Monday, February 13, 2017

Texas Fraudster Tim Carroll's Latest Facebook Brain Fart

Just for the record, I'am not homosexual, (or to be clear bisexual) but even if I was, which I'm not, that still does not give Tim and Carolyn Carroll the right to steal my money and car.

Even if I were homosexual, and I'm not, it didn't make any difference to Carroll when he was getting my money now did it?

Down at the bottom of this Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook post, The Carroll's "partner in crime," Ivan Robles, chimes in with some sort of comment in support. If you peruse down Ivan Robles Facebook you can't help but notice that he posts a lot about what must be his love and glorification of narcotics, guns the 'thug life,' and his support of illegal immigration.

Why won't he bother to post where he gets his qualification to be a so called 'Master Cadillac Tech' rather than his glorification of violating U.S. and Texas Law as well as his active encouragement of others to do so as well?

I also dispute Tim Carroll's allegation that I am "stalking" him. Carroll is a public figure and I along with many others are speaking out on an issue of immense public concern.

At first I thought that Ivan Robles was probably a decent fellow who like so many of us had fallen prey to Carroll's lies. Now I've seen enough to form the opinion that Robles is a willing participant in The Carroll's many misdeeds.

Of course anyone with two working brain cells can see all this but I thought I would point it out anyway.

Are these really the sort of people you want to get your money or their hands on your Cadillac?

Look what they're doing to me -- it could very easily be you.

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  1. If you are in Fact not Gay? Explain your idiot actions stalking me online all the while I was building your car!
    No, there is way more to this then your letting on?
    You are the second stalker, and yes, there is in fact something wrong with your obsession with me?
    I am not that way!~ You need to seek another man!

    1. The explanation is that you're grasping at straws.

    2. Who is your first stalker tim carroll? And exactly why do you believe that you are attractive to homosexual people?

      I am 100% sure that Ed is not stalking you nor is he gay. You are simply so full of yourself that you think you're desirable to everyone. I'm honestly surprised anyone married you.....but then you recently got divorced so I rest my case

    3. Good Points. Also let it be known that Carroll is OLDER than me.