Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tim Carroll To Deliver My Eldo at "Front Door"

Tim Carroll is on his "I'm going to deliver Ed's Eldo to his Front Door," kick again. This time by Facebook post,dated, Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7:03 am.  Carroll wrote the same thing in comments here months ago.

UPDATE: Sometime around 2100 CDT, Tim Carroll /Carroll Custom Cadillac either removed from public view, usually when he does this, it's for the time being, or deleted the Facebook post. Below is a screen grab.
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Publisher's note: I do not understand why this Screengrab! browser extension placed a portion of a Facebook on the webpage.

He won't say if my Eldo will be running or not. Is he going to bum rush it up onto a car hauler in the same condition he showed it was in back in February, and speed it over here like a load of wet concrete to shove it off in the front yard? Please do not leave any ruts.

I've never picked my Caddy up because Carroll has never completed the repairs and modifications I paid him for. Neither will he give me an accounting of the money I paid him. Or an accounting of the condition of my Eldorado and its Northstar System. Or a 'What the hell he's been up to for the last three years, two months, twenty-two and counting days.'

It's been enough time that a high school auto mechanics class could have repaired my Caddy by now.

Carroll is well aware of the attempt I made to settle with him over a year ago, in which I suggested that he refund all the money I paid him and I'd take a $2,200 loss and sign my Caddy over to him and he could fix it. Then presumably sell it to make his money back.

That suggestion still stands. In early November, 2016, both Carroll's received my demand letter. Carroll told me in an email to sue him and he'd settle up with me in court.

What Carroll has done to me is real. I didn't imagine it or make it up. One way I can know for sure is due to all these people contacting VTC&CCC. It's all the same story over and over again. It's not surreal, it's real. Upon initial contact, I don't have to ask any questions much less ask any leading questions to conclude, 'Yup. Your ticket is stamped.'

What Carroll is doing to folks is wrong. He should just go ahead and make restitution to everyone he's done wrong. Starting, I guess, back in 2012 and Bill From Oregon.
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