Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tim Carroll Mentions Mysterious Books Written About His Life Story Again

HI again. You're friendly blogger here. I couldn't help but notice that Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac, in his latest rant posted sometime today on the website, that he once again mentions these famous books written about his life story.

Yet, like usual, Tim Carroll fails to tell his "thousands and thousands of fans," just what the name of the title is. He doesn't mention the author(s) name either. Are these books available on or a brick and mortar store such as Barnes & Nobel? He never says.

Here's his exact quote:

"There has been two books written about my life by two awesome men who helped me overcome the death of my youngest son, of whom I am more grateful then I can ever express."

Doesn't it seem reasonable that if you've been written about, that you'd kinda want to publicize it. Especially if it would help in your business and reputation? Just my opinion.

Ya know, I just remembered reading a news report awhile back, you might have read or saw a tv report on it, it was big news at the time, about this Jewish guy who was arrested for impersonating a "Holocaust" Survivor. He was collecting "Reparations."

He actually told the court or a news reporter that "It was real in his mind." I can't help but wonder if that's what we have here?

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