Monday, January 23, 2017

Texas Grifter Tim Carroll To Sue Me?

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This is rich. Carroll steals over $7,000 from me, won't account for any of it, won't account for my car, the last I heard he was turning it over to the county yet I've not received any information about that. I get online to start warning folks about my experience with him and start getting contacted by people all over the country who allege they've been done wrong by Carroll as well.  You think none of them won't submit affidavits if I ask?

I've told Carroll over and over again to have his attorney contact me as soon as possible. Yet none have.

I look forward to it. I'll be filing a La. CCP Article 971 SLAPP Motion as well as countersuing Tim Carroll and his Office Manager wife Carolyn Ann Dick Carroll. Plus I'll get to take their (and others) depositions where we'll get to the bottom of all this.


  1. It does not matter what you did to prevent me from finishing? I have tried to do all I could to get you ton stop knowingly defaming online to avail.
    This was the last thing I wanted to have to do! But your mind is somehow unable to comprehend Libel Slander?
    I was customizing your car at the EXACT SAME TIME YOU WERE KNOWINGLY LYING ONLINE about me? No man does what you did? I am beside myself wondering how any human can think like you and commit these crimes and not even know it?
    So, absolutely I am filing charges and I am I have hired a lawyer who likewise can't figure out how anyone can incriminate themselves as much as you have?
    It is one thing to tell the truth, but to defame someone knowingly using false information and outright lies is a serious crime in America, and each post you have written knowingly lying is a separate offense.
    So do me a real big favor since you have been unable to stop? Write as many false statements as you can, so the evidence we have now can be added to it.
    So I will see you very soon and my the law take care of this. Thanks for picking me out of the 320 million to stalk! You need serious help, maybe you will get it and never do this again to other people who are helping you or better yet someone who gave you a custom paint job.

    1. I've told you before and I tell you again, Have your attorney contact me at once!

    2. You can bet your bottom dollar you will be contacted, I am also going to the FBI in person with all this information to end this!
      I have no choice!
      This is no joke Edward, you need to take this very seriously! Hang in there and keep writing!!~!

    3. Give me his name and phone number and I'll call him myself.

  2. I have read and seen many Libel Slander cases seen I started to seek legal justice to stop you from lying, but the amount of false truth that you have defamed me with is by far worse then the other cases I have been reading.
    As far as others helping you? If they too falsely sander me? They will be added to this case so have anyone who is willing to lie? Do so!
    No can get away with this defamatory libel slander.
    You had no right to this and now it is time.

    1. What part of give me your attorney's name and phone number don't you understand?

    2. You cannot even comprehend my lawyer will be the one to give you that info NOT MEI
      Now, just wait it out, jeeze, I cannot even begin to figure your mind thought?
      Goodbye for now! See you soon.

  3. Now if you will excuse me? I have mass work!
    And awesome people to help.
    I will not reply anymore, just recording any fresh screen shots as you load them.
    Just wait it out as I prepare this case.