Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Tried to Sell My Caddy

Yesterday evening I received word from another Victim of Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac that my Caddy was possibly last spotted in late May 2015 at Carroll's (former) base at the 11430 Hames Road, Pilot Point, Texas property.

That property's owner and Carroll's former landlord Jeff Kappel had mentioned in an email dated 30 May 2015 that he had originally sent then to the Victim who then forwarded it on to me.

In it, Mr. Kappel wrote that one of several Caddys left there, matched the license plate (previous owner) info personally identifiable to mine. The Caddy has Texas license plates starting with NSM. I bought the Caddy in Tyler, Texas on 01 March 2014 and titled it here in Louisiana on 03 March 2014.

I emailed Mr. Kappel my info with a scan of the title attached to it.

Mr. Kappel responded to me this morning that Tim Carroll had actually tried to sell him my Caddy.
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I wonder how many Cadillac's belonging to other folks Tim Carroll has sold?


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Monday, September 28, 2015

Dallas H. Story Part 1

Less than 48 hours after VictimsofTimCarroll.blogspot.com went live, I was contacted the evening of 23 September 2015, by a man from the Midwest, USA.

After a brief email exchange about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac, he allowed me to phone him. I made notes; here is what I learned:

Dallas H.
Midwest USA
1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

Carroll pierced the engine block while studding it. Jeff Kappel, Tim Carroll's landlord told Dallas this. After getting his car back from Carroll, Dallas noticed the engine malfunctioning. He shut the car off, which chose that moment for the coolant water to run out, including through the piercing in the block --  which again, was due to Carroll's botched "freehanded" head studding method.

Dallas sent the car back to Carroll demanding warranty work. Carroll then claimed, despite never providing any evidence that the car actually ran hot, that it was run hot, voiding the warranty. To make matters worse, Dallas discovered that Carroll had removed the special battery Aurora's have from the car. The car was vandalized, such as the engine compartment looked like someone had taken a hammer to the pully housings and so forth. Carroll left all 4 windows rolled down. By the time Dallas retrieved his car from the warranty work the interior was rotten.

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Carroll's [Now 'Unavailable'] Facebook Description of Dallas' Aurora [File]
After Carroll was through with it...scrapyard bought for $300.00
Dallas figures that he's out money and the Aurora - $6k

Dallas H. (Dallas) launched his own investigation and actually went to Pilot Point to see what was going on with Carroll and to gather information with the intent to sue him.

Everything that Dallas knows about Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac, he's learned from personal first-hand knowledge from dealing with Carroll and from his in person conversation with Carroll's landlord, Jeff Kappel.

This conversation between Dallas and Jeff Kappel was at the 11430 Hames Road property. Dallas believes that the date was Thursday, 21 May, 2015.

What happened that day was, by coincidence while Dallas was at the Hames Road property, Tim Carroll's landlord, Jeff Kappel drove in. Mr. Kappel together with his wife Julia make up the points of Two Points Real Estate Investments.

Dallas said that Kappel told him a lot. After which he decided that it would be pointless to sue Carroll. For instance, Carroll originally came down to Texas, on an owner-finance deal south of (City of) Dallas, that then fell through. According to Mr. Kappel, Dallas said, Tim Carroll has no money, no assets and no credit.

Somehow, Dallas said, Carroll and Kappel knew of each other because Kappel is originally from the Northwest. Carroll was at one time believed to be operating in Ridgefield, Washington.

Mr. Kappel owns the Hames Road property and he rented it to Carroll.

Where Tim Carroll lived on Hames Road in Pilot Point

Apparently, what it all comes down to is how Tim Carroll ran his business was that after what Dallas called "saturating the market," a phrase that I interpreted to mean Carroll's immense Internet and social media presence, because judging from Carroll's Facebook postings CCC appeared to be getting in about five Cadillac's a week. Sometimes it looked like that many a day. Carroll would get half the money up front and let the car's sit there.

Carroll skipped out on the Hames Road property because he found another owner-finance deal in Princeton.

That is the 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas  75407 property. Finding this out caused me to speculate if Carroll was about to "skip out" on this owner-finance? Someone needs to find out who floated that note, contact them to see what's going on.

Dallas told me that he doesn't believe that "David Manning" is real. Dallas said, that there was another mechanic working at Pilot Point but that his name wasn't Dave or David. Like me, Dallas pointed out, Carroll never mentioned a Dave or David. My own opinion of that is that Carroll made the Dave name up and put it on his CarrollCustomCadillac.com website to buy more time. 

Dallas said that Kappel told him that at all the time Tim Carroll was at Hames Road, Tim (and whomever he brought with him?) was living in his famed "5th wheel."

Dallas told me that Mr. Kappel mentioned that Carroll "ran out on him, the night of the worst rainstorm in Texas." They received 9" of rain in an hour there and Carroll was out in the middle of it hauling cars off.  The landlord caught him the next day getting the last car he was taking with him, out. He asked him what he was doing and Carroll told him that he was leaving. The landlord said that "You didn't give me any Notice." Carroll reportedly responded that he "could just keep his deposit."

Dallas told me that according to Kappel, that there are still some Caddy's at the Pilot Point location and that Kappel has some license plate numbers, trying to find out who they belonged to.

More later. Feel free to comment. Also, Share Your Story

UPDATE: 09 November 2015 Dallas H. Story Part 2

Last Updated 09 November 2015 20:46

Sunday, September 27, 2015

'Super Moon Blood Moon Eclipse' 2015

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The Super Duper Blood Moon Rises Over My House

Is tonight's 'Blood Moon' a harbinger, portent or omen of the "End Times"? ...I have no clue, but in my opinion, if its anything, let it be a sign, that the true nature of Texas grifter, Tim Carroll is being revealed all over the world and that his automotive scams, such as Carroll Custom Cadillac and the mysterious Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's be no more and never again. Selah.

Friday, September 25, 2015

No Sign of Tim Carroll, Yet

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Texas grifter, Tim Carroll & his lovely wife Carolyn aka Carrie Carroll

Well, it's been several days now since this blog went live and its related Twitter handle @tcarrollvictims lit up the blogosphere and the twitterverse respectively to warn about Texas grifter, Tim Carroll, and still no response from him.

The last that anyone has heard of him was a post on the Carroll Custom Cadillac, Facebook page (now unavailable), that he had bought a 120 acre hideout ranch in "West Texas,"1 and that CCC was under "new ownership."

Judging from reports coming in, Tim Carroll is one of these "End Times" evangelicals who think that the world is about to end and that they will escape it by being "Raptured" off the planet to be with the Lord.

Does Tim Carroll really believe this? Or is his alleged religious beliefs just a cover story?

When, considering that it is written in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and surely Carroll's being a self proclaimed "Devout Christian" he must be familiar with it, right?:
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
I'm here to tell you, that, in my experience and opinion, Tim Carroll is a thief.

So, how could he possibly truly believe that he is eligible to be "Raptured"? Or is that Carrolls' "End Game"? Steal all you can then escape the long arm of john law by being "Raptured" out of the jurisdiction?

I don't pretend to know the Mind of God, but why would God want someone who would, in my opinion, very likely be stealing the pearls and precious stones right out of the gates, not to mention digging up the "streets of gold," and selling them to the devil?

UPDATE: Tim Carroll Responds to VTC&CCC on CarrollCustomCadillac.com Website

1 This is highly speculative for now, but the location of the Carroll Crime Family's hideout ranch could be in the vicinity of Alpine, Texas

Even V W Hired Grifters

John Elder Robison writes a great blog in support of his J.E. Robison Service Co, Inc., located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

I've been a reader for several years now. Although I could never afford to purchase, much less the maintenance costs for the many European and exotic cars that they repair, I've always had a "thing" for the chrome bumpered Rolls-Royce, Silver Shadow motorcars of the mid '60s to about mid 1972 (U.S. Market).

Especially the ones with the backup lights on the deck lid.

I do believe that Waxoyl corrosion protection that he occasionally writes about is a worthy investment for any car.

Recently, Mr. Robison wrote about VW's unfolding troubles: "VW, and the automotive scandal of the decade." It's worth a read.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Is Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac Stealing Caddys & Shipping Them Out of the Country?

I can't help but wonder since learning that Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac, stole $7,760.00 from me as well stole my 1999 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe (ETC),VIN: 1G6ET1294XU607880as well as everything that is coming out about him lately, if he is shipping these cars out of the country?

I'm not saying that he's doing this, it's just a question. Why else does he up and move around so much? He can't eat these Cadillac's. He's got to be doing something with them, right?

I'm not even saying that he does it with every Cadillac that comes through his shop. Tim Carroll is allegedly a well seasoned, long time grifter and confidence trickster, so he must have come to recognize the difference between a "mark" and from someone he couldn't get away with it from.

I wonder, why did Tim Carroll, this summer of 2015, form his new proprietorship, "Carroll Diesel Pros & 4X4's"? Could it possibly be because he is getting ready to exploit an entirely new market?

In my opinion, Tim Carroll needs to come clean, turn himself into law enforcement and make restitution to all those he's harmed and ripped off. 

1 Carroll refuses to provide me with an invoice or even tell me where my Caddy is or who has custody of it and ordered me to stop emailing him. Which I did out of fear that he'd complain to my email or Internet Service Provider See my post "13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter" for more information and to read the emails

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Carroll Custom Cadillac Mysteriously "Sold"

Sometime in the late evening hours to early morning hours of 10 - 11 September 2015, the Carroll Custom Cadillac website was changed and among those changes was this 'special announcement' that the business was now 'under new ownership.'
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source: carrollcustomcadillac.com (Last accessed 22 September 2015)

So just who is this Dave person? Is he real? Did Tim Carroll make up that name as well as this 'special announcement'?

Turns out, Dave is identified elsewhere on the now edited to read "CCC Customs Cadillac's" website (same url) as "David Manning."

Notice how the person who edited the website wrote that 'ol Dave "has always been part of CCC." That's one thing that makes me wonder if David aka Dave Manning is a real person.

Wouldn't it be reasonable, especially knowing what we now know and are learning, about Tim Carroll to wonder that if Dave "has always been part of CCC," that he must know about Tim Carrolls deceptive business practices? Wouldn't it be reasonable to wonder that not only would Dave know all this but participated in them as well? Not saying that he did, just you know, wondering.

If Dave "has always been part of CCC," then why hasn't Tim Carroll ever mentioned him before? Where's his picture? What's his experience? How is Dave able to regularly pick up at a moments or no notice and move around the country with Carroll?

Where is CCC Customs Cadillacs physically located at? Back in March 2015 Tim Carroll apparently bought the property at 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas and put up a shop in his backyard there. Tim and his wife Carolyn aka Carrie Carroll also live there. I'm just asking, does any of this make sense to you? What's your opinion?

According to a whois lookup from today, Tim Carroll still owns the carrollcustomcadillac.com domain.
 click picture to enlarge

If you visit that link you'll see above from where this screen shot was taken that Registrant Org reports that "Tim Carroll is associated with ~165 other domains." WOW! What in the world is going on?

UPDATE: 01 October 2015: Carroll Custom Cadillac Website Changed

13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter

I've been getting my notes and thoughts together to write a "My Story" Page while at the same time learning how to do all this. I will update this Page with think and info.

For now, in a nutshell, Tim Carroll strung me along for a year and a half. Specifically, from 01 March 2014 - 27 August 2015.

In June and July 2015, I had emailed Carroll for a status update about my Caddy. He didn't reply to either email. I began phoning his office number during business hours, neither Tim Carroll or his office manager wife, Carolyn aka Carrie Carroll would answer the phone.

Meanwhile, I had read this 20 June 2015, Facebook post about Tim Carroll.1

By 27 August 2015, I had enough and emailed Tim Carroll a strongly worded email: "Is Carroll Custom Cadillac Still In Business?" read the subject line.

In retrospect, hindsight, whatever you want to call it, I believe that by ignoring me for so long that Tim Carroll was counting on my emailing a strongly worded email as an excuse or pretext to terminate the business relationship.

I've printed our our email chain from that day and scanned them into a 14 page .pdf.

They're unredacted and you can read them and decide for yourself if this is the way an honest, respectable businessman, much less devout Christian, would act?
click picture to enlarge

14 Pages 1.1 MB

1 Link broken as of 08 October 2015. The screen grab of same is uploaded below


UPDATE: April 2014 Was Believed Last Time Missing Eldorado Seen In Public

Monday, September 21, 2015

"Let The Fish Fry Proceed" (Certainly Lord)

From film "The Green Pastures" 1936 performed by Hall Johnson Choir

Is Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac Being Investigated by the FBI?

If not they sure should be eh?
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This Princeton, Texas, topix Forum commenter sure thinks so.
alternate link 

Tim Carroll & Carolyn Carroll aka Carrie Carroll, Carroll Custom Cadillac, Princeton, Texas

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Timothy John Carroll aka Tim Carroll and his wife? Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll aka Carrie Ann Carroll. A kindly Christian couple trying to run an honest business or a brutal crime family out to steal your money and your Cadillac?