Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2011 Phone Message From Tim Carroll to a Customer

Here is a startling phone message that Tim Carroll left for one of his, apparently disgruntled, Carroll Custom Cadillac, customers he called "Vincent."

There are some similarities of how Carroll operated back then and still conducts himself today.

Carroll wanted to paint the man's car to make up for some falling out they had.

Apparently, when that didn't work out, "Vincent" took to the Internet to write about his experience.

Carroll's response was to threaten to:
"Write up a page about disgruntled people and how they can uh interfere and uh believe me, I'll definitely make it to where everybody will know who you are and why you did it and how, you know, ungrateful you are [...] everybody will know your name. Every other mechanic out there is gonna know who you are and be careful to deal with you. I'll write a full-blown page on it..." (Emphasis added).
Just some friendly advice here and that is that you better be very careful and think long and hard about it before you ever get involved with Tim Carroll and Carroll Custom Cadillac. 

Click here to download/listen.

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