Sunday, May 28, 2017

Texas Cadillac Northstar Fraudster Tim Carroll back on his "Homosexual" Kick Again

On Sunday, 28 May 2017, Tim Carroll of Carroll Custom Cadillac after leaving a bizarre comment here, went on about an hour later at 1807 CDT, to write and publish the below post to the CCC Facebook account:
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Tim Carroll has pulled this stunt before, back in February 2017, which I addressed here.

Is Tim Carroll or anyone else reading and following all this, really dumb enough to mistake what started out as my blogging about the way Tim Carroll defrauded me and then when others started contacting me with similar reports, many of which are posted here on VTC&CCC -- as some sort of romantic come-on? I mean, Really?

Carroll says that I'm a homosexual "who has been stalking [him] for several years," yet when Carroll phoned me back on 05 November 2016, he didn't mention any of this. Why?

In my opinion, what Tim Carroll is really up to, is he's trying, by attempting to make an example out of me, to send a message to anyone else out there that he's defrauded into remaining silent by intimidation. 

For example, if you read the texts that he sent to the guy who is currently suing Carroll in the Collin County, Texas, Justice of the Peace Court, he texted "this would make a good story" and how Carroll would "write it up."

Another example, is the lengthy voice mail he left a "client" that he'd had a disagreement with. He promised that person that:
I'll definitely make it to where everybody will know who you are and why you did it and how, you know, ungrateful you are [...] everybody will know your name. Every other mechanic out there is gonna know who you are and be careful to deal with you. I'll write a full-blown page on it..."
You can believe whatever you want but if you're considering using Carroll Custom Cadillac, you should ask yourself what if you have a disagreement with Carroll -- is this really what you want? Besides being out of thousands or dollars and possibly your Cadillac, to also be doxed and lied about online?
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