Tuesday, September 22, 2015

13 Emails Reveal Tim Carroll to be a Dishonest Grifter

I've been getting my notes and thoughts together to write a "My Story" Page while at the same time learning how to do all this. I will update this Page with think and info.

For now, in a nutshell, Tim Carroll strung me along for a year and a half. Specifically, from 01 March 2014 - 27 August 2015.

In June and July 2015, I had emailed Carroll for a status update about my Caddy. He didn't reply to either email. I began phoning his office number during business hours, neither Tim Carroll or his office manager wife, Carolyn aka Carrie Carroll would answer the phone.

Meanwhile, I had read this 20 June 2015, Facebook post about Tim Carroll.1

By 27 August 2015, I had enough and emailed Tim Carroll a strongly worded email: "Is Carroll Custom Cadillac Still In Business?" read the subject line.

In retrospect, hindsight, whatever you want to call it, I believe that by ignoring me for so long that Tim Carroll was counting on my emailing a strongly worded email as an excuse or pretext to terminate the business relationship.

I've printed our our email chain from that day and scanned them into a 14 page .pdf.

They're unredacted and you can read them and decide for yourself if this is the way an honest, respectable businessman, much less devout Christian, would act?
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14 Pages 1.1 MB

1 Link broken as of 08 October 2015. The screen grab of same is uploaded below


UPDATE: April 2014 Was Believed Last Time Missing Eldorado Seen In Public


  1. This information is both false and criminal MR. Ed has issues and has taken this false information and has lied diligently to the public.
    MR. Ed's car is still parked in my yard waiting for him to apologize and try to rectify his extreme mistakes, make a mends, or remove it! He has blatantly lied to the public in hopes to discredit us, and just the opposite has occurred.
    We have been overwhelmed with people who understand this is false and we have booked out with work far into 2016 and they are still coming in.
    Over the many years we have been servicing the entire globe and thousands of satisfied clients who are all friends of CCC we have never until now encountered such a disturbed man who would sink himself to such low extremes to drive this false accusations into the ground.
    Not sure of Ed Hooper's medical history nor do we care to involve ourselves in them, but I sincerely hope he seeks help before he crosses too many lines.
    I for one am very easy to forgive even the likes of Ed Hooper, but there are people who would not take this as I have so far, I have taken it this far in hopes Ed can find a way to rectify his slander and get his car from us and who knows?

  2. Those are the emails. They're neither false or criminal. They are what you wrote. For you to sit there and deny it isn't surprising. I've diligently told the public the truth and what I've experienced from you. You're not honest, Tim Carroll.