Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tim Carroll Mocks A Former "Client" On Facebook

In a 10 January 2017 Carroll Custom Cadillac Facebook post, Tim Carroll makes reference to "a Ben" as if he doesn't know who this person is. Carroll knows exactly who this person is -- it's Benjamin Vining from Austin, Texas.
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In 2016 Ben sent his Cadillac Eldorado to Carroll to have head studs installed and the block resealed. According to Ben, Carroll had his car for "about 5 and a half months."

Shortly after Ben finally got his car back it developed oil and coolant leaks. Ben took it to another mechanic who discovered that it had, amongst other problems, a cracked block.

All Ben wanted was a receipt, to which he was entitled, to show what Carroll allegedly did to his car. Carroll refused to give him a receipt or any type of accounting and blew him off. Sound familiar?

There is a whole thread about it on caddyinfo.com. Below is an excerpt:

Around the same time as this Facebook post, Ben left a comment under "Visitor Posts":

If you look at the CCC Facebook page, you'll notice that Carroll has since removed the "Visitor Posts" and "Reviews." I can't help but wonder if he did this because his "clients" had begun to leave comments and reviews that were showing how he truly operates.

Don't get Tim Carroll'd.


  1. Sounds good ED, too bad it isn't true, just more evidence of your slander, we update each post for our collection of your crime against us. Don't stop now!
    Oh before I forget me and the guy's have decided since you refuse to come and get your car, we are going to bring it to you! We will video the whole operation to prevent you from further lies! But we are still moving forward legally.
    As far as removing the reviews? It is due to people like you who attacked us for Jake!
    I would never of done that to anyone, it is not in me to destroy people without a reason? None of us know what it is like to do what you have done.
    I hope you find peace.

    1. First off, I have not attacked you much less attacked you for Jake. That's ridiculous.

      Secondly, You don't have any permission to come onto my property or video tape or photograph me or my property. You may drop my car off near to me afterwhich, since it isn't running or been repaired in any way whatsoever, I will arrange to have it towed to my home.

    2. For the love of GOD ED, what the HELL do you call this false freaking blog? This is not an attack? That is insane!!!! You did this at the exact time I was giving you your custom paint job, and you say that is not an attack? Then what in the HELL do you call it? I was so close and having a blast doing this for you and you were defaming online line!
      I did not even know? I did not believe you would do it twice? I believed you!!!
      I freaking believed you! Damn! You did this! what kind of a human has such a mindset? What were you thinking, you were getting way more then you paid for! Damn you!
      I have never encountered anyone like you? No man does that!
      Jake an I, who cares? No one cares about me and Jake! But you? no one knows you, so they see this and don't know what to think?

      I was doing the same for you as I did for the Fite family, why in the HELL you did not want your car customized and in your driveway?

      Everyone seen me painting your car and they know it was a gift~!
      I have no words to describe it?
      The amount of lies you have told is freakish! And you can't stop!

      I will bring your car to your door step if I so decide and you or your local law cannot stop me!
      You told the world I stole your car! How ignorant is that!
      I demanded you come and get it, but you refuse too and continue to lie and say I stole it!
      That is freakish! But I will damned if I don't bring this to you! How else can I get it off my property, you won't get it!!~ It was always a lie you told! OMG! I have never dealt with anyone who has told so many untruths!
      This blog you have is a crime!
      I had nothing against you ED, and I still tried to get you to nstop to no avail!
      God, this is so freaky having you stalk me online.

    3. Are you ever going to stop lying? You know good and well that I had removed this blog in December 2015 and it remained down until the evening of 11 September 2016 when I discovered after scrolling down your CCC Facebook that you had reposted your scurrilous Facebook posts about me from Sep - Dec 2015.

      What you falsely claim that I was doing to you is what you were doing to me. Don't deny and say that you didn't repost because I have 3 witnesses who say them that night. Classic projection on your part.

      If you're saying that my car has been repaired and modified and is in driving/road condition then by all means bring it here and I will update this blog and tell all the world that you finally honored your word which is what I told you I would do back in Dec. 2015.

      Now when can I expect you to deliver it? In another year, two years, never?