Sunday, March 19, 2017

UPDATED Have You Recently Ordered Head Studs From Tim Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac?

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Source: Carroll Custom Cadillac Public Facebook Thursday, March 9, 2017 at 6:02 pm

If you've recently ordered Head Studs from Tim Carroll, VTC&CCC would like to hear from you. You can reply by email or in the comment area in the footer of this post.

We're especially interested in hearing from anyone who's ordered the "new" ARP studs.

These studs are allegedly Carroll's "newest head stud designs." Apparently, ARP is manufacturing these studs only for Carroll. ARP's website doesn't currently list any head stud kits for the Northstar:

Also if anyone knows, please share, what the website which Carroll promotes, (without promoting the ARP website) has to do with anything.

What exactly is Carroll's so called "business partnership" with ARP? Does ARP know of this alleged "partnership"? How are warranty issues handled? What about returns?

It appears that Carroll doesn't have a credit card processor any more. How is he taking payments? If he did take your credit card number how did the charge appear on your statement? Who shipped the studs to you, Carroll or ARP? If you had to return your studs how did that go?

Once again, VTC&CCC strongly cautions anyone considering sending your money or your car to Tim Carroll. Please look over this blog and the information about Carroll that it contains.

Source: Carroll Custom Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 1400 CDT

UPDATE 08 May 2017

Tim Carroll deceptively edited his Facebook post (same link url as above).

Gone is the talk of his "business partnership with ARP." Now Carroll claims that the so called head studs are merely "exclusively sold through CCC." And that Carroll is just "work[ing] with ARP."

Clearly, Carroll's mentioning that "a blog" is talking about him indicates he read this post then edited his Facebook post. Gone also is the mention of the website. Could it be the folks over there are becoming aware of Carroll's criminal activity?

I can't help but wonder why ARP (Automotive Racing Products, Ventura, California) is still doing business with Carroll? Of course Carroll is a known liar so maybe they're not.

Carroll now claims that he is the "warrantor" of the head studs. Ok, where is the warranty? Is it written down? It doesn't matter if it's written down because Carroll will just edit it later. Or outright dishonor it. The only thing Carroll's "warranty" is worth, is its ability to trick you out of your money and Caddy. You cannot trust or believe anything the man says or writes. Everything he says and does is to further this scam he's got going.

This is not a game. Tim Carroll is a major criminal and fraudster. You better think twice about doing business with him.