Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Carroll Custom Cadillac Mysteriously "Sold"

Sometime in the late evening hours to early morning hours of 10 - 11 September 2015, the Carroll Custom Cadillac website was changed and among those changes was this 'special announcement' that the business was now 'under new ownership.'
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source: carrollcustomcadillac.com (Last accessed 22 September 2015)

So just who is this Dave person? Is he real? Did Tim Carroll make up that name as well as this 'special announcement'?

Turns out, Dave is identified elsewhere on the now edited to read "CCC Customs Cadillac's" website (same url) as "David Manning."

Notice how the person who edited the website wrote that 'ol Dave "has always been part of CCC." That's one thing that makes me wonder if David aka Dave Manning is a real person.

Wouldn't it be reasonable, especially knowing what we now know and are learning, about Tim Carroll to wonder that if Dave "has always been part of CCC," that he must know about Tim Carrolls deceptive business practices? Wouldn't it be reasonable to wonder that not only would Dave know all this but participated in them as well? Not saying that he did, just you know, wondering.

If Dave "has always been part of CCC," then why hasn't Tim Carroll ever mentioned him before? Where's his picture? What's his experience? How is Dave able to regularly pick up at a moments or no notice and move around the country with Carroll?

Where is CCC Customs Cadillacs physically located at? Back in March 2015 Tim Carroll apparently bought the property at 3355 Rooster Lane, Princeton, Texas and put up a shop in his backyard there. Tim and his wife Carolyn aka Carrie Carroll also live there. I'm just asking, does any of this make sense to you? What's your opinion?

According to a whois lookup from today, Tim Carroll still owns the carrollcustomcadillac.com domain.
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If you visit that link you'll see above from where this screen shot was taken that Registrant Org reports that "Tim Carroll is associated with ~165 other domains." WOW! What in the world is going on?

UPDATE: 01 October 2015: Carroll Custom Cadillac Website Changed

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