, Massachusetts specializes in antique motor cars of which many of these Northstar System Cadillacs are, or rapidly approaching.

In his short blog post, Robison takes the interesting approach of explaining from the engine's perspective what all takes place when an engine is started; how temperature makes metal expand and contract and the potential deleterious effects of placing a load on a cold engine.
If you don't have time to read it, just remember, year round:
The simple takeaway – five minutes of warm-up will keep your motor alive longer, with fewer leaks and less risk of failure. And when you do drive . . . go light on the throttle until everything is up to temperature! ~ J.E. Robison

1 In response to a reader comment about if warmup is "just a (sic) critical when the weather is warm to mild?" explained "Yes . . . the desirability of warmup is the same spring or summer. When the motor is hot the metal is about 200 degrees. WHen (sic) it's sitting cold its the temp of the air. Whether that is 30 degrees or 70 degrees it still has a long way to go to warm up." See,

Monday, November 9, 2015

VTC&CCC Radio Special Guest Dallas H.

Dallas H. Part 2

Click here to go to download page Length: 01:23:03
Source file .wma, 76MB
Device: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-400S

Dallas H. joins VTC&CCCR to address Tim Carroll and Carrolls' untruthful remarks directed towards Dallas.

 click picture to enlarge

UPDATE: Friday 13 November 2015 | 09 November 2015 Show Downloaded 31 Times!

Source: Internet Archive [] Classic Version shown
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Dallas H. Story Part 1
Tim Carroll Reportedly Botched Another "Clients'" Caddy 

Northstar Performance Retooling

Northstar Performance, announces a one week retooling period commencing immediately.

Over the next 144 hours NSP will wire in and program recently acquired CNC Machines to meet increased demand, according to a Facebook posting this morning, by the Canadian firm's principal, Jacob Wiebe.
 click picture to enlarge

Wiebe is the owner of U.S. Patent No. 8,740,532 [.pdf] and has managed to carve out a niche for himself and his company by marketing his patent as the SureGrip Stud Kit to Cadillac Northstar System owners and mechanics around the world.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Musical Interlude 'November Rain'

"Gimme A Piano"

For the third Saturday in a row, we're being deluged by rain. No tornado warnings or watches this time. Just Flooding. VTC&CCC will return shortly. If not before, then sometime on Monday night with the new radio show. Monday night guest is Dallas H. So you won't want to miss that.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tim Carroll Reportedly Botched Another "Clients'" Caddy

Tim Carroll [in my opinion] is awful, paranoid and a thief! My husband sent his Caddy to CCC and it was a huge mistake to trust him. He even put a part on my husbands car that is illegal in California knowing we live in California. My husband paid him over $8k to ruin the engine. Not to mention shipping costs and 4 months of rental car costs when Carroll told my husband 2 weeks to return it.

We have had many costly problems since he worked on our car. He refused to even consider he may have caused problems with his work and started accusing us of harassing him when we told him the problems. He even "voided our warranty" because we asked if he would call our mechanic here. Like we would send the car to him again anyway. His "warranty" is a joke!

The only reason we didn't file suit was he cost us so much money already we can't afford a lawsuit. Carroll even has the balls to brag about the work he did on my husband's car on FB!
click picture to enlarge
 Source: Facebook CarrollCustomCadillac 10 January 2015
Source: Facebook CarrollCustomCadillac 14 January 2015
Source: Facebook CarrollCustomCadillac 01 February 2015

Reads the email that VTC&CCC received a couple of nights ago. I'm attempting to arrange a telephone interview with the sender of that email, that I can record and post online in the new VTC&CCC Radio segment.

Right now, I can announce that Dallas H. has agreed to appear on the Monday, 09 November 2015 program. You'll be able to listen to Dallas describe, in his own words, his experience with Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to appear on your own segment feel free to Contact VTC&CCC.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Breaking Tim Carroll Rejects Counter-Offer; Litigation to Ensue

Tim Carroll has rejected twice my very generous offer of giving him 45 days to overhaul and modify my Caddy, which is what I paid him for.

I now have no other alternative than to involve the courts.

I will post the complete suit in a .pdf after the Court Clerk returns me the stamped copy.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

In Halloween Twitter Bombardment Tim Carroll Extends an Olive Branch?

Phew. Yesterday the weather was terrible here. Woke up to heavy rains, wind, lightning, thunder, tornado warnings, flooding. There is a report of a tornado strike in the opposite end of the parish from me, in Elmer. I have a friend that lives in Elmer I haven't heard from. He usually calls me to compare notes after something like this. His electricity could be out. Maybe he'll call me after he sees this post?

The Sunday paper wasn't delivered  until shortly before 11. The time went back an hour. Did you hear about the dead comet that flew past earth last night? Supposedly it looks like a skull.

Anyway, back to yesterday, I didn't get to log online until about mid-morning. When I finally did, the weather looked like the power could go out at any second. I did see what looked like a Tim Carroll twitter bombardment coming in. I read a few of his tweets but not many. The electricity did go out. Later after it was restored I took a chance to turn on my machine for a few minutes to post. Then shut down again for the rest of the day.

It's still cloudy and overcast and misting rain on and off. No wind though. What's weird is that in a Facebook post shortly before this twitter burst, Tim Carroll accused me of stalking him on twitter. But, the facts are, that Tim Carroll began following me on twitter, thus alerting me to his twitter presence. He's also created or caused to be created a twitter account in my name.

 click picture to enlarge
Pretty weird and unusual behavior, eh?

Carroll will probably accuse me of taking his Halloween tweets out of context because I'm not going to embed them all here. You can view them all by going to his twitter profile page and clicking view tweets and replies. That's unless he deletes some or all.

I'll embed the tweets here that I want to respond to: (Also if Carroll deletes a tweet of his embedded here the embed will show Tweet Not Available.)

Firstly, I dispute that I've slandered or made threats. And demand you show me specific, articulable instances to back up your allegations. So that's first off. I also call into question your statement of your being "a man of God."

Second. I want you to refund me all the money that I paid you and also for the Eldorado. We both know that figure comes to $10,000.00.

I'm not an unreasonable person and not that I believe that you could overhaul and modify that Caddy in any length of time, all I want now is what I wanted then. What I paid you in full for. An overhauled and modified Cadillac Eldorado ETC that you and me and your legions of fans all over the earth could be proud of.

Since you take this affirmative step to cure the injury you've done me I will accept that. However, it will not be open ended.

I will allow you 45 days from tomorrow, 02 November 2015, to deliver my Car to me as originally promised. After 610 days or 1 year & 8 Months of waiting for you -- This is as far as I'm willing to meet you. 17 December 2015.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Musical Interlude Stormy Weather

The weather here today is terrible. Heavy rains and lightning and thunderstorms. Tornado warnings. The electricity has already been down and could go again at any moment. Long story short VTC&CCC will be back soon. Meanwhile, enjoy: Happy, Happy, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Happy, Happy, Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Northstarstuds Acquired

Back in July 2015 Tim Carroll suddenly and inexplicably removed the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook. It was down for maybe a week that time. Over the course that it was removed from public view and of course no word from Tim what was going on or reply to my inquiries, I began to google around to try and find out if anyone online knew anything.

There wasn't really any thing out there online until I stumbled across one website was a fascinating site to find because it took shots at both Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac and Northstar Performance (NSP). They said that "We beat out the quality AND price of both Northstar Performance, and Carroll Cadillac."

 click picture to enlarge as it appeared on 28 July 2015 as it appears today, 30 October 2015

The writer complained that NSP never returned their emails but on the Stud Kits page of their website, (page 3 of the below .pdf) wrote that NSP's machined in place dowel pins, "complicate installation."  So eventually NSP returned their emails or they acquired an NSP set [SureGrip Stud Kits, U.S. Patent # 8,740,532] somewhere else.

About Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac they wrote that:
"It took 3 weeks for Carroll Custom Cadillac to get me my studs. And when we finally got them, 3 of them snapped and all of them were bent." 
On the Stud Kits page they wrote:
"...[O]ur studs are designed to use the full depth of the head bolt holes, which is VERY important. Tim Carroll claims this; but he offers a universal stud which is improperly engineered."
They also said that Carroll's dowel pins "were hacked up pieces of fuel supply pipe." lol that's easy to believe. 

Good thing back then that I printed out a copy of the website. Click here to download 12 page .pdf [2.81MB] Note: To properly view the .pdf you might have to click "Save a Copy," open your Saved Copy, click "View" then "Rotate View" and click "Counterclockwise," once.

I emailed Carroll about it and pointed out that this sites' criticizing the both of them could give them the opportunity to put their differences aside.

That email is below:

He didn't respond (to this one or several other emails that I sent over the summer) but I knew that he had received it because shortly thereafter, referring to me as "Someone" the following post appeared on his Facebook: (Link dead) 

  • Carroll Custom Cadillac
    July 28 at 12:13pm
    Someone has brought to my attention a small mom and pop shop reproducing Jake's studs and they are Canadian, Go Figure?
    I expect Jake will explode over this?
    Not only are they producing the outdated old Dual Diameter Head Studs, but they have copied them to Jake's exact product, something we did not do!

    From reading their website, they must not be aware we no longer sell this inferior product and use logical engineering to explain why. In the description of these Studs is a photo of a studded block! They did follow my engineering and pretend they did it? However, we designed this stud for this depth and after they ordered from me, they copied it to the exact dimensions, good for them!!!! I have tried to get anyone who wish's to, to do so and not believe the deception of Jake and the fake patent!

    The lady in this small venture explains how they have the only correctly engineered product, LOL
    Of course they do! It is my personal engineering!!!

    It amazes me how this ridiculous simple auto part has become Canada's greatest debacle! It almost makes a man never acknowledge a Northstar again! From the GM giant shafting anyone they can, to ridiculous false claims in after market products.

    I am going to attach a link to this off the wall tiny shop and allow the reader to see the false statements made by the lady who is half owner and in the link you will see both false statements and a new competition to the Jake!

    Unaware we are no longer a competition of this out of date old product, she is quick to discredit my company as well, using untruth and a lie! Sound a little familiar, is all Canadians like this?

    I just sent her an email asking her to retract or remove us from her dishonest website.

    Will it ever stop? LOL well, besides her dishonest discrediting of me and my company, I could care less about their new found competition with Jake.
    For all of those who cannot figure out the problem with these two bad producing companies? Good Luck!

    Enjoy Jake! See if you can fool these people into your false patent? LOL


  • Carroll Custom Cadillac
    July 28 at 7:58pm
    Someone has brought to my attention a small mom and pop shop reproducing Jake's studs and they are Canadian, Go Figure?
    I expect Jake will explode over this?

    From reading their website, they must not be aware we no longer sell this inferior product and use logical engineering to explain why. In the description of these Studs is a photo of a studded block! They did follow my engineering and pretend they did it? However, we designed this stud for this depth and after they ordered from me, they copied it to the exact dimensions, good for them!!!! I have tried to get anyone who wish's to, to do so and not believe the deception of Jake and the fake patent!

    The lady in this small venture explains how they have the only correctly engineered product, LOL
    Of course they do! It is my personal engineering!!!

    It amazes me how this ridiculous simple auto part has become Canada's greatest debacle! It almost makes a man never acknowledge a Northstar again! From the GM giant shafting anyone they can, to ridiculous false claims in after market products.

    I am going to attach a link to this off the wall tiny shop and allow the reader to see the false statements made by the lady who is half owner and in the link you will see both false statements and a new competition to the Jake!

    Unaware we are no longer a competition of this out of date old product, she is quick to discredit my company as well, using untruth and a lie! Sound a little familiar, is all Canadians like this?

    I just sent her an email asking her to retract or remove us from her dishonest website.

    Will it ever stop? LOL well, besides her dishonest discrediting of me and my company, I could care less about their new found competition with Jake.
    For all of those who cannot figure out the problem with these two bad producing companies? Good Luck!

    Enjoy Jake! See if you can fool these people into your false patent? LOL
I didn't think much more about it until an 06 October 2015, post on Northstar Performances' Facebook surprised me by announcing that they'd acquired the very same

I think what struck me the most when I first read that NSP had acquired NSS was that NSP and its principal Jake Wiebe bought out the competition rather than go on a tear and try to run them out of business. That was cool.

That's the small role that I played in the saga.

Internet Blog Comment Snafu Reveals Tim Carrolls' Attempt to Entice an "Innocent Bystander" into Conspiring to Falsify Evidence to Advance Civil Claim

The Internet never ceases to amaze me. I know that I've made myself chagrined from forwarding and replying to emails.  The send and enter buttons can be a challenge to me too.

That must be how ol' Tim Carroll must feel about now that he's realized that in his attempt to leave a comment on VTC&CCC he's actually sent vital evidence to expose his true character.

I don't know if what Tim Carroll is attempting to do here is illegal. I do know that I can speak with a high confidence level that in this country, to knowingly and willingly conspire to falsify evidence even in a civil case it's against every local and state court rule. As well as the Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct.

Tim Carroll has stated that he is going to sue me and I've told him twice to have his lawyer contact me at once. For instance nearly a month ago here and just today here.

At this stage I haven't been served with anything but when I am, I'll be moving to rule Carroll into court and demand that he show cause why he shouldn't be sanctioned.

click picture to enlarge
 The money shot:
How much more evidence does any reasonable minded person out there need to fully understand that there is no level that Tim Carroll won't stoop to advance his deception?

So screen shot this

Why is Tim Carroll Concealing the True Condition of My Caddy?

In a Carroll Custom Cadillac, Facebook post dated Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 1:09 pm and titled "Note from the owner, Tim Carroll has posted an undated and unverifiable photograph seemingly of the rear end of a Cadillac Eldorado.

The car looks to me like it's parked in a junkyard. Someone asked me if that off colored area shown on the fender was evidence of body damage. So I enlarged it, lightened it and posted it below to share in case anyone else wonders the same.

Cant be sure but it doesn't look to show any body damage. It appears to be the reflection of the car parked beside it. In the reflection of the car beside it -- the side of the reflected car looks to be all torn out. Doors and Pillar missing, interior exposed to weather. Due to the nature of the photograph it could just be a mirage.

 click picture to enlarge
On the other side some lumbar is laying on the ground. Miscellaneous junk is scattered around.

So while I couldn't swear that this is indeed my Caddy or when or where or by whom this mysterious photograph was taken, for the purposes of this post, I'll play along with Tim Carroll and his fantasy world and pretend that it's mine.

The first thing that I noticed is the trunk lid is ajar and there is what looks like a bungee cord or strap holding it down.

Now when Carroll took possession and control of my Caddy back on 01 March 2014, the trunk lid was fine everything lined up and it closed and latched like it's supposed to.

So I'm wondering what other kind of damage he has done to the car in the photograph. Another possible reason the trunk lid won't go down all the way is because Carroll has crammed too much of something into it to allow it to shut properly.

The next thing that caught my eye is the bungee cord.  I was a deck seaman and Boatswainmate in the U.S. Navy. I was trained and trained on how to properly secure and stow equipment. The use of canvas, chaffing gear, rat stoppers, tying knots, splicing line and wire rope, painting, 'the whole nine yards.'  So when I see this bungee cord without any chaffing gear between it and the paint that's really all I or anyone should need to see to know that Tim Carroll is incompetent and cruel.

The trunk is not even sealed from the weather. How much water is in the trunk? As far as what Carroll has hidden away in the trunk might not even belong to that car.

This is not even meeting the minimum standards of care practiced by reputable members of the Automotive Repair Industry.

So I challenge anyone out there to defend that. Remember that Carroll brags about how he treats your Caddy just like it was his. hmmm.

Next the fact that Carroll would only post one picture is, in my opinion suspicious. The car in the photograph, if mine, looks to be in my opinion much worse condition than it was in when Carroll got it.

Where's all this "transparency" he's always bragging about?

Let's see very recent, verifiable pictures of the engine and engine bay, the interior, the trunk, its contents and condition. I paid you over $7,000.00 and this is all you got to show? Wheres the accounting? I mean c'mon.

Tim Carroll you're a turd.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

BREAKING: Tim Carroll Posts 1 Lousy Undated Photo Allegedly of My Caddy

Source: Facebook (Last accessed 29 October 2015, 1535 CDT)

In a recent Facebook post, Tim Carroll or someone working on his behalf, posted one lousy, undated photo of a Cadillac that he is representing to belong to me.

I've since tweeted a series of questions about it to Tim Carroll:

UPDATE: Tim Carroll "responds" via Facebook Carroll still fails to provide any proof or evidence to support his story. In my opinion, Tim Carroll is a master of emotional manipulation. In other words, he likes to play to your emotions without ever giving you any concrete evidence of anything.
Nice photo of Tim Carroll associate, Vincent Magallon. Source: Twitter @vincentmagallon


Why Does Tim Carroll Promote Twitter So Much?

I couldn't help but notice that on his most recent Carroll Custom Cadillac, (or is it PureCadillacService or PCS or what? ... Facebook post, Tim Carroll mentions Twitter.

This isn't the first time that he's ignored what would be an obvious blog reference on his part rather than one he'd discovered coming from @twitter. In his 1,500 plus word 'Perseverance' essay he makes reference to this Princeton, Texas, Topix thread. Only though after he thought he'd had it deleted from the web. 

I have to wonder if he's not doing this on purpose? Perhaps because he knows that it's much harder to find any information about him on Twitter? Maybe he has a deal with them where they keep him out of the twitter search results? Is that even possible?

click picture to enlarge

Source: Facebook (Last accessed: 29 October 2015, 1335 CDT)

Clearly, in my opinion, the existence of VTC&CCC is not in Carroll's best interest. Neither is it in his interest to promote it. Yet, he seemingly has to answer it, without giving out too much information to his concerned viewers and "clients" as to what the whole story is. Or even a link so they can see for themselves exactly to what he's referring. (He doesn't provide any links to so called tweets either).

When you think about it, this technique is part-n-parcel with his method of operation.

Tim Carroll Trips the Light Fantastic! in Comments

Last night "Tim Carroll" appeared on VTC&CCC to leave a comment in the post: 13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter. Yes, I know there's no such thing as an honest grifter. Apologies to my High School English teachers.

First, Tim Carroll insists that the "information" on that post "is both false and criminal." by 'information' I can only assume that he means the Emails.

For the record: the 13 Emails are neither false or criminal. [.pdf].

They are what was written that day by and between Tim Carroll and myself. Can I prove it to the casual visitor of this blog? No, not really, unless you come to my house and watch me sign in to my email account and I let you look in it. Which I'd be happy to do or come to your location and sign in.

Law enforcement agents on the other hand, have the ability to look at both our email accounts from the comfort of their office. Let me just add that if you're in law enforcement you don't need a subpoena to look into or access my email account. Just do it.

Additionally, to make it easier for you, the emails in question are in a folder, properly named and located on the left hand side column. Knock yourself out.

Tim Carroll says that I have "issues." Well, he defrauded me out of over $7,000.00 and my Cadillac Eldorado. I think that any reasonable person would agree that it's quite normal to have an issue over something of that magnitude and seriousness. No?

Carroll says that my car is still parked in his yard. Yet he has refused to officially notify me of its location. A comment that he could later deny as being his, is just not good enough. Put it in writing.

Carroll, Send me photos and an official statement, from your email address or better yet, mail it to me.

Again, the 27 August 2015, Emails clearly show that Carroll said he was having the car towed right then and he ordered me not to contact him again. There has been no contact between us since that email exchange.

The rest of his comment appears to me to digress into his usual broken-record mantra, "servicing the entire globe, many years, thousands of satisfied clients, all friends," yadda, yadda, yadda.

So what happened last night to get Tim Carroll so "shaken but not stirred" enough that he'd leave a comment?

It might have something to do with the comment I left yesterday over on Bruce Nunnallys' caddyinfo Forum.

You can see in the below screen shot on the right hand side, under Recent Topics, I titled it: "Warning & Withdrawl of Support: Carroll Custom Cadillac/PureCadillacService.":

click picture to enlarge
It was at this link:

In it I wrote how after learning that Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac was a hoax and Internet scam, I'd withdrawn my support. Links to the evidence were provided.

Specifically, 13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter ... Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Tried to Sell My Caddy ... Why Doesn't Tim Carroll Post a Photo of My Caddy? [missing_eldo Label].

I believe that I have a right as well as responsibility to comment, especially since Carroll & caddyinfo are using my Eldo for promotional purposes.

Tim Carroll hadn't signed into his Carroll Cadillac caddyinfo forum account since 09 September 2014.

Suddenly, last night he signed in without so much as a hi to anyone to apparently delete my comment.

Which brings us back to Bruce Nunnally and the caddyinfo forum. I haven't seen anything over the past year and a half that leads me to have the opinion other than Mr. Nunnally has been duped by Tim Carroll much like the rest of us.

However, these allegations are out there and Carroll is a vendor on his forum. At some point Carroll is going to have to explain all these name changes, the alleged sale to the mysterious Dave or David Manning, his defrauding me and others, and all his other weird and suspect behavior.

I like caddyinfo forum and Texas Jim and Cadillac Jim and everyone else who participates. That's why I'd hate for Mr. Nunnally's promotion of this hoax and scam to harm its credibility or reputation.

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