Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac - Funky Fingers Production?

Source: YouTube
See if you can count how many times the chain collides with this Cadillac.

"I just want my car." "BAM"

Reminder Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac Civil Fraud Trial on 14 August 2017

Tim Carroll's civil fraud trial is scheduled to be held at 9 a.m. on Monday, 14 August 2017, before Collin County Justice of the Peace-Judge, Jerry Shaffer.

All Victims and other interested parties are encouraged to attend.
City Courthouse
Suite A
406 Raymond Street
Farmersville, Texas

It'd also be helpful if you'd contact Princeton and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas media and ask them to look into this matter.

A few suggestions are:

VTC&CCC will attempt to follow this story and update with any new developments.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

UPDATED Tim Carroll / Carroll Custom Cadillac Having a "Going Out of Business Sale"

Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac, currently, 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas, previously, Ridgefield, Washington, recently added two videos to his Tim Carroll/CCC YouTube channel.

The first video, which has a run time of two minutes, three seconds, is titled "2007 Customized Yamaha V STAR 650."
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Check out the number of Carroll's subscribers -666- think someone is trying to tell you something?

According to the video narration, its meant to be an "up close and personal" video of the motorcycle before Carroll starts it up and drives it. Looks like the license plate tag expired in February, 2017.

The second video, has a run time of six minutes, thirteen seconds, is titled "MVI 0041."

In this video Tim Carroll starts off stating that "Its been sitting here for a couple of hours, but it's a nice warm day today, so it should start right up. I just tried it a minute ago and it fired right up." Are you smart enough to figure out what Carroll, probably inadvertently, did right there?

Tim Carroll's video's speak for themselves and you're of course encouraged to view them all.

One thought that occurred to me, is why is Tim Carroll spending all this money on this motorcycle including the customization, such as the custom foot pegs and ordering special leather saddle bags and a leather tank cover from "London, England" when he knows he owes so many people so much money? Where is our money?

After seeing those videos it wasn't that hard to find Carroll's advertisement and that's where things get interesting...

Carroll announces from his craigslist ad [ link] that "We are having a moving sale." Further down Carroll writes, "We are running out of time to sell off many things!" He ends with, "We are leaving soon so I don't have time to wait. Must sale (sic) quick!"

Is this is a legitimate move or Tim Carroll apparently pulling a fast one...again? Why didn't he announce his move way in advance, for instance, from his Facebook or CCC website?

Indeed, on 20 June 2017 at 3:08 pm Carroll posted to the CCC Facebook that "[A]ll is good and we are moving forward!!" This was nearly 26 hours after he had posted the advert!

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UPDATE: Monday, 03 July 2017 1255 CDT
Click picture to enlarge
Source: Mechanic Shop going out of business sale! Too much to list! link:
Ad copy:
I am asking 50k for everything including parts! I will consider all offers!!!
I am leaving and to down size asap! So check it out and make an offer.

I am the owner of a Cadillac only private shop and company!
Life is changing and I am going to sell off everything!

I have tech tools for computer diagnostics' car lift to parts washer!
Everything is going! If your interested in what I am selling call me!

The shop I have now I just built, it is an all metal building and I am selling it too!
I also have a 45 foot container parts house!

I am asking serious buyers to stop by and examine the things we have and make offers.
This is the real deal, a greater starter package for those who are going into the business and need to start up.

My name is Tim, my number is 940-395-9839