Monday, October 26, 2015

Tim Carroll Edits / Pure Cadillac Service PCS Website Again


If edits to the domain shortly before 11 a.m. CDT this morning are any indication, it appears that Tim Carroll plans to plow on ahead with his PureCadillacService, LLC or PCS or PCS, LLC  deception.

As of June 2015, Collin County Records show that both, Carroll Custom Cadillac and Carroll Diesel Pros & 4x4's are both registered assumed names (the Texas equivalent of DBA) to Timothy John Carroll.

Carroll, or someone working on his behalf also removed from the Sites' Main to the About Us page, his (at last count) 1,500+ word, self-styled essay he titled 'Perseverance.'

Still prominently displayed on the main page is the photograph that Carroll represents to be of himself posing with an as yet unidentified white male that he claims to be called "Jeremiah" Last name not given, allegedly his son.

It's believed that this display is contrived by Carroll in part of his grand plan to gain sympathy for him to use to deflect honest and fair criticism and review of his goings on.
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 What does this mean? (Last accessed 26 October 2015)
Click here to download 2 page .pdf (150 kb)

Despite claiming to have started a new business, Carroll is still marketing himself using the "dissolved" Carroll Custom Facebook and website.
Facebook Last accessed 1604 CDT 26 October 2015 

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