Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ernie From Lubbock

Had a chat with Ernie the other day. Finally, about a month or so ago and after many months he got his Cadillac back from Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac.

Ernie told me that:
Everything worked fine before I sent my Cadillac to Carroll, except for the blown head gasket. After I got my car back from Carroll it appeared to have been underwater at some point as anything that required an electrical current didn't work. There was water standing in the spare tire area with rust forming on the spare. Radio would cut on and off. Oil light flickering on and off. Windows not working etc.
Anyone who follows the Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook will know who I talked to. The outrageous part is that Ernie publically defended Carroll with many comments on the CCC Facebook, once even referring to me as Carroll's "nemesis," and this is the way Tim Carroll paid him back.

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