Friday, October 30, 2015

Internet Blog Comment Snafu Reveals Tim Carrolls' Attempt to Entice an "Innocent Bystander" into Conspiring to Falsify Evidence to Advance Civil Claim

The Internet never ceases to amaze me. I know that I've made myself chagrined from forwarding and replying to emails.  The send and enter buttons can be a challenge to me too.

That must be how ol' Tim Carroll must feel about now that he's realized that in his attempt to leave a comment on VTC&CCC he's actually sent vital evidence to expose his true character.

I don't know if what Tim Carroll is attempting to do here is illegal. I do know that I can speak with a high confidence level that in this country, to knowingly and willingly conspire to falsify evidence even in a civil case it's against every local and state court rule. As well as the Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct.

Tim Carroll has stated that he is going to sue me and I've told him twice to have his lawyer contact me at once. For instance nearly a month ago here and just today here.

At this stage I haven't been served with anything but when I am, I'll be moving to rule Carroll into court and demand that he show cause why he shouldn't be sanctioned.

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 The money shot:
How much more evidence does any reasonable minded person out there need to fully understand that there is no level that Tim Carroll won't stoop to advance his deception?

So screen shot this

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