Thursday, October 1, 2015

Carroll Custom Cadillac Website Changed

Sometime today, within the past 6 - 8 hours, "someone" edited the website.

Tim Carroll Attempting to Create a New Reality?

Gone is all mention of CCC being under new ownership. Although the name, for now at least, seems to remain "CCC Customs Cadillac's."

Also missing is any mention of the alleged new owner: Dave or David Manning.

CCC is sporting a new phone number too. It's 469-343-2593. The old number was 940-395-9839. Here's the new edit:
click picture to enlarge
This is a screen capture of the entire page but its not very high quality probably due to the page being so huge.
Here's the previous Contact Us page:

Here's today's new version of the Contact Us page:


I can't find any explanation on the website of where this mysterious CCC Customs Cadillac's is located or even who the owner is. I can't help but notice how the Contact Us page, besides having a "typo" in one instance of the new telephone number, still says that they're located in Pilot Point, Texas. Is that somehow part of Carroll's deception? What's ol Tim Carroll up to now?

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