Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Texas Grifter Tim Carroll Tried to Sell My Caddy

Yesterday evening I received word from another Victim of Tim Carroll & Carroll Custom Cadillac that my Caddy was possibly last spotted in late May 2015 at Carroll's (former) base at the 11430 Hames Road, Pilot Point, Texas property.

That property's owner and Carroll's former landlord Jeff Kappel had mentioned in an email dated 30 May 2015 that he had originally sent then to the Victim who then forwarded it on to me.

In it, Mr. Kappel wrote that one of several Caddys left there, matched the license plate (previous owner) info personally identifiable to mine. The Caddy has Texas license plates starting with NSM. I bought the Caddy in Tyler, Texas on 01 March 2014 and titled it here in Louisiana on 03 March 2014.

I emailed Mr. Kappel my info with a scan of the title attached to it.

Mr. Kappel responded to me this morning that Tim Carroll had actually tried to sell him my Caddy.
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I wonder how many Cadillac's belonging to other folks Tim Carroll has sold?


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