Monday, June 19, 2017

Tim Carroll To Deliver My Eldo at "Front Door" Part 2

Hello again; Your friendly blogger here. You might want to read Part 1. Out of the blue, on Tuesday afternoon, 30 May 2017, I received the following two emails from Tim Carroll, front man of the Carroll Carroll Custom Cadillac scheme. I wasn't inside at the time that Carroll sent them or I would have replied quicker.
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 17:03
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: ASS!

I have been planning my closing since 2015 and you did nothing to interfere with it except keeping me telling the truth?

Now your alone! You have nothing left to chase to make a name for your sickness!~ I am exiting all this, but I plan to see you soon !

I am arranging all cars to be taken out of here, but yours I plan to deliver in person! You will stand before me and explain yourself in detail before I render a verdict for you? NO man has the right to do what you have done an not given the chance to explain, I will give you that.

I am pulling your car out tonight to bring to you!

I am not sure when I am heading to you, but it will be made live.
For some reason or other, Carroll has always had my surname mispelt in his emails. My initial thoughts were Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard this before.

Then I thought, get a load of this guy saying that he's coming to my house and that I will stand before him and explain myself in detail before Carroll renders a verdict for me.

A verdict? Really? I suppose Carroll's intent was to terrify me?

I didn't reply to this email because there was a second newer email:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 17:25
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: On my way!

Loading up your car now!

This one I did reply to:
From: chevail at .
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 18:50
To: Carroll Custom Cadillac
Subject: Re: On my way!

it better be running and in the condition that I paid you for. I have camera's too.

Here it is going on 20 days later and Tim Carroll still hasn't shown up at my house.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, at 1649 CDT, shortly before Carroll sent the two emails he made the following post to the CCC Facebook:

Click picture to enlarge

Notice how Carroll allowed the location of Princeton, TX, to be included with this post, when normally he doesn't include location information.

Carroll published his Facebook post at 1649, and fifteen minutes later sent me the first email.

I guess when I didn't reply quick enough, he sent the "On my way!" email 24 minutes later.

I can't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't see this Facebook post until the next day. I am sure that when I did see the post, I thought that it was after the fact (after 30 May), due to Carroll's statement that he's going to turn my Caddy over to the Collin County Sheriff's Office.

Of course it's yet another Carroll lie that my Eldorado is ready for me to retrieve because Carroll has never completed the repairs and modifications for which he was paid in full.

Carroll is lying about turning it over to the Sheriff too, because he can't. Like I said, he's been paid in full for a job that he refuses to complete.

What's more, Carroll refuses to give me an accounting for the money that I've paid him and an accounting of the condition of my Cadillac.

So what's Carroll going to tell the Sheriff? If Carroll tells the Sheriff the truth and we all know Tim Carroll avoids the truth like a vampire avoids sunlight, they should instantly arrest him.

If Carroll tells them anything else it would be a lie and in my opinion the equivalent of making a false police report. Who knows, there could also be some other criminal liability in there too such as, filing a false public record/injuring a public record.

I know that the Collin County Sheriff has been contacted by at least three Victims regarding Carroll's suspicious activity.

It follows that they should be, must be, aware that something's not right at 3355 Rooster Lane and if the Sheriff's Office hauls my Caddy off without doing their due diligence, I'd seriously consider suing them. At least it'd get the Sheriff's and his lawyers attention.

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