Friday, February 10, 2017

Carroll Custom Cadillac's "Master Cadillac Tech" Ivan Robles Posts Vulgar Anti Donald J Trump & American Facebook Rant

White American Man are you still dumb enough to send your money or Caddy to this place?

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Ivan Robles
2 hrs ·Friday, February 10, 2017 at 12:43pm

Fuck each and everyone of ya Trump loving pussys. Just like you stand up for what u believe in, so Do I. I could give a fuck what you think or say, if ya don't like it ya have a fair chance to delete me. Fuck all ya racist cry baby ass pussies, all ya do is cry over how ur government fucks you, but yet blame it on the people that can work you under the table and make you look like shit no matter what job it is. You try to blame the wrong people for what your government does to you. Most of ya wouldn't even last an hour doing what my raza does for this country. But yet ya are the first ones to talk shit and say to round them up ,when it's really about fear to reality and most ya know it. Want say you got fucked by the immigrant that literally wipe your ass. Ready for all the wrong changes you joke about on the down low. Claim your so good and pure but I know for sure ya down low looking for one of my Mexicans to hook you up with something when them beers hits ,Hypocrites!!!! All ya ain't bout shit and just looking for a excuse to get paid for what you know damn well ya ain't capable of doing .It is what it is and I might not make any since to most of ya ignorant fucks, but deep inside like that government dick that fucks you everyday ya feel me. Fuck all ya especially those that grew up around my jente and now feel ballsy Build that wall and deport and destroy all the families for your fear and laziness. When it's all set and done build your own America #FreeMymothafuckingbroNacho #fuckimmigration #fuckallyaracistfucks #deportingtheinnocent #mirazastandup

Word of the raids quickly circulated among immigrants, activists and on social media, creating such widespread panic in immigrant communities that a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said the department had decided to take the unprecedented step of confirming some details of the raids while the raids were ongoing. 
But immigration activists said Friday that they had documented ICE raids of unusual intensity in the last 48 hours in Vista, Pomona and Compton, Calif.; Austin, Dallas, and Pflugerville, Texas; Alexandria and Annandale, Va.; Charlotte and Burlington, N.C.; Plant City, Fla.; the Hudson Valley region of New York; and Wichita, Kan.
There were also reports of ICE checkpoints, targeting immigrants for random ID checks, in North Carolina and in Austin. Click here to read more

UPDATE: Welcome Ivan Robles Facebook Friends 

UPDATE-2 2155 CST 11 February 2017
Tim Carroll, who is undoubtedly one of the biggest liars, swindlers, fraudsters and cheats most folks have ever come across, calls me a racist. Excuse me while I LMAO.

Okay finished. Here's your answer: So What.

Below is a screen grab of the current Facebook profile picture of Carroll's wife and erstwhile Carroll Custom Cadillac "office manager," Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll aka Carrie Ann Carroll. This picture is of their property there in Princeton, Texas, where the CCC shop is also located:

Wait. What is that I see displayed prominently in the Carroll's front yard? Why that's a huge Rebel Flag. Many say that this flag is a hate symbol. What is going on here? Is this more evidence of Carroll talking out of both sides of his mouth?
Thank's for helping spread the word about Tim Carroll. YUUUGE Traffic day. 432 views for this post alone and rapidly climbing.

UPDATE-4 0839 12 February 2017

UPDATE-5 1347 14 February 2017 Welcome Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook visitors. I urge you to thoroughly explore this blog.

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  1. You stupid son of a bitch! Some lines crossed can't be forgiven!

    You filthy piece of human sh*t, You are a lying asshole, a true piece of sh*t!
    You sit in your Moma's basement and blog lies and BULL SHIT! Did you assume no matter what the HELL you do online it would never come back to bite you?

    We have screen shot this so the world can see your racist remarks! I want every decent Mexican and American to know you and where you reside!

    I am sure this will go ever well?
    You Racist scum!
    You are a freaking racist POS! ED!

    You are a tiny little white POS who could not tare his way out of a wet paper sack!
    Your pale and weak! Your mouth is full of lies and sickness~!
    If you were the example of being white I would shoot myself!

    I am going to post this Racist post everywhere! I want everyone to know who you are?
    I will give them your direct address as well!
    If there was ever a Piece OF SH*T! That needed to be exiled it is you, you racist scum!

    You are a racist POS!
    Ivan IS NOT AN ILLEGAL YOU BASTARD! A very close friend who was brought here as a baby and graduated our American high school is being caught up in the ignorant sh*t you and those like you, Racist hater!
    This blog is a testament to your inner torture, you sicken us and everyone who has ever talked about you!
    You are a first class POS!

    Very soon POS! Very SOON!

    1. All of it is going to Rise Broadband's AUP Department which they will in turn associate with your IP address of:

    2. Oh, one of the biggest liar, fraudster, and con artist around calls me a racist? lol. So What?

      From all the many folks that I've personally talked to that you've defrauded, botched their Cadillac or their motor, etc., the one common denominator amongst them seems to be that they're mostly, if not all, White, Christian, Conservative Republican's. So I'm just reaching out to them.

      Any nonwhites that you've ripped off I feel equally sorry for and urge them to come forward as well.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Here's the comment that Tim Carroll posted from the IP Address:, then deleted:
      tim carroll has left a new comment on your post "Carroll Custom Cadillac's "Master Cadillac Tech" I...":
      Seek another man dude, I am not gay?
      I can't help you~ You need to find a man who feels the way you do?
      UGH! this is sick! Go away find a man who is gay too and then stalk him.
      How disgusting to have a tiny little white grey haired old man stalking me?
      EWWW! Do you not realize I am not Gay? Go find a man who wants you? EWWW! YUK!
      You need help? BUt if you ever come back here and come on to me again? I am going to make sure you nevber do it to another man? You sick bastard.
      I am not against those who wish to do those things, but when you stalk me and come on to me? I draw the line!
      You need help?

      Posted by tim carroll to Victims of Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac at 12 February, 2017 23:04"///END///

  3. I have never experienced an evil such as you? I am so amazed at your evil it beyond evil.
    I will never know why you chose me to destroy, but you did and you did it right in the middle of my gift to you as a friend. You were never a friend, you just wanted to destroy me.
    You found the handful out of thousands of disgruntle clients and exploded it into a mass attack on me, I was a fool to give you the gift of a custom paint job from my heart. I worked so hard on your car and even painted it twice in the hottest part of the year.
    I want to say I will never be taken for a fool again as I was by you, but there are still good and honest people in the world and if I stopped being the kind person who would paint a friends car as a gift or other things I love to do, you would win, so I will keep that feeling and not let you win. It is just extremely sad that you did this.
    I don't care Ed, God knows the truth and we will both face him soon enough.
    So go and continue your onslaught of destruction and we will move in to better things.
    I hope the best for you and hope you find forgiveness.

    1. No, "the handful out of thousands of disgruntle (sic) clients" of yours found me and each other. By the way, as I'm sure you must know, it's more than a 'handful.'

      You should be ashamed of yourself for the things you've done to me and to others and have the gall to hold yourself out as a victim.

      Yes indeed, God does know the truth. So does anyone who's ever had any dealings with you.

  4. Don't sweat it Ed, this lunatic is just trying to save face. He's not done with bashing me, or you....the good thing is nobody's listening anymore. People are tired of him.

    1. Yep. The Carroll's should come clean and make restitution to everyone they've wronged

    2. You two compliment one another? You are both Liars. That is so funny! If you took your ignorant lying blog down Ed, I would get a break from so many clients LOL!
      You both need to buckle up! Your in for one Hell! of a ride. You will know soon enough.
      And Ed, you can explain yourself when I see you. But don't worry, all is good.
      Jake you an I are on a different path then this freaks. So you buckle in real tight! Don't ask me, you will know soon enough. Dealing with you two is like working in an asylum. Ed, go find a wife.