Friday, October 9, 2015

UPDATED: Tim Carroll Claims to have "Dissolved" Carroll Custom Cadillac in Favor of Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's

Sometime today, within the past few hours of post time, yet another "Special announcement!" has appeared upon the website.
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Source: (Last accessed 1706 CDT, 09 October 2015)

Special announcement!
During the process of changing ownership, we have officially dissolved Carroll Custom Cadillac After regaining control of our equipment and ending the sale of our company we have opened up a brand new company separate of the old one.

The new company is now owned by several family members with an all new approach to our custom service.
This new business is under the ownership of Carroll Diesel Pro's & 4x4's.
In my opinion, what could be happening here is that Tim Carroll realizes that the he has destroyed the Carroll Custom Cadillac name and that his Cadillac "Repair" bidness is over. Including "Head Studs."

Now he has to make a fresh start and find some other suckers to rip off.

If Carroll sticks to the Carroll Custom Cadillac business model, I'd expect him to flood the various Diesel truck and 4X4 Forums with amazing tales of his exploits. Reel em in boys.

Carroll's announcement claims that that "the new company is now owned by several family members." Just who are these mysterious, unnamed "family members"?

I wonder if that means that he is going to be using someone else's name out front of his new scheme? Will that name even belong to a real live flesh and blood human being? Shades of "David Manning"?

Deeper down the rabbit hole we go, where we stop, no one knows...

UPDATE: Within moments of this post Tim Carroll has edited the website yet again. It's latest iteration:

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Is PCS LLC or Pure Cadillac Service, LLC., even a real corporation? How can one find out?

UPDATE 2: Carroll Custom Cadillac changed website header to:

 PCS Pure Cadillac Service. At least he got the dreaded Carroll name out of it, eh?

Can you really believe anything this guys says or writes? Can you afford to? Do your due diligence. Does anything add up with this guy?

Source: (Last accessed: 0820 CDT, 10 October 2015)

Here we have the website edited yet again, this time apparently to remove the previous "explanation." It's been replaced with the simple "CCC is now PureCadillacService LLC."


Source: (Last accessed: 0848 CDT, 10 October 2015)
Minutes later another explanation. Carroll seems to have removed any mention, for now, of the Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's.


Sometime between about 0800 - 0830 CDT, 12 October 2015, Tim Carroll got around to editing the "blue" colored text on the website announcement. As you can see, he has removed his Carroll surname. Wonder why?

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