Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tim Carroll Cusses Facebook Reviewer - Jerry

Publisher's Note: Never pay Tim Carroll or one of his phony companies, by cash or money order or check or bank wire. If you've noticed as of this date he no longer has any credit card processing company. This is not because of anything that I've done. It must be because the banks are now familiar with how he operates. Once Carroll gets your money he will tell you to sue him which explains why he always mentions 'legal recourse' like below, when you finally demand to know what's going on.
Jerry Devins reviewed Carroll Custom Cadillac1 star
June 25, 2016 ·Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 6:48pm
I purchased his studs in the pass several different times with no problems. In the year 2015 I attempted to purchase more head studs but was unsuccessful in doing so for reasons unknown. It's possible that he went out of business, I have no idea but his website is still up. In the month of June year 2016 I was finally able to get in contact will Carroll about the head studs. I made the purchase , $335 dollars through Pay Pal which he suggested instead of using my debit or credit card as I did in the past with no problems. The very next day after the purchase he sent me a long email saying that he had fired PayPal because of a problem that he had with a former client who paid through PayPal. Was told to call PayPal and ask for my money back which I did. Was told by Carol that the method of payment that he wanted me to do was purchase by, number 1 cashier's check, 2 a MoneyGram 3 he left me his accounting and routing number to a business of his which he wanted me to send the money to.. All these methods all unsecured methods I'm making a payment. There's no way you can recover your money if he doesn't deliver the product. This is nothing but a scam and he's probably no longer in business. So if anyone out there I.s looking to do business with him make sure you do your research.

Carroll Custom Cadillac What in the hell is wrong with you asshole! Just because I fired PayPal for forcing my clients to become account holders is my business not yours asshole! Don't come into our world of Cadillacs and say BS to our fans! I have no reason to sell studs to any man dick head! I do it for the love of the car and to help assholes such as yourself! you will no longer be able to purchase our products so have fun with Jake or better yet go back to serts! How dare you get on our site and speak ill of what I offered you! Only an idiot would think such Bull shit! How damn stupid does a man have to be to think for one moment you are not getting invoices for security on your part! Or too damn stupid to know in American we have legal recourse which you cannot get in Canada! But the hell with you! You are permanently cut off from ever receiving studs from us, now or in the future.

Billy McNeill This is the way you treat customers?
John Carroll NO Sarc! This is retribution for knowingly slander us! It is well know I quit to end the feud between Jake an I! However, Jake's recent attack ended it and our studs are back and will remain!

Billy McNeill So you call former customers assholes, dick heads and call their concerns bullshit, got it......and so should future customers. As usual, you twist the story, PayPal dropped you, you didnt drop PayPal, call it what you want if it makes you feel better. I can get the details if you would like. Jerry, did not like paying you cash, who could blame him, without having recourse and you rip into him..... oh that is good business practice. Nothing more to say here. I guess the customer isn't always right at the world famous CCC.

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