Wednesday, November 30, 2016

UPDATED See Anything Wrong With This Tim Carroll; Carroll Custom Cadillac Northstar Engine?

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Source: Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook

Tim Carroll can't claim ignorance about the camshaft sprocket with the exciter pin being on the wrong cam. He can't claim it was his assistant Ivan Robles' fault because Carroll was looking squarely at it. Look carefully and you can see Carroll's reflection. He's staring right at the engine in this photo and you can clearly see that sprocket with pin is on the wrong cam.

And uh, oh yeah, it was shipped out that way. The person who received it had to pay another mechanic around $1,000.00 to find the problem and repair it. As Tim Carroll would say, "UGH!"

By the way, if you can find this photo on the Carroll Custom Cadillac, Facebook you'll see that Carroll has deceptively cropped out the sprocket in question.

UPDATE: Welcome Ivan Robles, Facebook friends! Just to be clear, I do not hate Mr. Robles. If you read this post, I was in fact defending him as it is my understanding that Tim Carroll blamed him for placing the pin on the wrong cam. I was merely showing that Carroll should have known about it since he photographed it.

Also, Mr. Robles has nothing to do with the Demand Letter that I recently sent Tim Carroll and Carolyn Carroll. If I am forced to file a police report he could be a potential witness. 

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