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Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac - Funky Fingers Production?

Source: YouTube
See if you can count how many times the chain collides with this Cadillac.

"I just want my car." "BAM"

Reminder Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac Civil Fraud Trial on 14 August 2017

Tim Carroll's civil fraud trial is scheduled to be held at 9 a.m. on Monday, 14 August 2017, before Collin County Justice of the Peace-Judge, Jerry Shaffer.

All Victims and other interested parties are encouraged to attend.
City Courthouse
Suite A
406 Raymond Street
Farmersville, Texas

It'd also be helpful if you'd contact Princeton and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas media and ask them to look into this matter.

A few suggestions are:

VTC&CCC will attempt to follow this story and update with any new developments.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

UPDATED Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac Having a "Going Out of Business Sale"

Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac, currently, 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas, previously, Ridgefield, Washington, recently added two videos to his Tim Carroll/CCC YouTube channel.

The first video, which has a run time of two minutes, three seconds, is titled "2007 Customized Yamaha V STAR 650."
Click picture to enlarge

Check out the number of Carroll's subscribers -666- think someone is trying to tell you something?

According to the video narration, its meant to be an "up close and personal" video of the motorcycle before Carroll starts it up and drives it. Looks like the license plate tag expired in February, 2017.

The second video, has a run time of six minutes, thirteen seconds, is titled "MVI 0041."

In this video Tim Carroll starts off stating that "Its been sitting here for a couple of hours, but it's a nice warm day today, so it should start right up. I just tried it a minute ago and it fired right up." Are you smart enough to figure out what Carroll, probably inadvertently, did right there?

Tim Carroll's video's speak for themselves and you're of course encouraged to view them all.

One thought that occurred to me, is why is Tim Carroll spending all this money on this motorcycle including the customization, such as the custom foot pegs and ordering special leather saddle bags and a leather tank cover from "London, England" when he knows he owes so many people so much money? Where is our money?

After seeing those videos it wasn't that hard to find Carroll's advertisement and that's where things get interesting...

Carroll announces from his craigslist ad [ link] that "We are having a moving sale." Further down Carroll writes, "We are running out of time to sell off many things!" He ends with, "We are leaving soon so I don't have time to wait. Must sale (sic) quick!"

Is this is a legitimate move or Tim Carroll apparently pulling a fast one...again? Why didn't he announce his move way in advance, for instance, from his Facebook or CCC website?

Indeed, on 20 June 2017 at 3:08 pm Carroll posted to the CCC Facebook that "[A]ll is good and we are moving forward!!" This was nearly 26 hours after he had posted the advert!

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UPDATE: Monday, 03 July 2017 1255 CDT
Click picture to enlarge
Source: Mechanic Shop going out of business sale! Too much to list! link:
Ad copy:
I am asking 50k for everything including parts! I will consider all offers!!!
I am leaving and to down size asap! So check it out and make an offer.

I am the owner of a Cadillac only private shop and company!
Life is changing and I am going to sell off everything!

I have tech tools for computer diagnostics' car lift to parts washer!
Everything is going! If your interested in what I am selling call me!

The shop I have now I just built, it is an all metal building and I am selling it too!
I also have a 45 foot container parts house!

I am asking serious buyers to stop by and examine the things we have and make offers.
This is the real deal, a greater starter package for those who are going into the business and need to start up.

My name is Tim, my number is 940-395-9839

Monday, June 19, 2017

UPDATED Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll Caught Lying About 1966 Cadillac Coupe Photo

Recently, Tim Carroll/Carroll Custom Cadillac, 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas, "updated their cover photo," on Facebook, to a photo of a 1966 Cadillac Coupe.

Click photo to enlarge

In a comment dated 24 September 2012, Carroll writes: "Yes, this same Cadillac is in my back yard! How beautiful is that?" In another comment dated 04 February 2013, Carroll writes that it's a "'1965 Coupe Deville with a 429." I guess Carroll didn't read the Barrett-Jackson description because they note that it's 1966 Coupe DeVille with a 425.

However, a simple Google Image Search of the photo in question reveals that it was likely first posted to the Internet back in 2009 on the Barrett-Jackson website where it was being auctioned off in Palm Beach, Florida.

This same photo has also been uploaded to various Pinterest accounts, under various descriptions.

Of course this Cadillac was never in Tim Carroll's "back yard." If it was then why didn't he take his own photographs? Why download a photograph from off the Internet and attempt to pass it off as your own? This is just another example of how you can't believe or trust anything Tim Carroll says.

UPDATED 30 June 2017 1621 CDT
Today, Tim Carroll apparently found this post for the first time or finally chose to respond to it.

First, Carroll left one of his classic addle-brained comments which he promptly deleted.

Fortunately, VTC&CCC receives an email of each comment as they are posted. His comment is copied and pasted in the comments section below.

Screen shot of the comment email. Click picture to enlarge:

Next, Carroll took to the CCC Facebook where he posted another bunch of nonsense.

From what I can gather from this, Carroll's latest wackiness, is another failed attempt of his to manufacture an excuse, this time from the definition of the word "same."

While it's true that "same" can mean "alike" or "duplicate" it can also mean "exactly like" or "one and the same." One must look at the context it was used in order to form an opinion as to what exactly the writer meant by its use.

In Carroll's comment of 24 September 2012 at 4:45 pm, he wrote: "Yes, this same Cadillac is in my back yard! How beautiful is that?" Emphasis added.

It must be noted that Carroll wrote this comment to no one in particular.

The point is, how could any reasonable minded person read the comment and not interpret it that Carroll meant that "this same Cadillac [that's in the picture here] is in my back yard!"?

Carroll could have just as easily wrote that "This picture I found on the Barrett-Jackson website is of another Cadillac that I want mine to be like." Carroll, however, didn't do that. In my opinion, based upon personal first hand knowledge he didn't because everything that Tim Carroll does is based upon deception and to deceive.

Turning now to Carroll's Facebook post:
Click picture to enlarge
The text of Carroll's post isn't really worth addressing any further than what I already have in this update.

I will comment on the series of six photographs that Carroll placed in the post. The photo's are of some old camper with a car hauler attached with an old Cadillac sitting on the car hauler. 

Clearly, Carroll's posting of these photographs prove nothing. This could be anyone's car he was hauling around. They do not prove that this Caddy ever belonged to Tim Carroll.

You really need to do your due diligence before you get involved with this person. Ask to see his business license. Ask to see his insurance and phone the insurer to make sure it is valid and in force. Ask for his business Tax ID Number. Ask for (more than one) references and call them. If you have Facebook message people who've left comments that seem to have been customers of his and ask them what happened.

Explore every page of the website and you'll find lots of instances of content and claims that just don't add up.

Ask yourself, is this how a normal person would do business? Is this how you would do business?

Don't get Tim Carroll'd. It's not a fun place to be.

New Ripoff Report Tim Carroll Carroll Custom Cadillac

Tim Carroll a human pothole on your highway of more

Check out this other Ripoff Report about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac

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Tim Carroll To Deliver My Eldo at "Front Door" Part 2

Hello again; Your friendly blogger here. You might want to read Part 1. Out of the blue, on Tuesday afternoon, 30 May 2017, I received the following two emails from Tim Carroll, front man of the Carroll Carroll Custom Cadillac scheme. I wasn't inside at the time that Carroll sent them or I would have replied quicker.
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 17:03
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: ASS!

I have been planning my closing since 2015 and you did nothing to interfere with it except keeping me telling the truth?

Now your alone! You have nothing left to chase to make a name for your sickness!~ I am exiting all this, but I plan to see you soon !

I am arranging all cars to be taken out of here, but yours I plan to deliver in person! You will stand before me and explain yourself in detail before I render a verdict for you? NO man has the right to do what you have done an not given the chance to explain, I will give you that.

I am pulling your car out tonight to bring to you!

I am not sure when I am heading to you, but it will be made live.
For some reason or other, Carroll has always had my surname mispelt in his emails. My initial thoughts were Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard this before.

Then I thought, get a load of this guy saying that he's coming to my house and that I will stand before him and explain myself in detail before Carroll renders a verdict for me.

A verdict? Really? I suppose Carroll's intent was to terrify me?

I didn't reply to this email because there was a second newer email:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 17:25
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: On my way!

Loading up your car now!

This one I did reply to:
From: chevail at .
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 18:50
To: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Subject: Re: On my way!

it better be running and in the condition that I paid you for. I have camera's too.

Here it is going on 20 days later and Tim Carroll still hasn't shown up at my house.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, at 1649 CDT, shortly before Carroll sent the two emails he made the following post to the CCC Facebook:

Click picture to enlarge

Notice how Carroll allowed the location of Princeton, TX, to be included with this post, when normally he doesn't include location information.

Carroll published his Facebook post at 1649, and fifteen minutes later sent me the first email.

I guess when I didn't reply quick enough, he sent the "On my way!" email 24 minutes later.

I can't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't see this Facebook post until the next day. I am sure that when I did see the post, I thought that it was after the fact (after 30 May), due to Carroll's statement that he's going to turn my Caddy over to the Collin County Sheriff's Office.

Of course it's yet another Carroll lie that my Eldorado is ready for me to retrieve because Carroll has never completed the repairs and modifications for which he was paid in full.

Carroll is lying about turning it over to the Sheriff too, because he can't. Like I said, he's been paid in full for a job that he refuses to complete.

What's more, Carroll refuses to give me an accounting for the money that I've paid him and an accounting of the condition of my Cadillac.

So what's Carroll going to tell the Sheriff? If Carroll tells the Sheriff the truth and we all know Tim Carroll avoids the truth like a vampire avoids sunlight, they should instantly arrest him.

If Carroll tells them anything else it would be a lie and in my opinion the equivalent of making a false police report. Who knows, there could also be some other criminal liability in there too such as, filing a false public record/injuring a public record.

I know that the Collin County Sheriff has been contacted by at least three Victims regarding Carroll's suspicious activity.

It follows that they should be, must be, aware that something's not right at 3355 Rooster Lane and if the Sheriff's Office hauls my Caddy off without doing their due diligence, I'd seriously consider suing them. At least it'd get the Sheriff's and his lawyers attention.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ernie From Lubbock

Had a chat with Ernie the other day. Finally, about a month or so ago and after many months he got his Cadillac back from Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Ernie told me that:
Everything worked fine before I sent my Cadillac to Carroll, except for the blown head gasket. After I got my car back from Carroll it appeared to have been underwater at some point as anything that required an electrical current didn't work. There was water standing in the spare tire area with rust forming on the spare. Radio would cut on and off. Oil light flickering on and off. Windows not working etc.
Anyone who follows the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook will know who I talked to. The outrageous part is that Ernie publically defended Carroll with many comments on the CCC Facebook, once even referring to me as Carroll's "nemesis," and this is the way Tim Carroll paid him back.

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Texas Cadillac Northstar Fraudster Tim Carroll back on his "Homosexual" Kick Again

On Sunday, 28 May 2017, Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac after leaving a bizarre comment here, went on about an hour later at 1807 CDT, to write and publish the below post to the CCC Facebook account:
 Click picture to enlarge

Tim Carroll has pulled this stunt before, back in February 2017, which I addressed here.

Is Tim Carroll or anyone else reading and following all this, really dumb enough to mistake what started out as my blogging about the way Tim Carroll defrauded me and then when others started contacting me with similar reports, many of which are posted here on VTC&CCC -- as some sort of romantic come-on? I mean, Really?

Carroll says that I'm a homosexual "who has been stalking [him] for several years," yet when Carroll phoned me back on 05 November 2016, he didn't mention any of this. Why?

In my opinion, what Tim Carroll is really up to, is he's trying, by attempting to make an example out of me, to send a message to anyone else out there that he's defrauded into remaining silent by intimidation. 

For example, if you read the texts that he sent to the guy who is currently suing Carroll in the Collin County, Texas, Justice of the Peace Court, he texted "this would make a good story" and how Carroll would "write it up."

Another example, is the lengthy voice mail he left a "client" that he'd had a disagreement with. He promised that person that:
I'll definitely make it to where everybody will know who you are and why you did it and how, you know, ungrateful you are [...] everybody will know your name. Every other mechanic out there is gonna know who you are and be careful to deal with you. I'll write a full-blown page on it..."
You can believe whatever you want but if you're considering using Carroll Custom Cadillac, you should ask yourself what if you have a disagreement with Carroll -- is this really what you want? Besides being out of thousands or dollars and possibly your Cadillac, to also be doxed and lied about online?
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tim Carroll To Deliver My Eldo at "Front Door"

Tim Carroll is on his "I'm going to deliver Ed's Eldo to his Front Door," kick again. This time by Facebook post,dated, Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7:03 am.  Carroll wrote the same thing in comments here months ago.

UPDATE: Sometime around 2100 CDT, Tim Carroll /Carroll Custom Cadillac either removed from public view, usually when he does this, it's for the time being, or deleted the Facebook post. Below is a screen grab.
Click Picture to Enlarge
Publisher's note: I do not understand why this Screengrab! browser extension placed a portion of a Facebook on the webpage.

He won't say if my Eldo will be running or not. Is he going to bum rush it up onto a car hauler in the same condition he showed it was in back in February, and speed it over here like a load of wet concrete to shove it off in the front yard? Please do not leave any ruts.

I've never picked my Caddy up because Carroll has never completed the repairs and modifications I paid him for. Neither will he give me an accounting of the money I paid him. Or an accounting of the condition of my Eldorado and its Northstar System. Or a 'What the hell he's been up to for the last three years, two months, twenty-two and counting days.'

It's been enough time that a high school auto mechanics class could have repaired my Caddy by now.

Carroll is well aware of the attempt I made to settle with him over a year ago, in which I suggested that he refund all the money I paid him and I'd take a $2,200 loss and sign my Caddy over to him and he could fix it. Then presumably sell it to make his money back.

That suggestion still stands. In early November, 2016, both Carroll's received my demand letter. Carroll told me in an email to sue him and he'd settle up with me in court.

What Carroll has done to me is real. I didn't imagine it or make it up. One way I can know for sure is due to all these people contacting VTC&CCC. It's all the same story over and over again. It's not surreal, it's real. Upon initial contact, I don't have to ask any questions much less ask any leading questions to conclude, 'Yup. Your ticket is stamped.'

What Carroll is doing to folks is wrong. He should just go ahead and make restitution to everyone he's done wrong. Starting, I guess, back in 2012 and Bill From Oregon.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Lies of Who?

Recently Tim Carroll produced and posted to YouTube the above video, supposedly to prove that I'm a liar. Now, I'll be the first to admit that if I was a casual observer and it was just one or two people complaining about Carroll that I'd likely dismiss this blog as the ranting of a disgruntled customer.

But if Carroll was truly -- as he claims, an honest, forthright person being unfairly maligned online by a single disgruntled customer, as well as the owner/operator of "the leading Cadillac service and repair shop in the U.S.", then why doesn't he simply repair my Caddy, document the entire process and send it to me? Wouldn't once and for all prove me wrong? If you were in his shoes, isn't that what you would do?

Instead, Carroll claims that since I put this blog up, the law says he does not have to complete the repair. One small problem with that is he never cites exactly where in the Texas code this mysterious law exists. It's because there is no such law. It's all sophistry and fantasy. You have to give Carroll credit though, who can deny that he is a criminal genius and a sincere liar?

Carroll has had my car since 01 March 2014. That's not a misprint. From all I've personally experienced as well as seen and heard about Carroll, it's my opinion that Tim Carroll couldn't repair a lawnmower. 

How does Carroll explain away all these other folks--people from around the country who have on their own--contacted VTC&CCC about their dreadful experience with Carroll?

Why have I not heard from a single person, anywhere, with a good report about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac? Where are all these "thousands and thousands of satisfied customers"?

As long as I'm asking questions, I have a few questions for Collin County Sheriff, Jim Skinner, Why are you shurking your law enforcement duties and responsibilities off on the civil court system? Is your sheriff's department good for anything other than writing traffic tickets? Why are you allowing this huge criminal enterprise to exist within your county? Don't the residents of Collin County deserve a sheriff's office that they can be proud of?

The posts on VTC&CCC thus far do not even reflect every single person who's contacted me. For instance, the couple out in far West Texas who contacted me just a few days after this blog went live. The wife told me that Carroll botched two of their Cadillacs. She said that they were out about $10,000.00.

Thanks to Carroll, I can go to just about any area in the continental United States and not worry about eating lunch or dinner alone.

What Tim Carroll has done is found a niche market to exploit and exploit it he's done. He's done such a good job of exploiting it, that I can see one day the Tim Carroll and the Carroll Custom Cadillac saga becoming a part of Northstar system lore.

While I'm thinking of it, I you're in the market for one of these cars, one of, if not the first question you should ask the seller, is if Tim Carroll has ever had his hands on it? Hopefully, the answer will be no, but if it's yes, politely thank them for their time and hang up the phone. 

These Northstar System Cadillacs are an important part of Americana. They're an engineering marvel, if you have one you should be proud and those that can be, should be preserved.

I'm not saying that in 2017 they should be bought as some kind of investment. Nor am I suggesting that they will ever be in the same class and value as, say, a 1957 Eldorado Brougham. I am willing to predict that before this century is out, well preserved and maintained examples will be just as valuable as they were when they rolled off the assembly line.

Of course, keep in mind that no one reading this blog post today, including myself, will live to see if this prediction comes to pass.

But back to Tim Carroll. He reminds me of an octopus that when cornered squirts out a bunch of ink to cloud the water. Carroll is a master mind at producing reams and reams of text or in this case video, in which he really comes across as sincere. As if he honestly believes all this.  It's truly a sight to behold.

My mind goes back to "The Shawshank Redemption," (Carroll does seem like a character that only a Stephen King could make up, no?), and the picture in the warden's office.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Musical Interlude Fleetwood Mac Drove Cadillacs

In a 1986 interview down under, Stevie Nicks recounts the first time that she and Lindsey Buckingham met, Mick Fleetwood and John and Christine McVie.

From the day that we all met at a Mexican restaurant, and they drove up in these two wild Cadillacs. White, like with fins and they (laughing) clunked up and Lindsey and I (laughing) we're going 'these people are strange.' And they get out and it was really love at first sight.  It was like, how could you not love these people? You know? So, we had dinner and it was never like, Do you want to join the band? It was like, well rehearsal is tomorrow at ICM in the basement and you'll get paid $200.00 per week in cash, each of you. I'm going 'were rich!' And it was instant.  ~ Stevie Nicks
That meeting was on New Year's Eve. In other interviews that I've seen, Ms. Nick's has said that by September that year, Lindsey and her were, "almost millionaires."

Fleetwood Mac arriving in their tour jet at Dallas,Texas, circa 1978. If you watch till the end you'll see Cadillac Livery Cars.

YouTube commenter, mda037:
For anyone who cares...this footage is most likely from July of 1978 just before their concert at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The interviewer mentions them rehearsing for a new album (Tusk) and recording for that didn't begin until late '78. They played at the Cotton Bowl on July 23,1978 and shared the bill with the Steve Miller Band.

Lindsey Buckingham's solo in "Go Your Own Way" from their 1997 Dance Tour was worth the price of admission alone.
Fleetwood Mac Landslide Live 
Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey, 07 June 1975
"This Is For You"

Originally Posted 13 September 2016
Edited and Reposted 20 May 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Randy From Ohio

On 03 February 2017, Randy contacted VTC&CCC through the telephone voice mail number shown in the header above. Here's an excerpt of his message:
Hello, my name is Randy [...] I'm calling from Ohio. I am the owner of a nineteen, yeah you know where this is going don't ya? A nineteen ninety-seven Oldsmobile Aurora. I purchased an engine from Tim Carroll a few years back--in twenty fourteen. It ran good, started smoking [in 2016], against my better judgment I sent it back to Tim, for what we believed to be a [blown] head gasket and [Carroll] confirmed it was a head gasket failure and was going to fix it ~but~ about a few weeks later [Carroll] sent me an email saying, he found some other things and he was going to build me a brand new engine and warranty it and everything and [Carroll's] going to get right on it. That was in probably early November [2016] and we've been playing patty-cake for the past three months trying to get the engine back from [Carroll]. Carroll's told me repeatedly that it's finished, ready to go but you know, it just never arrives. [Carroll] doesn't give me a tracking number. [Carroll's} promised me the moon the sun and the stars on this motor and I finally got smart and I did a Google search of Tim Carroll complaints and a whole new world opened before me.
The very next morning, Randy emailed Carroll the following one sentence email:
 ------ Original message------
Date: Sat, Feb 4, 2017 9:23 AM
Cc: Subject:Thanks Tim
You're stealing my engine from me, aren't you?

To which Carroll replied in typical Tim Carroll fashion:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Sat, Feb 4, 2017 10:48 am
Subject: Re: Thanks Tim

Holy Shit!
Are you kidding me? What kind of BS is that?
Okay! You still wonder why I am ending this shit!
I just seen that my email was blank?
I had no idea and in one day you write me this!!!!
I did not know my went blank??????

I have suffered dearly at that hands of these bastards to the point of shutting this down!
It is all I could do to get far and you are only one of several I am finishing up!
Then every one of you can deal with Jake from here on out!
You all deserve Jake! Not one of you ever stood up and had my back while I fought that bastard every day for the last 5 years.
Not only are you getting this damn engine, but what you just said will permanently ennd our relationship.
Hey why do add that BS statement you just made to the blog of Edward!
The only thing I am looking forward too is never dealing with another owner or Liar!

Okay bro! That was it! We are no longer friends and you are 100% wrong!
You will get the complete fresh engine in just a few days!
I offered to cover any fees your mechanic put on you! Holy crap!
You chose the wrong words Randy!
Oh well, I suppose you were never any different then the rest of them.

How diappointing.
On well, I am done with all this and not one lie told that caused all this will ever affect me again.
I will let you know when it leaves here, then we will never communicate again.

Thank you!
Sent from my LG V10, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

Four days later Randy replied:
Date: Wed, Feb 8, 2017 10:57 PM
Cc: Subject:
Re: Thanks Tim

Hey Tim,

Sorry for taking so long to respond to your rant. I found it to be both thoughtful and well-considered.

Are you telling me now that YES! I'm stealing your engine and there's not a damn thing you can do about it? It sure seems that way.[...] And who is this Ed guy? Can you provide me with his contact information? I would like to talk to him.

Of course, you could honor your word and send me a tracking number.

Less than two hours later Carroll responded:

-----Original Message-----
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Thu, Feb 9, 2017 12:37 am
Subject: Re: Thanks Tim

Michael Bromely will be sending all the paperwork to me and to whoever he was dealing with before?
Anyway, pay close attention to your emails in the morning.
I did not have to build you a fresh engine!

No matter? You can't come back from all your hateful words and accusations.

So enjoy my build!

You have a great life!
Sent from my LG V10, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

And again that afternoon:
-----Original Message-----
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Thu, Feb 9, 2017 1:50 pm
Subject: Its underway!
I am not the one who has or will have the tracking number, whoever did this last with my freight service is who will have all that info! I think that was your mechanic!

It will be picked up tomorrow, I can't see any reason at this time it will be delayed.

I had to correct a few things with my freight service Randy, to give you the same prices I have or it would of been three times the cost!
The crap that has happened made things very difficult and is what made our decision to end our Cadillac Northstar business, now we can do what we love and go on without anymore hassle.

I am pursuing those involved, not Jake he is in touchable. But those that live here is touchable so I will be fine, we will do just fine, but no more of this crap!

I wish you had not said those things, I always had your back, and I would never do what you said I was doing! That was very hurtful, I have NEVER been that kind of person!

Hope this engine last you a lifetime!

By Valentines Day, Randy still had to shipping confirmation or tracking number. He emailed Carroll again:
------ Original message------
Date: Tue, Feb 14, 2017 10:57 PM
Subject: engine?
I cannot find anything confirming the freight company is in possession of the crate. They also state the following: "Crate is being dropped off to R&L this afternoon." We have always understood that they were to pick it up? Has that changed?

Carroll replied:
-----Original Message-----
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Wed, Feb 15, 2017 12:55 am
Subject: Re: engine?
No Randy it has NOT!
Michael spoke to me today about last night's all heavy rain storm! He knows trucks cannot make it up during rain due to the clay mud/dirt here! It was rescheduled for tomorrow if the nasty ground is hard enough! I will be talking to him in the morning and may need to transport it to our Wal Mart where I can meet the driver! I will know early morning.

I did not know it was going to rain all night so I had all 6 wheels off my King Ranch! It is so long it stuck a foot and a half out of my shop! I was unable to get them balanced yesterday so I spent the night in my 5th wheel where I could watch the open shop!!! Then it started pouring rain and bro! There was nothing I could do except sit it my recliner next to the window and watch my shop flood! Ugh! Lol I thought we were going to have a slight drizzle but soon I realized how bad and just sit there in comfort and watch my shop flood out! No way to close the roll up in that bay! Wish I had a smaller truck! Lol
Anyway! I will let you as soon as Michael calls.
Sent from my LG V10, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

On 16 February 2017 at 2135, Randy emailed your friendly blogger:
Ed - It looks like the motor is on its way. He sent me a tracking number with R/L Carriers showing it was picked up around 5:30 this afternoon. Apparently, he had to haul it somewhere to meet them as he sent me a photo of my crate in the back of his truck. Said crate is due to arrive Monday, probably Tuesday. Regardless, Tony, my mechanic is going to go through it and find out if its worthy of installing or not. Will keep you posted,
Randy had the engine shipped directly to his mechanic, Tony Mckinney, owner of Complete Auto Repair and Performance, LLC, in Farmersville, Ohio.

On 07 March 2017, Randy emailed me an update. He wrote that,
"Upon mounting the motor onto an engine stand, the mechanic was alerted to a little "jingling" sound when rotating the engine. Upon removing the oil pan (which easily detached as it was not sealed with adhesive), he found a nickel-sized washer. There are also a lot of metal shavings on the underside of one of the cylinder bores."

On 18 March 2017, Randy emailed me again:
"The big news: This isn't my engine. Here is how I know: When we were loading the motor for shipment to Texas back in October, I noticed a casting defect in the block. There was a small, pea-sized hole on one end. Could this be what caused the engine to lose coolant? Is this the source of all my troubles? I took a picture to bring it to Carroll's attention. There was no indication of any leaks however. Upon further inspection, the shop determined that it was just an empty cavity and was harmless. Fast forward four months. After the spare washer falls out in the oil pan, I remember the picture. Comparing that photo to the same place on this engine revealed no hole, just some light dirt and grime. This is a different engine. Tony also discovered light rust on one side of each cam lobe. He explained that was the result of setting outside missing the valve covers for awhile. Now I'm thinking he just crated up an old engine after tossing an old washer into the oil pan.

Well, today when Tony pulled off the valve covers that theory was put out to pasture as the heads had been studded with his wonderful non-patented studs. In fact, it was at this point that we realized the extra washer he included was in fact the same washer used on these studs. Was one missing from the studs? Nope. They were all there."

The last I heard from Randy, he told me that he had to buy yet another engine, that his mechanic Tony installed. So far it's running fine, he said.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

UPDATED Tim Carroll Sued in Collin County Justice of the Peace Court

VTC&CCC has learned from public records maintained by the Collin County Clerk of Court's office, that Tim Carroll has been sued in the Collin County Justice Court, Precinct 2, Honorable Jerry Shaffer, Justice of the Peace-Judge, presiding.

Public records show that Plaintiff filed suit on 17 April 2017 and that Tim Carroll was served the following day, 18 April 2017. The case number is 02-SC-17-00042.

Plaintiff alleges that on 23 February 2017 he drove his Cadillac Eldorado ESC to Tim Carroll's Carroll Custom Cadillac shop located at 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas from his home in McKinney, Texas, a distance according to bing maps of 14.6 miles or 30 minutes drive time.

Plaintiff contracted with Carroll to provide a Head Gasket and Block Reseal Repair. This consisted of (2) Low/Upper Repair Kit; (20) CCC Head Studs; (8) New Spark Plugs; (1) New Water Pump; (1) Thermostat and (8) gallons of Dex-Cool Antifreeze.

Plaintiff shows the total price quoted by Carroll to be three thousand two hundred fifty dollars ($3,250.00) of which Plaintiff paid in cash, one thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars (1,625.00) down payment. 

Plaintiff alleges that after a reasonable amount he began to inquire of Carroll what was taking so long and when would his car repair be completed.

Publisher's note: All Victims already can imagine what happened next. For the newcomers a good example can be found here: 13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter.

UPDATE 18 May 2017:
 Click here to download 14 page .pdf [292 KB] of texts between plaintiff and Tim Carroll. Warning Extremely Vulgar. Profanity; Sexual Content; Violent Talk
Note: If you receive a prompt or pop up for your printer, just X it out. Unless you want to print.
///End 18 May 2017 Update 01///

Plaintiff shows that around mid April 2017 Carroll informed him that he could pick his car up in the parking lot of the Princeton, Texas Walmart which is where [Carroll] had left it.

Princeton, Texas, Walmart, 701 W Princeton Drive, Princeton, Texas 75407
Plaintiff shows that upon arriving at Walmart he found his Cadillac "in pieces."

Bear in mind that the Plaintiff had driven his car to Carroll:

The car had no engine! Where is the engine? Did Carroll use it in another car? Did he sell it? What is going on here?
Carroll left other parts scattered around inside the car!

Tim Carroll's Written Answer to Lawsuit. It appears that Carroll's rather, um, "strange and disturbing," to put it lightly, communication style, isn't limited to texts and emails.
Click here to download three page .pdf [195 KB]

According to the Clerk of Court, a hearing date has been set down for Monday, 14 August 2017.

Last updated 18 May 2017 with Texts and Written Answer

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

UPDATED Discovery Communications Blocks Tim Carroll; Carroll Custom Cadillac "Carfix" Episode on Copyright Grounds

UPDATE As of around 1345 CDT Sunday, 21 May 2017, This Carfix episode has been restored to Tim Carroll's YouTube account.

UPDATE-2 Sometime around 0900 CDT, 22 May 2017, the video was removed. This time it says, due to a copyright claim by Discovery Communications.
UPDATE-3 24 May 2017 It appears that Carroll has removed the video with the copyright strike against it from his YouTube account:
Then it appears that Carroll uploaded the video to one of his Facebook accounts. I can't help but wonder if he thinks that the Discovery people won't find it on Facebook?:

Source: Timothy Carroll, Public Facebook, Post Dated: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 10:37 pm
Original Post

I guess Discovery Communications doesn't want to be associated with Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll -- who can blame them?

Hopefully, Discovery and Carfix have learned since they aired that episode about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac and the scam he is operating and decided not to allow him to use their good name to further it.

What's with the new name he's made up: Carroll Custom Products?

Somehow Carroll had obtained a video of the episode and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. Obviously without the copyright owners permission. Not smart or ethical at all, but I digress.

Enjoy YouTube's copyright school, Carroll. Hope you do better there than you did at "engineering school." yuk yuk

I didn't contact Discovery Communications or "Carfix" but I know of another Victim who did and gave them an earfull about what a crook Carroll actually is.

If you're just arriving here and you were defrauded by Carroll because you saw that episode you should maybe consider suing Discovery, et al. Maybe I've watched too much "Boston Legal" but couldn't a good lawyer make a case that they're potentially culpable since they knew what kind of person Carroll is? Perhaps, that is what they fear and had the episode taken down.

The link that Carroll shared in the above Facebook post is now 404 too. Hmmmm

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Bill From Oregon

I was contacted by Bill the evening of 06 May 2017. He phoned the number up there in the header, left a voice message and luckily I was around to receive it and call him right back.

It turns out that the "Bill's '98 STS" page on the Carroll Custom Cadillac website is referring to Bill's caddy. Bill told me that he can't believe that Carroll is still using his car to promote his business.

What's interesting about hearing from Bill is that he knew Tim and Carolyn Carroll when they lived in Ridgefield, Washington. So we're going back a few years. This is important to me as it helps to further establish Carroll's long time pattern of fraud and misbehavior.

After I introduced myself he said the magic phrase that probably 9 out of 10 Victims say upon initial contact: "Oh yeah, I was just reading in there and I was amazed to see that I'm not the only one that [Tim Carroll] has screwed."

Bill continued, "four or five years ago [Carroll] he uh rebuilt my Northstar and I had custom headers built, and he had that, [Carroll] still has that on his video, you know what he did to my car and I'm going 'I can't believe it!'

"And he claimed to be a Christian [editor's note: this is usually the next thing that victims I've talked to say] and he's always judging people, I would have thought that he would have got his by now but I looked online and it looks like he's doing OK."

"Yeah he messed with me, I'm a 100 % disabled Vietnam Vet and he took my money, that was Vietnam Vet money and I'm restoring that car for my PTSD for a hobby and he took me to the bank. I'm having the people who's going to put a new engine in it, I'm going to get a brand new engine that I can trust, and I'm going to ask the people that do it to check everything else that he did because I don't know. I mean he rebuilt my engine and it started missing, he didn't know anything about it. And it started smoking and I took it to a mechanic and [Carroll] still had the original spark plug wires, left them on a "rebuilt" engine, can you believe that?"

"And I finally got him to admit, 'you must have had some bad rings'? And [Carroll] said, 'yeah.' and I said [expletive]. And Carroll said, 'you send the car, ship it here and I'll fix it.'
[editor's note: by this time Carroll had moved to Texas] And I said, 'that's going to cost me a thousand dollars to ship it there and a thousand back, what are you crazy?' [editor's note Yep!]

"And then [Carroll's] "warranty" isn't any good. I said, 'no we're done, son, we're done.'

Bottom line is that Carroll rebuilt Bill's Northstar with bad rings and other problems then moved to Texas and he's out $5,000.00. 

Bill said, "I went up to his ranch out there (in Ridgefield, Washington) and got to know Carroll and his wife a little bit and the guy really had me, I thought he was legit. [Carroll told me that he was an engineer and he quit Cadillac because of the headgasket (issue). Then [Carroll] got into these head bolts and he was the distributor in that and [Carroll] got way over his head in that."

Bill said, [Carroll's] gonna know, thing's are getting to the point where people, are, getting weird. People don't have the money to get ripped off and [Carroll] is gonna mess with somebody - I heard from somebody [Carroll] has his brother's and Mexican friend's with a little gang, you mess with [Carroll] and they'll get ya."

"[Carroll] know's who I am," Bill continued, "you know and he cut me off. I had his phone number, and I couldn't get in touch with [Carroll] and after I told [Carroll], I said, 'we got to talk about this and you've got to send me an engine' and [Carroll] just cut me off."

"I told [Carroll] Bill said, 'I'm a Vietnam Vet and you just messed with some of my money."

"[Carroll] is just so arrogant, he thinks nobody can touch him, I guess" Bill observed.

"I know when he was doing mine, he took so damned long and I'd keep emailing him, 'is it ready yet?' and [Carroll] would say, 'whoa hold it there boy, you're not the only one I'm working on' and I said, 'you never told me that.' And [Carroll] just caused me a lot of anxiety"

One funny story that Bill shared with me that has to do with Carroll's apparent obsession with homosexuals is that when he took his Cadillac out to Carroll's [Ridgefield, Washington] ranch, he had the Vietnam Campaign Veteran decal on the back of his Caddy (along with a Vietnam Vet license plate) and [Carroll] thought that was the gay sticker. "[Carroll] thought that was gay colors -- that's how stupid [Carroll] is. And right away, I said, what the hell you talking about? I'm a Vietnam Vet and that's a campaign, and [Carroll' said, 'oh, well I don't like those gay fuckers.' And I said you know, I see you talking about it and you're always judging, I said, you know, you shouldn't do that, you're in business!"

Bill said, "I used to hear [Carroll] get so depressed or whatever, (in hindsight) must have been so many people on him, and depressed about the way the world is treating him, [Carroll would say] 'I just want to take my wife and myself and my Bible and just go out in the desert and wait for Jesus to come.'  Bill indicated that this left him incredulous.

Editor's note: In my opinion what Carroll really means when he makes statements like that is that he needs to go hide out in the desert until the heat wears off.

Bill told me that Carroll had a little ranch there in Ridgefield, "it was hell to get to and hell to find", he said. "Nice place and everything Bill continued and [Carroll] was just in the midst of building a big paint shop, [Carroll] said his forte was actually painting." Bill said, "I should have taken that, [Carroll] can't build an engine, I don't know about your paint job.  [Carroll] showed me a paint job of a beautiful Cadillac that [Carroll] painted one day and I looked on the side and it a big ripple. And [Carroll] blamed it on the (paint) gun. [Carroll] said it was a new gun and it was defective."

"Everytime I went out there [Carroll] was always blaming something or someone else, even his own brother." Bill said.

"About the only thing I liked about [Carroll] and his wife was their cat." Bill shared.

Bill said, "It's real funny they lived out on this old ranch they called it. It was just a piece of property, five acres out in the boondocks, with a shop on it and a motor home, they were in a motor home, a double-wide."

I asked Bill if Carroll gave him a reason as to why they left Washington and he said that Carroll told him that his wife was dying and they had to go to drier country. So they just sold everything and moved.Bill indicated to me that he wasn't convinced that was the real reason.

Bill told me, "let everybody else know--we're not the only ones."

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Texas Attorney General Complaint Number for Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac

Anyone desiring to file a complaint about your experience with Tim Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac, Pure Cadillac Service, LLC, PCS, LLC, Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's, Carroll Custom Products, et al., may do so by visiting:

Following the instructions and referencing:

Re: Carroll Custom Cadillac     Complaint No: CGS-15729

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.

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How Many Companies Does Tim Carroll Own Again?

Originally published on 18 October 2016

Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 2017 Update

VTC&CCC is still hearing from folks who have recently been defrauded by Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

We hope to have some new posts and info about them up before too long.

If you've been defrauded by The Carroll's we want to hear from you.

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