Monday, November 16, 2015

Yep, Tim Carroll is a COC Violator

Hi again, your friendly blogger here. Regular readers of VTC&CCC are aware that sometime around 30 October 2015, Tim Carroll created or caused to be created a Twitter account in my name which he in turn was using to abuse and terrify me.

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I had to send a scan of my ID Card to Twitter which then launched an investigation1.

I received the results of that investigation this evening and now possess an official 3rd party opinion that Tim Carroll does in fact participate in abusive behavior.

1 Case# 24046435: Impersonation

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tim Carroll to Complete 1999 Eldo?


In a Facebook post this afternoon, Tim Carroll vows to complete the 1999 Eldorado. When? Who knows. Quite frankly I am very insulted by Carroll's statement that he has "good and decent" clients more deserving who come before me -- When I paid him in full in March 2014! So no this is unacceptable. We're now 624 days into this and no end in sight. Put my Caddy First, Tim Carroll ahead of everyone else.

That Saturday when Carroll met me in Tyler, Texas to look over a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado ETC, he spent over an hour inspecting it. Or pretending to. He started it. He drove it down the street from where it was parked at its owner's apartment complex to next door into the parking lot of a shopping mall where he had parked his truck and trailer.

Everyone had arrived by 11:15. Carroll saw us standing by the car and parked next door and walked back up. He looked over the car even looking for signs of painted over wreckage. Checked the alignment of the trunk lid. Talked to the owner about the history of the car and the owner's agent/friend who had worked on it.

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He had told me earlier in the week when we spoke by phone to set everything up that he'd charge me $200.00 to trailer it from Tyler to Pilot Point. I told him that would be fine and if he discovered that he couldn't fix it or it wasn't worth the agreed upon price or just not worth it, I'd still pay him the $200.00 for his time as a prepurchase inspection and I'd keep looking for an Eldo for him to do. He agreed.

Around 1:00 pm he told me that he could fix it and he'd take care of a few other things too such as the power antenna motor was tired and maybe a window motor. So the owner and his friend and I left to find a Notary. On the Bill of Sale the Notary wrote the time and it was around 1:20 pm.

We returned and loaded up, I paid him in cash and The Carrolls and I were leaving the parking lot by 2:00.

The point being that all Carroll's talk about this being a crap cadillac is a lie. He looked it over. Or pretended to. The only other explanation is that Carroll knew it was a crap cadillac that day in Tyler and let me purchase it anyway because he knew he could rip me off.

Anyway, he's never sent me any evidence of any of this being true. 

Later, when Carroll first contacted me to let me know what he claimed to have discovered a rotten PCM Wiring Harness, he asked me to have patience with him and he'd find one at the pick n pull. He implied that he went there a lot to buy motors and replacement parts.

He has had my Caddy since 01 March 2014. In August 2014, Carroll emailed me and said that it would be ready very soon. Then nothing.

I should have already printed out all of our emails but from memory it seems like it was around the first of this year (2015) that he started talking about a replacement car.

I told him, aww I wish you wouldn't do that and maybe a wiring harness would pop up any time.

Tim Carroll is telling an outright lie when he states that I insisted that any replacement car must be just like the one in question. I told him that if he wanted to do this then I would accept whatever substitute car he could find. I did ask that it not be pink or girly colored and be a Touring Coupe.

All the while I was telling him that I really didn't want him to purchase another car for me and that hopefully a replacement harness would turn up before long.

At some point he wrote that he could fix my Caddy after all. Then later he went back to his going to buy me one.

Time went on and no word. Carroll wouldn't respond to my emails requesting status updates. He wouldn't answer his phone when I would call during routine business hours.

Tim Carroll can continue to poor mouth himself all he wants. In my opinion most if not all of what he writes is untrue and absurd.

Carroll's Carrot & Stick Approach?

In this afternoon's Facebook post we once again see Carroll's promise to merely do what he was paid to do and said he could do and what he said he was doing all along.

I've addressed this before. All I want is what I paid Tim Carroll over $7,000.00 for: A Complete Overhaul; Carroll's Array of Mods, including, Honed YPipe, Unrestricted Exhaust w/Stainless Steel Tips, Cold-Air-Intake, the Volo Hi-Performance "Super' Chip, The Spark Plugs he recommended and charged me $90.00 for, The Dent on the RH Front Fender Removed and Fender Repainted, Paint Touch-ups on Back Bumper. And an accounting of the money and the Caddy.

If Carroll can do all that and deliver it to me by the 1st of the year, I will document the Cadillac's arrival with pictures and video as well as the test drive and post them here for all to see. I'd even start one of these blog things about this Eldo to let everyone know how it's performing.

I do not owe Tim Carroll any apology, nuts to that. I will give him credit when and if it's ever due.

Can or will Carroll deliver the promised overhauled and modified Eldorado by the first of the year (2016)? Stay Tuned.

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Should you warm up your engine before you drive?

With winter approaching1 I thought that I'd share a post that I sent around to family and friends several years ago about warming up your car engine before you drive.

John Elder Robison owner of J.E.Robison Service, Co in Springfield, Massachusetts specializes in antique motor cars of which many of these Northstar System Cadillacs are, or rapidly approaching.

In his short blog post, Robison takes the interesting approach of explaining from the engine's perspective what all takes place when an engine is started; how temperature makes metal expand and contract and the potential deleterious effects of placing a load on a cold engine.
If you don't have time to read it, just remember, year round:
The simple takeaway – five minutes of warm-up will keep your motor alive longer, with fewer leaks and less risk of failure. And when you do drive . . . go light on the throttle until everything is up to temperature! ~ J.E. Robison

1 In response to a reader comment about if warmup is "just a (sic) critical when the weather is warm to mild?" explained "Yes . . . the desirability of warmup is the same spring or summer. When the motor is hot the metal is about 200 degrees. WHen (sic) it's sitting cold its the temp of the air. Whether that is 30 degrees or 70 degrees it still has a long way to go to warm up." See,

Monday, November 9, 2015

VTC&CCC Radio Special Guest Dallas H.

Dallas H. Part 2

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Device: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-400S

Dallas H. joins VTC&CCCR to address Tim Carroll and Carrolls' untruthful remarks directed towards Dallas.

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UPDATE: Friday 13 November 2015 | 09 November 2015 Show Downloaded 31 Times!

Source: Internet Archive [] Classic Version shown
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Tim Carroll Reportedly Botched Another "Clients'" Caddy 

Northstar Performance Retooling

Northstar Performance, announces a one week retooling period commencing immediately.

Over the next 144 hours NSP will wire in and program recently acquired CNC Machines to meet increased demand, according to a Facebook posting this morning, by the Canadian firm's principal, Jacob Wiebe.
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Wiebe is the owner of U.S. Patent No. 8,740,532 [.pdf] and has managed to carve out a niche for himself and his company by marketing his patent as the SureGrip Stud Kit to Cadillac Northstar System owners and mechanics around the world.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Musical Interlude 'November Rain'

"Gimme A Piano"

For the third Saturday in a row, we're being deluged by rain. No tornado warnings or watches this time. Just Flooding. VTC&CCC will return shortly. If not before, then sometime on Monday night with the new radio show. Monday night guest is Dallas H. So you won't want to miss that.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tim Carroll Reportedly Botched Another "Clients'" Caddy

Tim Carroll [in my opinion] is awful, paranoid and a thief! My husband sent his Caddy to CCC and it was a huge mistake to trust him. He even put a part on my husbands car that is illegal in California knowing we live in California. My husband paid him over $8k to ruin the engine. Not to mention shipping costs and 4 months of rental car costs when Carroll told my husband 2 weeks to return it.

We have had many costly problems since he worked on our car. He refused to even consider he may have caused problems with his work and started accusing us of harassing him when we told him the problems. He even "voided our warranty" because we asked if he would call our mechanic here. Like we would send the car to him again anyway. His "warranty" is a joke!

The only reason we didn't file suit was he cost us so much money already we can't afford a lawsuit. Carroll even has the balls to brag about the work he did on my husband's car on FB!
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 Source: Facebook CarrollCustomCadillac 10 January 2015
Source: Facebook CarrollCustomCadillac 14 January 2015
Source: Facebook CarrollCustomCadillac 01 February 2015

Reads the email that VTC&CCC received a couple of nights ago. I'm attempting to arrange a telephone interview with the sender of that email, that I can record and post online in the new VTC&CCC Radio segment.

Right now, I can announce that Dallas H. has agreed to appear on the Monday, 09 November 2015 program. You'll be able to listen to Dallas describe, in his own words, his experience with Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to appear on your own segment feel free to Contact VTC&CCC.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Breaking Tim Carroll Rejects Counter-Offer; Litigation to Ensue

Tim Carroll has rejected twice my very generous offer of giving him 45 days to overhaul and modify my Caddy, which is what I paid him for.

I now have no other alternative than to involve the courts.

I will post the complete suit in a .pdf after the Court Clerk returns me the stamped copy.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

In Halloween Twitter Bombardment Tim Carroll Extends an Olive Branch?

Phew. Yesterday the weather was terrible here. Woke up to heavy rains, wind, lightning, thunder, tornado warnings, flooding. There is a report of a tornado strike in the opposite end of the parish from me, in Elmer. I have a friend that lives in Elmer I haven't heard from. He usually calls me to compare notes after something like this. His electricity could be out. Maybe he'll call me after he sees this post?

The Sunday paper wasn't delivered  until shortly before 11. The time went back an hour. Did you hear about the dead comet that flew past earth last night? Supposedly it looks like a skull.

Anyway, back to yesterday, I didn't get to log online until about mid-morning. When I finally did, the weather looked like the power could go out at any second. I did see what looked like a Tim Carroll twitter bombardment coming in. I read a few of his tweets but not many. The electricity did go out. Later after it was restored I took a chance to turn on my machine for a few minutes to post. Then shut down again for the rest of the day.

It's still cloudy and overcast and misting rain on and off. No wind though. What's weird is that in a Facebook post shortly before this twitter burst, Tim Carroll accused me of stalking him on twitter. But, the facts are, that Tim Carroll began following me on twitter, thus alerting me to his twitter presence. He's also created or caused to be created a twitter account in my name.

 click picture to enlarge
Pretty weird and unusual behavior, eh?

Carroll will probably accuse me of taking his Halloween tweets out of context because I'm not going to embed them all here. You can view them all by going to his twitter profile page and clicking view tweets and replies. That's unless he deletes some or all.

I'll embed the tweets here that I want to respond to: (Also if Carroll deletes a tweet of his embedded here the embed will show Tweet Not Available.)

Firstly, I dispute that I've slandered or made threats. And demand you show me specific, articulable instances to back up your allegations. So that's first off. I also call into question your statement of your being "a man of God."

Second. I want you to refund me all the money that I paid you and also for the Eldorado. We both know that figure comes to $10,000.00.

I'm not an unreasonable person and not that I believe that you could overhaul and modify that Caddy in any length of time, all I want now is what I wanted then. What I paid you in full for. An overhauled and modified Cadillac Eldorado ETC that you and me and your legions of fans all over the earth could be proud of.

Since you take this affirmative step to cure the injury you've done me I will accept that. However, it will not be open ended.

I will allow you 45 days from tomorrow, 02 November 2015, to deliver my Car to me as originally promised. After 610 days or 1 year & 8 Months of waiting for you -- This is as far as I'm willing to meet you. 17 December 2015.