Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tim Carroll Resurfaces as a Cactus Farmer/Salesman "Texas Exotic Cacti"

Tim Carroll recently sent VTC&CCC the following text:
Hey little buddy, tell me little man, how does it feel to lose?
Your a fool, I used the fuck out of you and you never even knew it lol.
Hey knuckle fuck! Anyone care whether you live or die? Jajajaja, I have met some freaky people in my life but you? Holy shit freaky and stupid as Hell!
I do want to thank the fuck up for helping me finally get rid of the baggage.
Hey anus, your car still sits on my property, I thought by now you would have taken the ugly fucking thingYes I still own it all.
Life has been so grand to me and my new wife, and Mexico is my home, every time I go out on the Sea in our cabin cruiser, I think of the asshole who made it all possible, ol Edward Finikin man, Ja!
Good damn I took you for one hell of a ride and being numb from the neck up you played the role perfectly!! Whoop, Whoop!
I hated Cadillacs and I hated my pretend wife you were exploiting, jajajaja!
My wife is the most beautiful Hispanic lady I could ever desire, so thank you from my heart for freeing me from the shackles of your girl.Carolyn and the cars I hated so much
Sorry you lost, the next time you set out to destroy a man, make sure he is not Cartel
I will grant you life due to helping me end the life I hated and for making possible the life I love today
Say hi to Mom for me and live the life I am letting you live
For now, later dude, I am about to take my real wife out on a cruise
PS Keep the blog up G it is entertaining. Jaja!
Thanks again chief.
You friend Tim
The interesting part is that the text came from telephone number 323-251-5764.
A google search of that number 323-251-5764, leads us to a website, "Texas Exotic Cacti" which is currently using that number.

Internet Archive link:

A whois lookup to learn to whom the website is registered is shows that the registrant info is hidden.

The only information that the website contains is that it is a "Plant Nursery in the Hudspeth County Region, located on our beautiful West Texas Ranch. Servicing Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Open 24 hours."

Elsewhere it states that it is "Family owned an [sic] operated since 1964."

Why would a legitimate company that claims to be 'family owned' for some 55 years not list the name of the family? Why no physical or mailing address? Why no way to order plants from the website -- just a generic cell phone number, area code 323 is Los Angeles, California by the way, as the only point of contact? 

I guess that we'll learn the answers to those questions and more when folks who've attempted to do business with Carroll start arriving here and leaving comments, emails, voice mails, texts and the like.

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