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Musical Interlude Fleetwood Mac Drove Cadillacs

In a 1986 interview down under, Stevie Nicks recounts the first time that she and Lindsey Buckingham met, Mick Fleetwood and John and Christine McVie.

From the day that we all met at a Mexican restaurant, and they drove up in these two wild Cadillacs. White, like with fins and they (laughing) clunked up and Lindsey and I (laughing) we're going 'these people are strange.' And they get out and it was really love at first sight.  It was like, how could you not love these people? You know? So, we had dinner and it was never like, Do you want to join the band? It was like, well rehearsal is tomorrow at ICM in the basement and you'll get paid $200.00 per week in cash, each of you. I'm going 'were rich!' And it was instant.  ~ Stevie Nicks
That meeting was on New Year's Eve. In other interviews that I've seen, Ms. Nick's has said that by September that year, Lindsey and her were, "almost millionaires."

Fleetwood Mac arriving in their tour jet at Dallas,Texas, circa 1978. If you watch till the end you'll see Cadillac Livery Cars.

YouTube commenter, mda037:
For anyone who cares...this footage is most likely from July of 1978 just before their concert at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The interviewer mentions them rehearsing for a new album (Tusk) and recording for that didn't begin until late '78. They played at the Cotton Bowl on July 23,1978 and shared the bill with the Steve Miller Band.

Lindsey Buckingham's solo in "Go Your Own Way" from their 1997 Dance Tour was worth the price of admission alone.
Fleetwood Mac Landslide Live 
Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey, 07 June 1975
"This Is For You"

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