Monday, June 19, 2017

UPDATED Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll Caught Lying About 1966 Cadillac Coupe Photo

Recently, Tim Carroll/Carroll Custom Cadillac, 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas, "updated their cover photo," on Facebook, to a photo of a 1966 Cadillac Coupe.

Click photo to enlarge

In a comment dated 24 September 2012, Carroll writes: "Yes, this same Cadillac is in my back yard! How beautiful is that?" In another comment dated 04 February 2013, Carroll writes that it's a "'1965 Coupe Deville with a 429." I guess Carroll didn't read the Barrett-Jackson description because they note that it's 1966 Coupe DeVille with a 425.

However, a simple Google Image Search of the photo in question reveals that it was likely first posted to the Internet back in 2009 on the Barrett-Jackson website where it was being auctioned off in Palm Beach, Florida.

This same photo has also been uploaded to various Pinterest accounts, under various descriptions.

Of course this Cadillac was never in Tim Carroll's "back yard." If it was then why didn't he take his own photographs? Why download a photograph from off the Internet and attempt to pass it off as your own? This is just another example of how you can't believe or trust anything Tim Carroll says.

UPDATED 30 June 2017 1621 CDT
Today, Tim Carroll apparently found this post for the first time or finally chose to respond to it.

First, Carroll left one of his classic addle-brained comments which he promptly deleted.

Fortunately, VTC&CCC receives an email of each comment as they are posted. His comment is copied and pasted in the comments section below.

Screen shot of the comment email. Click picture to enlarge:

Next, Carroll took to the CCC Facebook where he posted another bunch of nonsense.

From what I can gather from this, Carroll's latest wackiness, is another failed attempt of his to manufacture an excuse, this time from the definition of the word "same."

While it's true that "same" can mean "alike" or "duplicate" it can also mean "exactly like" or "one and the same." One must look at the context it was used in order to form an opinion as to what exactly the writer meant by its use.

In Carroll's comment of 24 September 2012 at 4:45 pm, he wrote: "Yes, this same Cadillac is in my back yard! How beautiful is that?" Emphasis added.

It must be noted that Carroll wrote this comment to no one in particular.

The point is, how could any reasonable minded person read the comment and not interpret it that Carroll meant that "this same Cadillac [that's in the picture here] is in my back yard!"?

Carroll could have just as easily wrote that "This picture I found on the Barrett-Jackson website is of another Cadillac that I want mine to be like." Carroll, however, didn't do that. In my opinion, based upon personal first hand knowledge he didn't because everything that Tim Carroll does is based upon deception and to deceive.

Turning now to Carroll's Facebook post:
Click picture to enlarge
The text of Carroll's post isn't really worth addressing any further than what I already have in this update.

I will comment on the series of six photographs that Carroll placed in the post. The photo's are of some old camper with a car hauler attached with an old Cadillac sitting on the car hauler. 

Clearly, Carroll's posting of these photographs prove nothing. This could be anyone's car he was hauling around. They do not prove that this Caddy ever belonged to Tim Carroll.

You really need to do your due diligence before you get involved with this person. Ask to see his business license. Ask to see his insurance and phone the insurer to make sure it is valid and in force. Ask for his business Tax ID Number. Ask for (more than one) references and call them. If you have Facebook message people who've left comments that seem to have been customers of his and ask them what happened.

Explore every page of the website and you'll find lots of instances of content and claims that just don't add up.

Ask yourself, is this how a normal person would do business? Is this how you would do business?

Don't get Tim Carroll'd. It's not a fun place to be.


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    1. This is the comment that Tim Carroll left here from IP address 204.325.44.86, then promptly deleted. Only he doesn't know that I receive an email of each comment:
      ///BEGIN///tim carroll has left a new comment on your post "Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll Caught Lying About 196...":

      You are by far a Damned Idiot!
      You twist everything you read like the lying human Piece Of Shit you are.
      I traded a dts build for two classic cars one of which was a 1965 that I was restoring sitting in my backyard which I have pictures of the day I drove 200 miles to get it and the day I fell in love with it!
      You cock eyed ignorant asshole!
      This is how I wanted mine to look dick weed!
      Now I will certainly add this twisted shit to your new upcoming full length video.

      The years are different IDIOT mine was a 1965 and looked just like it with the long back, many people knew all about it.
      But this beautiful Caddy was something I liked enough to put on my page where others could see it and comment on mine.

      You are a sick man Edward W Hooper JR
      Go find a man who will appreciate a bastard lying POS as yourself.
      The different description between my two door coupe and this one should have been enough to prevent your exploitation of ignorance.
      I will be showing it online in your video, so be watching for it you human piece of shit!Please post this asshole! Your sick inside, how does it feel?///END///

    2. Now I will reply to Carroll's comment:
      This is not what your post or the photograph or your use of the photograph implies. Stop Lying.
      At minimum you've stolen someone else content and attempted to pass it off as your own.

      You can make all the video's you want but not one of them will change the fact that you've defrauded me out of over $7000.00 and my car. You've also defrauded many others.

    3. What you did not know ass! Was I had picked up my 65 a couple weeks before I was searching for the look I wanted to make my 65 ass! This 66 was to die for and many people knew all about it! Oh except you? Sorry we left you out! But our world consist of friends not human POS's! Sorry your discrediting did not pan out! This will be in your new video! Watch for it.