Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Debunking Another Tim Carroll; Carroll Custom Cadillac Lie - Demand Letter

This morning I noticed that Tim Carroll took to his Carroll Custom Cadillac, Facebook to write some more and easily debunkable lies about me:
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Carroll writes: "This man wrote a letter of demand to my ex wife Carolyn with demands, he was not man enough to send me one!"
When the reality is that I sent a Demand Letter to both Tim Carroll and Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll aka Carrie Carroll on the same day:

Click here to download a high quality scan of the letters (.pdf)
The letters are pretty self explanatory as to what steps I must take after the 30 days elapse and Carroll hasn't met my Demand.

By the way, I sent four letters total. One each to Tim Carroll and Carolyn Carroll by certified mail return receipt requested. Which I might add Carroll wasn't man enough to sign for and two letters regular mail with a Certificate of Mailing. In any event, Carroll has acknowledged receiving the letters.

On Saturday, 05 November 2016, at 4:07 pm CDT, Tim Carroll phoned me and acknowledged receiving the letters. Carroll also stated that "I can see where you're coming from." The telephone line mysteriously went dead.

That telephone call was recorded and you can listen to it by clicking here. (.wma)

I didn't hear from Carroll again until Sunday, 27 November 2016 when he sent me the following email:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac <carrollnorthstar@live.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2016 14:40
To: Ed Hepner
Subject: Carolyn

I am sending this email to demand you stop your criminal defamation of Character against me!

I am also telling you and not asking you! My ex wife Carolyn is not part of this or my company, she stopped working for me 16months ago when she became disabled and went thru major surgeries and I have NOT hired her back.

If you ever send her another POS BS letter, I will come to you so you can explain why to my face?

Since you have a hard time comprehending anything? You need to comprehend this; the moment I found out you were defaming me knowingly, I had the legal right to stop! Why you have no comprehension of you CRIME is beyond me????

I gave you something I have never given anyone and the whole time I was customizing your car, you were lying to people and telling them that the car I was painting was in fact not yours?? What an ass!

How in the Hell could you do that to me? You humiliated me in the public knowingly and lied!! That Ed is a crime, I have the right to sue you.

I have to ask you; why would you stop me? Why did you not want the custom car?

All I can figure is you have a issue? IDK?

So this email will stand in court, STOP! I am demanding you to stop! And figure out how to apologize and who knows? I am easy to forgive, BUT until you do, I have the legal right to demand you remove this car from my property, it is safe out back and I am here and the gates will open!!!!

It belongs to you and you committed a crime against me and I want you to remove it.

I am preparing to file a formal complaint against you for harassment, that will be the beginning of seeking legal justice against your criminal acts.

I am so amazed you have no clue to the legal knowledge of your crime? Just blows my mind!

And furthermore; nothing you have done has slowed the many good people who come here or buy engines, every since you did this again, I have been overwhelmed with work.

The last time you did this, I was likewise overwhelmed with those who hate the crime you committed!

The ball is in your court, but I will NOT hold my breath!
My response was simple. I wrote: "You have 8 days."

Tim Carroll's response to that:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac <carrollnorthstar@live.com>
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2016 18:48
To: chevail at msn.com .
Subject: You have NO time left!

You have ZERO days left PERIOD!

I will be filing the complaint tomorrow and if you do not remove your car I will turn it over to the County!

I will taking your screenshots of your crime against me and much more! I will never except your apology!

I am finished with your harassment, I will now seek legal recourse.

You have until the first of Dec to remove this car before I turn it over to the county.

PERIOD! Your done here!

You have ZERO legal rights, you gave those up when you committed your crimes against me! 
My response to that was another simple: "You have 7 days."

Carroll responded:
From: Carroll Custom Cadillac <carrollnorthstar@live.com>
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2016 10:40
To: chevail at msn.com .

You have none! You have sealed your fate with me!

Now get your damn car off my land!

You must have a serious mental issue to not know legalities of what you have done? That is IDIOCY!

I did not 'ask' you to remove your car, I 'demanded' it before I turn it over to the county, THINK FOR YOURSELF???

Let me be very clear; I would rather DIE, then to ever help out an asshole who committed so many crimes against me!

What you have done is UNFORGIVABLE! Open your freaking mind! I said I would as soon DIE!!!! Then to ever lift another finger to help you!

You suck! Your a LIAR! Your dishonest, a back stabbing POS! Your too damn numb to even realize what you have done.

You are a CRIMINAL!

I am forever finished doing anything for you!

I responded to that email this morning with: "You have 6 days."

Which led, apparently to this mornings Facebook post. I've posted these emails because I believe that they reveal the true nature of this "man." He simply will not tell the truth even when he knows what he is writing/saying is false and can be easily disproven.

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