Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review: Is Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac a Company You Can Trust?

A thought occurred to me this morning,...You know here I am a customer of Carroll's, I paid him over $7,000 and entrusted my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado ETC to him. Carroll strung me along with one excuse after another. Over the summer, he quit responding to my emails for status updates. He refused to answer his phone when I'd call. Carroll strung me along for a year and a half. To-wit:  Specifically from 01 March 2014 - 27 August 2015.

The facts are that Tim Carroll will not account for the money or my Caddy. He wrote me on 27 August 2015, to say that he was having it towed away, (if it was still there considering that Jeff Kappel said that Carroll was attempting to sell it, without my knowledge or consent, back in May 2015).

Tim Carroll refused to tell me who towed it or who had custody of it. Then he ordered me to quit emailing him.

Then when I get online, like anyone would do these days, to try to warn people about him and recount my experience -- he, Tim Carroll, responds by writing hate filled rants about me and others who aren't even involved, on his website and releases my personal information.

You should ask yourself, that if you become a customer and you have a disagreement with Carroll, will he respond by releasing your personal information online and writing online hate filled rants about you?

I have to wonder looking back if Tim Carroll with his relentless dogging out of Jake Weibe and Northstar Performance, if that wasn't his way of letting his "clients" know the same would be in store for them if they said anything? Just a thought.

In my opinion, this is not how honest, respectable, legitimate businesses and businesspeople act.


  1. Keep telling the public your lie, because everyone will know the truth as we proceed.
    What you seem to forget is the proof is in our emails and we are compiling everything to expose you for your ill will.
    As far as Jake, well he decided to chime in and involve himself, and you added him in, so you can count on full exposure!
    We will make right, what you tried to make wrong.
    Ed you are not a good person, and this deceit you have publically put forth is about to be dealt with.
    So absolutely, keep your eyes open as we proceed to uncover your lie.

    Your car is still waiting to be picked up!
    I told you to pick it up in email, it was unto your disgruntle threats that I said fine, and I will have the sheriff remove it to impound.
    I also told you if you apologized for what you said, I would finish your car.
    I will expose how I offered a free car on my dime, all because I felt bad for you.
    I did not see you tell anyone about anything I was doing as a friend in your false online rants?
    You rather lied and mislead the public.

    So we will exploit the truth and show the world who Edward W Hooper JR Really is?
    Good luck